Jahlil Okafor has huge hands

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Tonight in New York City is the NBA Draft Lottery, where ping pong balls determine the fate of several NBA franchises hoping to draw the first pick in the NBA Draft. One player in play for the first overall selection is Jahlil Okafor, who was a big part of Duke’s national championship team. While we know Okafor is a skilled basketball player, it helps that he’s got some amazing tools. Check out this picture from yesterday, where Okafor tried to see how many tennis balls he could fit in one hand. The answer? 13!

How does that translate to an actual basketball? Pretty well…

(via SBNation)


  1. Dhanush says:

    Mann.. This guy is just crazy huge he will make a big impact in the nba

  2. DeAndre says:

    Huge. i bet he could hold my entire head with those hands.

    • Bootyman says:

      You wish, no one wants to play there anymore. They are toast.

    • "Smart" NBA fan says:

      me too the Lakers really need a good center. i hope that the Lakers get to pick him. Last year Minnesota got andrew wiggins and zach lavine. the lakers need someone besides robert sacre too. =/ geez….

  3. Victor Oshodi says:

    His hands will come handy 4 sure…!

  4. Greg H. says:

    How about a little lotion on those mitts.

  5. big dog says:

    sorry about that was not me ^^^^^

  6. Pupil of The game says:

    I think that minnesota will take Okafor. But i think in the lakers case, this may be a good thing. Towns can play the five in todays league, and is the vastly superior defender of the two, With lots of low post offense coming from Julius Randle for the future, i think a defensive presence like towns is actually more along the lines of what the lakers need.

    • KartoonDoe says:

      Couldn’t agree more, Towns is a good fit with Randle by his side there the future for the Lakers.

  7. mike jordan says:

    whoever the wolves got, the lakers still have a great chance of getting one of the best bigs in the draft..either of the two (Towns and Okafor), the lakers have a good shot at the Center position

  8. JD says:

    While having a good, productive center is always good, it’s not as important nowadays as it once was. Today’s NBA is a guard and wing driven league. Having a dominant, back-to-the-basket center like Kareem or Shaq may not be a Lakers priority. Don’t be surprised if the Lakers trade down a bit to get a solid veteran player or if they go for DeAngelo Russell or Emmanuel Mubiay. I’m sure the Lakers will be entertaining any and all offers leading up to the June draft. Remember, the draft happens before free agents can sign, so the Lakers will definitely be in the mix no matter who they draft, cuz they NEED a big name to come wear the purple and gold.