Kanye West takes over Bulls/Cavs Game 4

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — When it comes to getting their crowds fired up, NBA teams often take advantage of home-grown talent. At yesterday’s Bulls/Cavs Game 4, for example, the Bulls called on a native of the Chi City, Kanye West. Not only did Mr. West handle pregame intros, but he also hopped up and performed during a timeout to get the crowd amped…

Maybe Yeezy’s association with the Bulls explains this…


  1. Paul says:

    The uncensored song is 100 times better than this censored performance. To sing All Day censored is a crime in itself, completely ruined the song. Nice seeing Yeezy and Pippen on the sideline repping Chi-town. Cavs in 7. I’m out.

  2. arly paul says:

    Impromptu or free to fill up some of his own fans whom he losses due to his
    “fatal attraction” to Beyonce and of his childish acts…

  3. marc says:

    he should change new album to sucks not swish

  4. jae porter says:

    Big up to kanye censoring his “All day” song for the bulls game to support the Chi

  5. jeff says:

    why bulls anyone one but him please