Rockets’ Howard Waits Out Storm With Fans After Game 4

By Nick Margiasso IV

Was it that the win was so sweet one Rockets big man hung around the arena to take it all in? No, but he was at the Toyota Center until all hours anyway.

Awful weather in the Houston area caused many fans caught up in the glee of a Game 4 win to get smacked right in the face with arena authorities advising them to stay inside the stadium due to safety concerns related to bad thunderstorms and the like. The thing is, their pal Dwight Howard stayed, too. (It could be just that he was looking for some extra court time in case his Flagrant I on Andrew Bogut is upgraded by the league)


  1. Jim Muncy says:

    I hope Howard’s Flagrant 1 stays as a Flagrant 1. If it is upgraded, then players are going to start working on the art of getting their opponents to commit Flagrant 2s. If you watch the video, Bogut was doing to Howard with his hand what Dellavedova was doing to Taj Gibson with his feet. He had Howard’s arm locked down. I think we all agree that the Flagrant 2 on Taj Gibson was travesty. With Howard, the motion that started the whole thing was Howard trying to get his arm free of Bogut’s grasp. Now could have he done so without hitting Bogut in the face? Probably so. And that is why a Flagrant 1 was in order. But there is certainly a reasonable chance that, if you lean into a person like Bogut did and hold on to his arm, you are going to get smacked when the arm breaks free. I think the refs made the right call. Besides, look at the refs. It was Joe Crawford who made the call. If someone deserved to be thrown out of a game, Joe Crawford would have done so. No ref in the league likes to throw people out of the game as much as Joe Crawford does. Hopefully the league is getting wise to the shenanigans of people like Dellavedova. It really hurts the game when the victims are thrown out and the perpetrators get of Scott free.

    • Melissa says:

      Taj Gibson is on the bulls..

      • dd def says:

        he was referencing a similar scenario from a different game. he wasn’t saying taj is on either gsw or houston. taj got a flagrant 2 for reacting to dellavedova pulling some crap in the bulls/cavs series.

      • The TRUTH says:

        So is dellavedova sweetie lol. He said what dellavedova(cavs) did to taj(bulls). (In the bulls cavs series)

    • Bakes says:

      Yeah Howard never pushes and elbows!!!!!! BS

  2. lbj says:

    With the extra court time, I bet Dwight did everything from taking pictures to signing autographs. Everything except practicing his free throws.

  3. RC says:

    If smacking someone in the face is a flagrant 1, what is a flagrant 2? Would Ron Artest or Kermit Washington qualify? How about Willis Reed taking on the entire LA Lakers team? Or should criminal charges by law enforcement be becessary for it to rise to a flagrant 2?

    • Dawn of Da 2nd Bulls Dynasty says:

      You just made my day! Thanks!!

    • The TRUTH says:

      Stop, so you’re saying it’s ok to wrap your legs around someone or hold someone. Here’s food for thought, what if they did it to curry(obviously you’re a warriors fan) and he got injured? You’d break your tv, so please have some empathy for the players trying to play the game properly.

  4. Where’s the foul on Bogut for pushing him getting the whole thing started. Flagrant 1 on each player.

  5. daddy says:

    Tricky nifty dirty foul style deserves to be punch in the face. Warriors, especially Draymond Green play a lot of tricky nifty foul style the entire series and they always get away with it. These tricky nifty foul style needs to be punish..

  6. joe ajonye says:

    Jeff van gundy was right earlier when he said the decisions for flagrant fouls should be made by the same officials in New jersey. I also think decisions like ball possession in the last 2 minutes and other calls that require reviews should also be made by the same officials in order to make the game faster.

  7. NorCal Warrior says:

    There is a difference here. And full disclosure, I’m a Warriors fan. Personally I want to see him play in the next game so that does not have to be an excuse. But, he deserves a two according to the rules. When Horford was ejected and will be sitting out tonight’s game, every analyst said it should be a 1 but the head referee said “I had to. According to the rule, any contact to the neck or head and it is automatic.” The league is going to have some explaining to do if they don’t give Howard a 2, then that is wrong anyway because they left him in the game. You won, you shot the lights out and I got the vibe our boys wanted to , subconsciously wrap it up at home. But if they don’t then what they did to Horford is equally as wrong. NO CONSISTENCY

    • The TRUTH says:

      Nah, that’s a lie. They gave one to taj and said something else. They said that in order to save their skin, it shouldn’t have been a flagrant 2 on taj nor horford. I’m glad they’re fixing it because he was provoked, dirty play is a no-no and far worse than flops. So be happy, they’re won’t be any excuses :). Goes both ways tho, so no crying about how he shouldve been out, let it go.

