What if there was an NBA team of NBA coaches?

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Plenty of NBA coaches were NBA players before becoming coaches — in the Western Conference Finals, for instance, both Steve Kerr and Kevin McHale are former players. There are also a lot of coaches who never played in the NBA, from Gregg Popovich to Tom Thibodeau.

But what would happen if all the NBA coaches played in the NBA. And not when they were young and in shape, but now, when they are, you know, old?

Well, a few months back someone decided to find out by using NBA 2K, so here are a bunch of coaches playing against the Eastern Conference All-Stars. This is ridiculous, sure, but it’s also hilarious…

VIDEO: Coaches vs. Players


  1. Haha what an idea! Would be cool to see in different sports too.

  2. Zocom7 says:

    Michael Jordan is missing in that list of All-Stars.

  3. jayjay1989 says:

    Get up and throw that thing down, Pop!

  4. Charmain says:

    Existen muchos estudios y también investigaciones que demuestran que no dormir bien no hacer lo suficiente acarrea arduos problemas a la salud.

  5. Mike says:

    Wow! Popovich is a Beast!
    Spoelstra over James ahah, cool video!

  6. Golden280 says:

    Scott Brook ain’t a coach anymore. Smh.

  7. Jeff Van Gundy says:

    Seeing Stan Van Gundy dunk is pretty much gold. You won’t ever see a better play than that.