EJ, Shaq featured on Hawks’ kiss cam

By Jeff Case

The Atlanta Hawks are in the Eastern Conference finals and the series is being broadcast on TNT, which makes for an in-town jaunt to cover the Hawks’ home games in the series for the “Inside the NBA” crew of Shaquille O’Neal, Ernie Johnson, Charles Barkley and Kenny Smith. That quartet had a perch in Philips Arena to watch and broadcast the game and, as is tradition at Hawks games between quarters or during timeouts, the “Kiss Cam” was had its moment in the sun.

The Hawks had a great Kiss Cam moment in the East semifinals against the Wizards, but they may have one-upped it when they got Johnson and O’Neal on there last night and, well, just watch below …

(h/t SI’s Extra Mustard)



  1. Nick says:

    Shaq is a riot. The whole crew is fun to watch, plus they are the best analysis team out there. There are others with the knowledge, but the different viewpoints of the “Inside” crew and how they interact make them most interesting.

  2. Dan says:

    There’s worst fates than being kissed by the 3rd greatest big man in NBA history. Even for a man. 3rd greatest? Oh yes. It’s Kareem, Wilt and Shaq. Before you start arguing, check a few highlights of Shaq destroying the support braces for the backboard and rim. Man was a force.

  3. lepolepo says:

    it looks like he’s eating ernie LMAO