Throwback Thursday: Michael Jordan

VIDEO: Michael Jordan’s top 10 plays from 1995-96

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Today’s Topic: Michael Jordan wins 1995-96 MVP

In the 1995-96 season, the Chicago Bulls were on a mission to prove they were still an elite team. Thanks to having Michael Jordan back in the fold for a full season they more than accomplished that feat, all while Jordan reclaimed his place as the game’s top player.

The Bulls were 10-1 out of the blocks in 1995-96, then 23-2, then suddenly, after an 18-game win streak, 41-3. They got to 60-8 and broke the Los Angeles Lakers’ record of 69 wins on April 16, 1996 with an 86-80 win in Milwaukee.

Although that team was stacked with talent — Ron Harper, Scottie Pippen, Toni Kukoc, Dennis Rodman and others — it was Jordan who powered the success. As such, he ran away with the MVP that season, amassing a record 96.5 percent of the possible first-place votes (109 of 113) from the media to win the Maurice Podoloff Trophy. It was his fourth overall MVP and for the season, Jordan averaged 30.4 ppg, 6.6 rpg, 4.3 apg, and 2.2 spg.

In honor of Jordan’s feat, we take a look back at the storied career of perhaps the NBA’s greatest player ever:

Gallery: Michael Jordan’s career

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  1. VS says:

    His accomplishments are impeccable. Greatest Ever!!

  2. Brock Mills says:

    Lebron is still the best of all time!

    • RD10 says:

      How can you say Lebron is the best of all time? I mean look at Jordan’s career: 6 rings, 6 Finals Mvp awards, 5 season Mvp awards, and how can you say Lebron is the best. There has never been anyone since who can measure up to MJ, Kobe i think is the closest anyone has got to becoming someone like Jordan. You just cannot compare Lebron with Jordan. MJ is the best of all time, no question about it.

    • sean says:

      Just curious, which team is LeBron gonna jump to win a championship next. LeBron is chasing championships, jordan earned them. Big three lebron, wade, bosh. Jordan, pipen, kukoc. Wade, bosh obviously the better two. Jordan after leaving bulls, below .500. Heat after lebron, well above .500. First it was kobe, now lebron. Who will it be next? The NBA is dying to have another jordan for ratings.

    • Eric says:

      Obviously you were born in the late 80s or 90s & never seen him play day in & day out. LJ is garbage compared to Jordan. If anyone is close to Jordan it’s Kobe. Your smoking

  3. Brock Mills says:

    Lebron is still the best of all-time

  4. Bulls Fan says:

    Despite all of the talented players today, there is still only one GOAT.

  5. dnelken19 says:

    Yeah, I guess he was okay.

  6. georg says:

    simply the best

  7. Robert says:

    Never can be another Michael Jordan … Guaranteed if that bulls team played now they’d win… Icon of the nba… He ain’t the first billionaire nba player for nothing

  8. mjiskami says:

    **perhaps** please there is no perhaps. Micheal is the greatest and will be the greatest.

  9. ALI says:

    GOAT!! MJ23!!

  10. gio irayac says:

    the GOAT!!!!!!

  11. jill says:

    He had the whole package. A talented and team player that shines at its best sharing the ball with his magic touch. A unique player. The closest I could think is Lebron. Can he mature to MJ’s level? He also has the talent and the ability to make his teammates shine, but if the MAGIC touch will come with maturity, its only a possibility. Having the talent does not guarantee success, if selfish behavior comes in between. For us fans who enjoyed MJ’s magic, means a lot that will live with forever.

  12. Phill says:

    Although I am a Los Angeles Lakers fan for life, I enjoyed growing up watching Jordan and the Bulls charge the court. They kept things interesting in the East, balling up against Larry Bird and the Celtics, and Isaiah Thomas and the Pistons. Jordan had the skills, the on and off court charisma, and the shoes.

  13. Super says:

    I´m better.

  14. mzmori says:

    I don’t think lebron james is the closest. the NBA is trying to do everything in their power to make him reallly good. He is favored by the refs and the is very obvious. perhaps they can notch it down a little.

  15. Daniel says:

    MJ23 he invented the way of today’s basketball… any move of Lebron MJ already made it..and there is more and more. LBJ will have to play until 40s to try to get close to MJ greatness

  16. What a privilege to have been able to watch him play. And I recall back in the day one of his teammates at the time saying … “and he’s a better person, than he is a basketball player”. Michael simply transcend the sport.

  17. noyb says:

    IMHO, G.O.A.T. Only other possible is Bill Russell.

  18. prentiss reese says:

    mr.jordan. one of a kind

  19. sean says:

    Greatest moments. The reverse baseline on starks and Oakley and then to top it off the towering dunk on ewing. Jordan saves ball from out of bounce to pipen, right back to jordan, who finishes with a 360 spin move layup against lambier. That was when I knew jordan had finally beaten the Pistons. The day I heard on sports center, “I’m back”. Anyone who watched mj’s career would agree that besides his talent and accomplishments on the court their was something else he possessed inside of him, a certain aurora, something that set him apart from anyone else on the court. A drive deep in his heart. That combined with his talent, drove him to legendary standards. Kobe and lebron have the talent but not the drive or the will power.

  20. squaleca says:

    actually Miami isnt even in the play offs and the bulls won 50+ games when MJ went to play baseball

  21. Chris says:

    Greatest of all time doesn’t even come close to describing MJ….Transcended the sport, fashion, and earned every bit of success……….

  22. Jack says:

    Lets not forget, Slam Dunk Champion!!! Something Lebron refused to do. Just another reason he’s not a legend

  23. jimmy vash says:

    jordan and lebron do not have the same playing style. please stop comparing. Lebron is great and so is Jordan. Nobody is trying to beat Jordan. Its funny reading these silly comments of people who have never played the game of basketball. Lebron will retire in Cleveland. It was smart of him to leave when he did he became a better player and a better leader. Open your eyes people. Jordan is the greatest of all time however no one is trying to be like him. You don’t grow as a athlete when you go your whole career trying to be like someone else. Lebron is Lebron he is not Jordan he is Lebron James, Everyone just needs to acknowledge the things that Lebron has accomplished.