    • The TRUTH says:

      And to complain that someone isn’t consistently being bad at calls during the course of something is RIDICULOUS! You’re SO biased, funny how everyone is trying to claim to be fair. I’m not going for any of these teams so ha-ha I win. Don’t vote anymore then, because you like consistence in being screwed up and not learning from mistakes or making thibgs better…imbecile. Smfh

  8. da_troute says:

    flagrant 2, real intentional hit to the face just because he was unhappy to be pushed (under the shoulders). total joke, howard suspended is not so good for the nba 2015 script 😉 . sometime the manipulation is too big, be ready to have a LOOOOT of desinformation and pro talkers lol.

    • The TRUTH says:

      Get real, they threw out horford…smfh. It’s because of all the complaints about the dirty play and the defenders getting pegged. It’s not fair, you’d be so mad if someone was shoving on you and you defended yourself. Yet, here you are as a bunch of hypocrites.

      • NotWarriorsFan says:

        Get real yourself (Un)Truth! Howard pushes people around more than any other center or any other player in the league! Look at the play again and you will see Howard pushing Bogut almost all the way off the floor, right before Bogut pushes him back and Howard swings his elbow and arm back to hit Bogut in the face. It is no different than what J. R. Smith did earlier in the year and got suspended for 2 games, but because this is (supposedly) “Good Guy” Howard and not “Bad Boy” Smith, Howard gets off scott free. It is a shameful oversight of the rules by Rod Thorn and Howard should have definitely been suspended at least one game for his actions.

  9. Justin says:

    NBA rules dictate that a strike or attempt to the face be an automatic ejection – so in this case Joey Crawford, or anyone else doesn’t really get to interject their own opinion or interpretation. What happened leading up to the event has no impact on that decision.

    • joe ajonye says:

      100% true.. this issues shouldn’t be left for different referees to decide.. they should create a section of officials to do this job so the rules can be applied fairly

    • Christopher says:

      Your missing the point. Yes if there is a strike to the head or neck its an automatic 2 but it has to be intentional. Howard was being tied up he broke free of it and gave am extra shot back but he wasn’t looking at Bogut therefore he couldn’t have known where the blow was gonna land. I think he was aiming for the face and that’s what that punk deserves for playing dirty but you cant prove it so he will be playing in game 2. So do everyone a favor and look up the rule yourself instead of just copying what everyone else is saying, because there’s a lot of wrong not so bright people on social media.

  10. Alexandre Lima says:

    Howard wasn’t ejected because he’s not Dominican…

  11. Starsleeper says:

    It’s always a sign of weekness when you can’t win a duel and then just go for the opponent instead of for the bal. It’s how Love got injured, These kind of trics are dangerous for the other player to get injured, like making that extra roll or trying to hold the opponent or pull someone who jumps down. Just like flopping this should be reviewed by a commission and fined severely, more than flopping because of the injury risk!!

  12. Louis Martin says:

    Speaking of Joe Crawford, i’m EXTREMELY concerned about the poor guys equilibrium. This is the second time I’ve seen him running this season & just trip over himself and tumble to the ground with no substantial way of breaking his fall. Something’s just not right about that!!

  13. 1900 says:

    I’m a Clippers fan so I have no preference for who’s right or wrong. Howard threw a punch at Bogut, prior to that Bogut was grabbing and pushing Howard but if we if we take another step back, both Howard and Bogut were pushing and shoving each other. Howard lost it first and went to far by attempting to hurt his opponent. Everybody who’s honest has to admit that. If you don’t draw the line somewhere it wont be long before basketball degenerates into a common street fight and no one wants to see that. Howard’s retaliation was a flagrant 2 for sure but nobody wants to see the stars thrown out of a game that would detrimentally impair the quality of play. To call a flagrant 2 a 1 for the sake of the game is reasonable as long as there was no significant contact and the aggressor stopped himself before the situation escalated. The refs decided to cut Howard a break defusing the situation and normalizing the game. I commend the refs and I don’t give a rats whatever about consistency.

  14. Love the game says:

    When you in the heat of battle you don’t pin point every reaction. Howard was reacting to an event that was taking place. He didn’t plan to do what he did in my opinion. I think it was the right call for Howard. Looking ahead, we hope he uses this off season to work on his shooting and free throws. Man is blessed with size and height and can’t do anything with it besides dunk.

  15. #1WARRIORSFAN says:

    man,THE TRUTH,You actually the loser because your not voting for any team.The Warriors gonna beat the Cavs,so haha,I win,you lose.