Memphis Grizzlies ask if Warriors are ready to come out and play

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — The Golden State Warriors had an incredible regular season, finishing 67-15 and losing just twice at home all season long. After dispatching the New Orleans Pelicans in the first round, they matched up against the Memphis Grizzlies in the second round, and received a jolt in Game 2 when the Grizzlies snatched a win in Oakland, thanks largely to the defensive efforts of Tony Allen.

The series shifts to Memphis this weekend, and the Grizzlies took to Twitter and used a scene from the classic film “The Warriors” to make sure Golden State is ready to come out and play…


  1. Luis Delgado says:

    Cavs Vs. Grizzlies in final.

  2. Rafael says:

    Warriors 4 x 1 Grizzlies


  3. Mizta C says:

    I hope the warriors smash the grizzlies now… Im not a warrior fan, but for the sake of this trash talk I hope they dismantle the grizzlies in their first home game this series. Get it done Curry!!!!!!!!

  4. warriors says:

    warriors win series in 6 or 7

  5. VeganJeff says:

    Now of course, the Warriors actually win the movie…

  6. sprdallas says:

    I don’t know what happened to the Griz at the all-star break…they had some injuries and some internal conflicts. But it looks like they are playing as good as they were for most of the season, and that means they can take the Warriors, and the whole enchilada!

  7. CarraEsteban says:

    That…..was………..sooooooooooooooooooooo… CREEPY!!!

  8. drforrester says:

    You win one game by 7 after the Warriors turn it over 20 times. Couple that with Courtney Lee vaguely implying that the Warriors pump in crowd noise, I think Memphis is acting a little overconfident.

  9. txema says:

    Awesome! That’s what I’m talking about. Bring it oooonn!

  10. drforrester says:

    You’d think the Warriors were down 3-1 or something with the way Memphis is beating its chest. It took absolutely everything they had against a Warriors team playing very poorly and turning it over 20 times to win by 7 points. Don’t count on Curry and Thompson shooting 20% from distance again. Or Mike Conley shooting 75% for the whole series.

  11. Carl Hopkinson says:

    Actually, the Warriors are an inferior version of the Dallas Mavericks in their prime.

  12. fact says:

    Rockets vs Hawks in finals

  13. Aaron Parks says:

    You have lost your mind. This series will be over in 5. The Warriors will have their way with the Grizzlies. “I fear all have done is to awaken a sleeping giant and fill him with a terrible resolve” Isoroku Yamanotos. That is all the Grizzlies did on Tuesday night. They have trouble coming on Saturday night. Curry ain’t going 2of 11 from 3 point range again.

    • Robert says:

      Cut out all of this Bull and enjoy the game. All teams will do the best they can. I am a Griz fan and admit to being very nervous.

  14. Where Amazing Happens says:

    The Wizards were climbing my list with their performance as of late, but now there is that injury to Wall that is leaving question marks. I believe the winner of the Cleveland and Chicago series will be able to take out either Washington or Atlanta to get to the Finals. I don’t really see anyone taking out the Warriors in the West, but I wouldn’t totally rule out the Clippers or Rockets. Both of those teams are deadly when they are on their ‘A’ game. In the end, it won’t be easy, and I’m really not sure. There are some good teams left, with really the Grizzlies, Wizards, and Hawks being the only 3 teams I don’t see with much of a chance to make it to the finals (unless the Hawks return to the form they had during their mid-season tear). If I was pressed to make a decision now, I’d say Warriors vs. Bulls in the NBA Finals. Steve Kerr coaching against the Bulls in the Finals who last made an appearance with Kerr on the roster would be fun to watch. That is my prediction, but I wouldn’t be entirely surprised if the Clippers, Rockets, or Cavs find their way to the big stage either.

  15. John Truman says:

    You people are seriously deranged. Any teame that has to rely on over 30 3pt field goals is a sinking ship anyway.

  16. Dominic says:

    Its about to be Bulls vs Warriors, for sure.

  17. phillyKID49 says:

    All golden state will have this year is a MYP. period! stephen curry will choke! its just all hype! FIrst team all defense baby!!!

  18. pokie says:

    You do realize the Warriors had Phoenix, Sacramento, and the Lakers to kick around during the regular season? That inflated their win total. The bottom three teams in the Southwest: San Antonio, Dallas, and New Orleans. They all made the playoffs. Go, Grizz.

  19. Grizzfan says:

    Tony Allen trash talks every game. The only difference is he was mic’d up on that game. Tony is one of the best defenders in the league and he upsets the offense. Curry and Klay knock down those shots like nobody can. Can we knock off a #1 seed? Yes we have done it before. Will we win this round? Who knows. Memphis will give it all they have win or lose.

  20. Warriorcametoplay says:

    The ironic thing, the warriors actually ended up beating that little guy in the car…

  21. Dirk is Da Maaaaaaaaaaaaaan says:

    No way the NBA/Refs will allow a Rockets vs Hawks Finals!!! It would be the least watched NBA Finals in History!!! No Viewers NO MONEY!!!

  22. kccarilo says:

    Rockets and dc in finals

  23. Ashok says:

    Who will be the Finalists:
    As the play off season progresses, I see the impact of coaches on the game. The last 3 minutes is going to decide the game outcome and the coach with better strategy is going to win. Having said that, I am ruling out Warriors, since Steve Kerr is definitely new in this arena. For same reasons, Grizzlies can not beat Clippers and Cavaliers will lose.So in final battle, Bulls will lose to Clippers. I will give credit to Doc Rivers(who had been there and done that) more than that of to Chris Paul.

  24. en. says:

    Lol at warriors. ..can’t wait till the season slaps them in the face

  25. Ryan41 says:

    its the Bulls vs. the Clippers in the Finals and the Clippers will be crowned NBA Champion in 5 Games period.

  26. nixguy says:

    hawks in the finals????? have u been drinking they cant even beat the wall-less wizards how they gna beat cle/chi in a series