Shaqtin’ A Fool: Best/Worst From Conference Seminfinals

VIDEO: Shaqtin’ A Fool: Conference Semifinals

Shaq found quite a few plays from the Conference semifinals that are fool-worthy. Vote for this week’s best Shaqtin’ A Fool moment and tweet your favorite to #Shaqtin!


  1. Not me says:

    COME ON REFS!! Get these travelling calls sorted out guys! Unfortunately though, yet more self indulgence from the TNT crew like happens every single broadcast.

  2. nbafan23 says:

    Cp3’s foul was intentional to send Howard to the free throw line.

  3. Zocom7 says:

    Now this is how you make a season 4 finale of Shaqtin A Fool. Funny as always!

  4. liquidcobra says:

    Thank you Shaq and the rest of the TNT Team. You guys make an already exciting playoffs 10 times better. Go Warriors!!

  5. NBAARON says:

    He forgot Horford’s game winning travel.

  6. Shaq hit the Sack have my stomach hurting man glad you are alright brother that stole the show of all videos

  7. flip says:

    The Chris Paul one was a really smart play

  8. GrammarPolizia says:



    Really? spell much?

  9. Phil says:

    Love the bed

  10. Jr says:

    Shaq !! xD

  11. indonesian says:

    always think nba refs need to learn from fiba refs, they are suck in officiating despite all the technologies available

  12. French bourbonnese says:

    I love n°5 MEEEEE ! He’s just crazy !

  13. Adit Arvati says:

    That’s what happens when you out old guys as refs or Joey crawford’s students

  14. jayjay1989 says:


    Shaq in the bed made my day. I laughed so hard.

    But seriously: How can refs not see 9!!!!!! steps?! I mean, even my girlfriend saw that one. In real speed. And she is a hockey -girl.

  15. steve nash says:

    dell messing with refs…taj gordon ejected…al horford…ejected…nba handing championship to cavs?

  16. Rolando says:

    I Think the same, nba is heading to a cavs champ, doesnt explain the refs attitude about the other teams!!

  17. Damian Terry says:

    I like this show, I always enjoy it but I think what we need to keep focus on that eight and nine step, that just ridiculous, need to be fix anyways love you my man SHAQ

  18. ibrahimam24 says:

    hawks bench lol

  19. Sonji says:

    Hey lebron travels a lot! Lol

  20. Pétrus says:

    Shaq falling on the studio is the best hahaha

  21. Mitchell says:

    I watch Shaqtin’ a fool every week on inside the nba. Thank you Shaq for counting the top plays of the season. You’re the best Shaq I have watched on T.V. when doing Shaqtin’ a fool on inside the nba.