Horry Scale: Rose gives Cavs a thorn

VIDEO: Derrick Rose opens the bank as three-pointer at buzzer gives Bulls victory.

Is it OK to say this was the sweetest moment for Derrick Rose since 2011? Yes, it appears so, because what could be more uplifting to a player who’s been to injury hell and back (three times) than sending a sucker punch to LeBron James and the Cavs here in what could be a tightly-contest second-round playoff series?

Over the last few years it has become customary, even tired, to proclaim “He’s Back!” whenever Rose did anything that remotely resembled his MVP season. To be honest, Rose will never be “back” until he displays the consistency of that season, but let’s put that aside for a moment. On this very play, with this very shot, he was “back” for a fleeting microsecond, even if the three-point buzzer beater than put the Bulls up 2-1 in the series required a kiss from the basketball Gods to bank off the glass.

As it is, Rose is being celebrated today in the same city that heckled him during his clumsy comeback from knee surgery a few years ago. Good for him, because if anyone needed a lift from a crazed crowd and a game-winning shot, it’s Rose.


Well, when you’re running to your right and need to shoot over a defender who has the wingspan of a prehistoric bird, then yeah, this shot was a bit tricky to pull off.

Rose took an in-bounds pass with three seconds left and after shaking free of Iman Shumpert, found Tristan Thompson flying in his grill. Of course, with time of the essence, there really wasn’t any time to think. And maybe that was a good thing. Three times on the Bulls’ previous four possessions, Rose missed one of two free throws and went 0-for-2 on isolation plays. This time, Rose simply launched it and didn’t call bank.


Before Rose’s game winner, the Bulls were stunned by a desperate three-pointer by J.R. Smith just seconds earlier. In a bit of bad decision-making by the Bulls and coach Tom Thibodeau, the Bulls refused to foul Smith while leading by three. In that situation, it’s better to send a player to the free throw line than risk having him tie the game, and the Bulls lost that gamble.

With Pau Gasol on the bench dealing with an injured hamstring, the Bulls couldn’t afford to play into overtime, not against LeBron. Speaking of whom, he poked the ball away from Rose on the very next play. Lucky for LeBron, he wasn’t called for a foul. And lucky for Rose, the ball went out of bounds, giving the Bulls another shot with three seconds left.


Bulls are up 2-1 in the best of seven. And the next game’s at the United Center on Sunday. C’mon.


Rose was rather subdued, as though he knew a 30-foot bank shot was going in all the way. Anyway, he was immediately lifted into the air by Joakim Noah, who sprinted off the bench, and soon mobbed by teammates. Of course, the UC went nuts, as it should, given that all of Chicago has been waiting to see something like this from Rose for nearly four years. Wish granted. If the Bulls win this series, don’t you think this shot will be raised as one of the reasons why?


Five Horrys, because of the circumstances: Rose’s continued comeback from injuries, it was a playoff game, LeBron was on the floor, and the ball was banked in. Yes, this is the max number of Horrys, but just the same, this isn’t some game in February. Please, after all he’s been through, don’t you think Rose should get lots of Horry love?



  1. Luke Bennett says:

    Stunning, I could not stop screaming!

  2. Thomas Maher says:

    This is 5 Horrys for sure! I screamed when it happened!!!

    I’m sure D-Rose didn’t call bank on it, which is why it is 5 Horrys not 4 – the suprise bank!!!!

    Great shot, hopefully the Bulls can get a trip to the finals this year.

  3. Charles says:

    5 Horrys if the Bulls were behind. I didn’t see the game myself but based on the final score, I believe the scores were tied when DRose put up that shot.

  4. Hosolio says:

    Love seeing Rose back, but game was tied, so 4 Horrys for me.

  5. Maya Swamy says:

    Please don’t ignore Derek Fisher’s o.4

  6. Noitidart says:

    To win a 2nd game against LBJ in playoffs. Especially in a game where the refs were doing everything to give the Cavs the calls and not the Bulls. Absolutely 5 horrys.

