Who shot it best: Curry or West?

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — On the way to the Western Conference Finals, Warriors guard Stephen Curry knocked down a 62-foot jumper at the end of the third quarter in Game 6. But it wasn’t the first long-distance postseason buzzer-beater in NBA playoffs history. Back in 1970, Jerry West, who is now an executive for the Warriors, sank a 60-footer for the Lakers. West’s shot was only a two-pointer, because there were no threes back then, but it tied the game and sent it to overtime. That series ended up going seven games, which the Knicks eventually won thanks to a hobbled Willis Reed. Anyway, here are the two shots, back-to-back…

VIDEO: West or Curry?


  1. 5thStFreddie says:

    Curry is an amazing shooter, which makes him as good or close to as good as Jerry West. No one was better, our mentally tougher, than West. He never had two bad games in a row, never had the kind of silly, lazy off nights that too many of today’s players have – even Curry. He was Mr. Clutch, an amazing defender. Had there been a 3 point line, West’s numbers would have gone through the roof. Curry is amazing, but to be better than West, he 10 years in which to convince us.

  2. chitown23 says:

    You can just see the difference in composure between the two of them. Curry hits it at the end of the 2nd quarter and gets hyped like he won Game 7 of the Finals at the buzzer. West, who actually hits the game-winning shot, nonchalantly walks off the court.

    • Road Warriors says:

      Lakers lost the game where Jerry West hit the shot. Please learn a little about basketball history.

  3. Therese says: