The Trail Blazers apparently don’t watch much “Portlandia”

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — “Portlandia” is a comedy set in Portland and filmed in Portland. So it’s no surprise that the Portland Trail Blazers have been featured on the show previously, several times.

But that doesn’t mean they watch the show regularly. In this video, several of the Trail Blazers play a little Name That Tune with the theme song of “Portlandia.” They all obviously know the show. The song? Well…

VIDEO: Portland Portlandia


  1. Nick Thayer says:

    Big ups to All Ball for plugging Washed Out’s song “Feel It All Around” (AKA Portlandia theme song). And, yes, there are lyrics.

  2. OKC says:

    Omg that’s so distressing that none of the Portland guys knows Portlandia… That was like half the reason they are one of my favorite teams. LA has been on it twice (though they could have done a much better job of using him)! Go netflix the show btw.