    Missed calls:
    Goal tend on Rose
    Mozgov travel
    LBJ smash rose at 10sec mark left no foul
    LBJ gets ticky tack foul on other end
    LBJ fouled Butler on 3pt shot with 20sec remain he doesnt get the call
    Taj was smashed on the last offensive board he got no foul
    And so much more….

    But yeah major major excitement feelings going through Bulls fans. I couldn’t handle it I was red upset with the refs. Rose went through physical breaking of his tendons in his knees and they dont call fouls for him to FT in over 85 shots. LBJ suffering is that he isn’t getting multiple championships. This is ridiculous, the refs are trying to tear the heart out of Rose. As a fan I can’t take it.

    • Noitidart says:

      Rose was subdued because refs did absolutely everything to give Cavs the calls (giving JR timeout on floor instead of jump ball, giving Tristan Thompson a bunch of balls even though they should have been loose ball fouls).

      When someone is trying to rip your heart out and you still make it trhough you aren’t joyous you’re vengeful and spiteful.

    • Random Basketball Fanatic says:

      It seems to me that after every game that the Bulls play against any LeBron team, Chicago fans are always whining about the refs. I’m not much of a LeBron fan myself either, though I respect him, and I think you should be happy that the Bulls won a crucial game at home rather than cry over the refs.

  7. Jess says:

    Tristan Thompson did everything that he could on that play.. Got the switch right, and guarded the shot.. Just that he didn’t anticipate Rose to shoot it from that far. Good defense.. just better choice of shot from the offense.. Good job Rose.. 4 or 5 horrys defintely..

  8. jeff says:

    I gotta go with 4 horrys. The only way this shot or any shot in the future can be considered 5 horrys is if the team is down and the final basket is to win the game or send it to OT. Even if Rose misses that shot they still would have had OT to play and still could have won the game.

  9. Art says:

    You better talk not about Horry Scale but horrible officiating. Number of wrong calls in Cleveland favour just unacceptable: Lebron fouled Rose, but referee called opposite, at least two fouls Butler received for nothing, Thompson did goaltending but none referee saw that. 3 seconds to the end Lebron fouled Rose but it was unnoticed again. I named just a few. BTW it’s happening in all close games when fake king Lebron plays. Remember San Antonio series?

  10. it’s not a 5 it was gonna be overtime at the worst.

    Was a tough shot (honestly not a good play for 3 seconds) but there wasn’t a lot of pressure involved.

    Bulls looked like they’d win it in OT.

    • When we do the Horry scale aren’t we comparing to when Robert Horry shot a 3 from a loose ball when the Lakers were down 2 against the Kings? Isn’t that what five Horrys is?

      If Horry misses that shot the Lakers don’t go to overtime, they lose…

      If Rose misses this shot the Bulls still go to overtime.

      Therefore should be 4 Horrys.

  11. Fair enough says:

    The fact it all could’ve slipped away with the J.R smith 3, and possible O/T, shows D-Rose had the steel to deliver under the full pressure of playoff b’ball and an increasing, day-to-day heavier public expectation on him in the Windy City. 5/5 Horry’s is fair enough.

  12. Shane says:

    A great shot no doubt, but: tied game so take off 1, and unless he called bank that’s another one off. If it went in clean then 4 but it didn’t so 3 for me. Go Bulls!

  13. D.Rose says:

    Thmpson looks so sad. lol

  14. NBA Fan says:


  15. KorverMania says:

    Derek fisher’s 0.4 shot is still King of the scale….

  16. kingjamesfools says:

    Sooooooooo how y’all bulls fans feel now……..revenge is a mf😂😂😂😂😂😂😂n he didn’t use the back board

  17. jimboi222 says:

    How the hell did this get 5 Horry’s when it was just a lucky shot. Backboard and not intentional…how simple minded can you get. This shouldn’t even get 2 Horry’s since Robert Horry’s game winners were mostly (if not all) exactly on point. Oh well, it’s news I guess.