Minnesotans were fired up about getting first pick in the NBA draft

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — The Minnesota Timberwolves won last night’s NBA Draft lottery, ensuring that they will have the first pick in the upcoming NBA Draft. It wasn’t altogether shocking — the Wolves did have the best chance at getting the first pick — but that doesn’t always translate to actually getting the first pick. So it’s safe to say, Timberwolves fans and front office members were equally nervous as the envelopes were opened and the top picks were revealed. Here are two videos showing just how exciting the announcement was, one vid from inside the fan viewing party, and another video from inside the T-Wolves war room, as team president Flip Saunders and his staff learn they’re drafting first…


  1. Please can you show the NYK too on how they reacted?

  2. Charis says:

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  3. cnsandiford says:

    And the Minnesota Timberwolves have just won the NBA championship!!!

  4. Eric Franzen says:

    So awesome. Great time to jump on the Twolves bandwagon. Get on from the beginning of something that is starting to look very special!

  5. OldKGfan says:

    Great party! Thanks for the invite. MN doesn’t have a good draft history so, getting the #1pick is a huge deal. You can see my excitement when the camera pans to the left. (Look close) What is this crazy team gonna do now?