Throwback Thursday: Reggie Miller scores 8 points in 9 seconds

VIDEO: Reggie Miller scores 8 in 9 seconds

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Today’s Topic: Reggie Miller wills Pacers to victory

Reggie Miller ripped the collective heart out of New York Knicks fans 20 years ago today when he erupted for eight points in nine seconds to power the Indiana Pacers to a 107-105 win in Game 1 of the 1995 Eastern Conference semifinals (here’s the box score from that game).

The sold out Madison Square Garden crowd was sure the hometown Knicks had a victory in hand as they led 105-99 with 18 seconds left. But Miller had other ideas as he sank a 3-pointer with 16.4 seconds left, stole the in-bounds pass and sank another three to tie the game with 13.2 seconds left, then grabbed a defensive rebound, drew a foul and sank two game-winning free throws to give Indiana the lead with 7.5 seconds remaining. Miller finished the game with 31 points and lifelong animosity from New York Knicks fans.

To honor this remarkable performance, this Throwback Thursday we look back at the Hall of Fame career of Reggie Miller.

Gallery: Reggie Miller’s Career

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  1. Freedom! says:

    legendary…madison square garden, eastern con finals, time running down, trailing 6 with 18 secs…come back and win the game

  2. Maracuda says:

    That was a great moment to watch back then – but to me it still does not compare to Miller’s 25 points in the 4th quarter against the Knicks in the 94 Playoffs.

    And to the Knicks fans: just go watch “The Dunk” by John Starks from the 93 Playoffs vs the Bulls over and over again. However, it does not look like much if you hadn’t watched the whole game back then. The dunk itself was good but not spectacular. It was the mere audacity to go for that kind of play in that situation – very bold.

  3. Reggie! Reggie! says:

    Ray Allen may have the most treys in NBA history, but Reggie has probably the best, pound for pound 3-pt game in clutch b’ball that any team could’ve ever hoped for. But for the fact he played on some good, and some very good, Pacers squads, means he went without ever achieving an NBA Title. That will never diminish how great Reggie was at closing out in the clutch. He makes my All-NBA Team, All Time… every time.

  4. T. REED says:

    “John starks choked we came up big” think of the media frenzy it would cause if somebody said something like that today hahaha miss that type of play so bad REGGIE! REGGIE!!

  5. vern says:

    Yea, I remember that game. $200 worth of memory. After that game I hated Reggie (and the Knicks) until he retired and became analyst. That was a shooting fool, not just that game but most of his career.

  6. 123 says:

    when he hit what he though was the last shot to sink to Bulls, and took a bow lol, and then Kukoc came back with a 3 in less then a second to win