Boogie Cousins crashes bhangra dance party

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — This video was presented to me with precious little context. All I know is I got an email from someone at the NBA saying, “Here’s a video of DeMarcus Cousins crashing the dance floor at a bhangra dance party.” I don’t know when this was, I don’t know where this was, but I do know it shows Sacramento Kings center DeMarcus Cousins popping into what seems to be a dance party and getting his groove on. They don’t call him “Boogie” for nothing…

VIDEO: Boogie boogies


  1. gautam says:

    Chak de Phatte boogie!!!

  2. WarriorsFan says:

    Why did he crash into an Indian party.Wonder if it was Hindi,because I can understand Hindi,not Punjabi.

  3. Steve Warren says:

    I like to know why. it knocked and finally keeps grabbing his arm has he’s dribbling and nothing is called. I don’t understand how you can be MVP and dont get calls they don’t treat LeBron like that he gives every call they don’t treat LeBron like that he is every call

    • Dwayne says:

      Bro, you make ZERO sense… I take it English is NOT your 1st language??? Maybe in the future, brush up on your written English and punctuation, and then you will make a coherent thought/point… Your run-on sentences are just random english words thrown together to try to make a comment/point… It hurt my brain trying to read what you wrote in english… Foul…

  4. Singh says:

    Just FYI: The dance is called “bhangra”. It is a dance from the region of Punjab, in India. The man Boogie shakes hands with in the video, who is wearing a turban, is a Sikh (not Muslim).

    The reason Boogie may be at the party is because his new teammate is Sim Bhullar. Sim Bhullar comes from a Punjabi, Sikh background. Sim is the first Sikh to make it to the NBA (Sacramento and Ranadive are pushing the “Indian” angle more than Sikh because of the market opportunity in India, but him being the first SIkh to make it to the NBA is equally unique).

    More about Sikhs:

    • Manmohan Singh says:

      It seems like you are using more of “Sikh” angle then Ranadive is using “Indian”. I don’t know what guys religion has do with where he is from and what Bhangra is about. Yes, Bhangra is from Punjab, which is a state in India.

  5. I CALLED GAME!!!!!! says:

    He musta called game PP styles !!!!!!

  6. Jamal says:

    This happened back in 2012….Cousins is a lot more maturer now.

  7. Chris says:

    Having fun is immature?