Zach LaVine dunking a football

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — The offseason is only a few weeks old, but Zach LaVine is already winning the summer. Just the other day we saw a picture of LaVine working on his vertical leap and getting a few feet above the rim.

Today we can see LaVine’s hops in action. Here’s a video of LaVine after a recent workout, using a football and showing off his ability to dunk pretty much anything…

VIDEO: LaVine Football Dunks


  1. WolvesOnTheRUn says:

    i think this is the first time anyone has seen lavine smile.

  2. Mark from Bayarea says:

    I think Levine has potential to become better player than Wiggins.
    Wiggins is some-what average player at small forward position, and can become like Khawi Leonard Jr. if he develops his defensive skills.
    If Levine can develop the jump shoots and dribbling skills, I think he can become a player around DeRozan of Raptors or even better.
    In my opinion, Wolves needs to give up on Ricky Rubio, because he has been hurt all the time.
    Sometimes, it is time to let it go and find other solution.
    Rubio can be a big trading card for decent players who are durable.

  3. Mud says:

    He spends way too much time showing off with dunking and jumping. You can only do so much above the rim. He spend more time shooting and working on his other skills.