Dell Curry defends Steph and Riley Curry

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Not only did the Golden State Warriors win Game 1 of the Western Conference Finals last night, but during the postgame press conference, Steph Curry won over the internet by bringing along his daughter, Riley. While Curry calmly answered questions, Riley did everything from asking Steph to keep it down to crawling out from under the table and leaving the presser.

VIDEO: Riley Curry

Cute, sure, until today, when a few reporters grumbled that players having kids on the podium made it hard to get their questions asked and answered. One person who disagreed? Steph’s dad and Riley’s grandfather, former NBA player Dell Curry. As Dell Curry told USA Today

“They’ll get over it,” he said. “He was still able to do his interview. She didn’t stop that at all.

“She’s was just waving to reporters. That’s just the way she is. She knows what’s happening. She knew she was on the stage and she knew people were talking to her daddy and she’s on his lap and she’s just like ‘Hey, how’s everybody?’ That’s just the way she is.”

By the way, Riley wasn’t new to this. Check out how she videobombed her Uncle Seth after a D-League game…


  1. ed says:

    Wow… talk about being little princesses. Get over yourselves. Half the time, you reporters don’t even ask good questions. Key example, when one of you tried throwing Kyrie Irving under the bus with Lebron. Heaven forbid these players have families that love them and want to spend time with their fathers.

  2. coachsmalley says:

    I think Riley is adorable and the Curry brothers are awesome but I do think bringing your child to an interview is inappropriate. It is a slap in the face to the professional journalist and the league.

    • Parkah Louis says:

      I think that it’s equally inappropriate to ask asinine questions, all in the name of “journalism”. These current “journalists” only look to infuriate athletes that may be on losing streaks or may have had a bad game, all under the guise of “journalism”. If you want to say that this is their job, then I say that before Steph Curry is a basketball player, his first job is being a father. If they are that easily distracted, then maybe they should find another profession…

    • artifex says:

      Well, didn’t he just answer all the questions?
      Didn’t he just bring his daughter for the 1st time in the PO (as far as I recognize)?

      I don’t think it was a matter of “I’m not keen on those journalists questions and just want to get along with my kid”
      We don’t know what happened before but who didn’t find himself once where your wife is just busy with something else
      or the kid is just better calmed when staying with the mum/dad?

      I think it shouldn’t be a daily habit and not distract too much, but hey
      didn’t SHE just give the reporters a good headline (as presented on

  3. Bryan Adams says:

    God bless Riley! She’s awesome!!!!!

  4. colby says:

    I think it is ok. dell is right I’m not a fan of steph, but his daughter is a cut little girl and didn’t stop him from doing the interview.

  5. milkman510 says:

    I love it! Why so serious huh? As a father I can 100% respect it! Super Cute kid and F bomb anyone who complains. The league MVP earned the right to bring up anyone he wants during the press conf..

  6. Steph’s job is not to make reporters’ work easier, it’s to be a ballerina on a basketball court who just so happens to be the best shooter ever.

  7. PPKTP says:

    Post game interview is such a waste of time and is being done for the sake of doing it anyway. Typical answer and typical question. Reports should just calm down.

  8. N says:

    Really? How sad are these reporters to complain about someone bringing their daughter to an interview. Miserable so and so’s…get a life. If you are good enough at your job a four year old wont distract you.

    • Mikael says:

      Absolutely! NBA players should absolutely bring their children to the interviews after the game. It reminds reporters that these men have families and what better way to bond with your child than to give them an opportunity to see their father respond to questions from reporters. The public demands so much from these athletes. It is refreshing to see the players with their children at the podium.

  9. Glewis says:

    I think this was great! There are always people complaining about Professional Athletes being a role model. This is the best example of it actually happening. Plus I have to say Riley is cute and the journalists should have been asking her questions.

  10. STILLaSpursFan says:

    ALL OF THE ABOVE! Whichever reporter expressed their annoyance needs to switch careers. This is post game interview not a supreme court hearing.

  11. j says:

    its so much more entertaining though. i say let em bring their kids. we can even let the reporters bring their kids and let the kids ask questions. would that not be more entertaining?!

    it also helps the normal everyone to see that these athletes are normal people.

  12. Walter White says:

    Wow…really? They always ask the most obvious questions and players always give them the most obvious answers. Riley could have answered those questions. Why don’t they complain about Pop and his one word answers? I can’t believe this is even in the news… just.dumb.

  13. bopolka says:

    What are they going to ask anyway? If they understand game and watched it, then they know what happened. most of the times they just wanted to create controversy among players and coaches anyway. Curry had a big night, let him enjoy it with his daughter.

  14. James says:

    Riley’s great. She should just keep coming and doing whatever she wants to. She’s there to make Steph more relaxed, etc. Players are exhausted after games and MUST they entertain you reporters? WE LOVE YOU, RILEY!

  15. OK24 says:

    I remember once Ron Artest brought his entire family to the interview. What’s the big deal? Reporters may think they are doing the most important job in the world, but seriously, nobody cares about the post game interviews for the sake of interviews. They are getting their money, so they should shut the hell up.

  16. thor williams says:

    The reporters should remember that they are there because of the players, not the other way around. Professional or not, its their show and you just write about it.

  17. NLP says:

    They complain because they just want something new to say…

  18. Marques says:

    I could see Marshawn Lynch having a field day with this new information.

  19. mk says:

    Oh, poor babies! Did some reporters get Riley’d up. Another Curry crossover. Pulleeez, enjoy the moment.

  20. Debra says:

    What a shame when we can smile, we choose to find fault instead. With all that’s going on in the world, we all need something to smile about.

  21. Vicdi says:

    She’said so adorable! Reminds me of what my son did while I was busy answering questions from the top bank executives during weekend technical orientation.

  22. jill says:

    I want to think as a father will do and I like to expose my child to media. But is it safe? Is it fair to journalists? I would say safety first.

  23. Katy says:

    How are you going to stop
    James.. or how will you play the double team.? We saw those answers
    during the game. Riley was unpredictable and refreshing. She gave us smiles
    and happy moments. If she was too much for the reporters they can interview
    Pop. Love seeing Dads with their kids.

  24. ejg8877 says:

    Why is this such an issue now? Athletes have been bringing their kids to the podium for who knows how many years! I agree, if those reporters who complained are so easily distracted, they should change professions.

  25. bowlerdude16 says:

    This is the highlight of any post-game interview ever. They’re always so boring, the questions so dull, it’s so adorable to see such a cute little girl go in there and shake up the norm. And if the reporters can’t handle cuteness, they should find a new profession. Seriously. If you’re going to make the players answer questions they don’t want to answer and fine them if they refuse to answer, the players should have a say of who they bring with them into the interview room. Those players have countless better things to be doing than answering stupid questions about the game everybody just watched.

  26. tschado says:

    Come on… She made that press conference very cute and funny! And that happened just once. Not that he brings Riley every time. Good journalist would use creativity and turn just ordinary routine press conference into a good, funny, interesting feature story for any kind of media.

  27. coach jacob says:

    I think that she is very adorable but the journalist wants to ask questions.. So i really do not think that it is good bringing your kids to the press confrence

  28. pablo says:

    Instead of giving him grief they should be applauding him for being involved in his daughter’s life. As much bad press as professional athletes get regarding not taking responsibility for their kids, Curry is a breath of fresh air.

  29. johnny dawson says:

    The first time Steph brought the daughter to the interview it was sort of cute. The second time it was annoying and arrogant.