President Obama weighs in on Bulls firing Tom Thibodeau

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — President Barack Obama not only plays basketball, but he’s an NBA fan, particularly of the Chicago Bulls, where he lived before becoming President. So it’s no big surprise that with today’s news of the Bulls firing of coach Tom Thibodeau, President Obama was asked about it on Twitter. And he was happy to give his two cents on the matter…


  1. Kadir says:

    All our president thinks about is hooping I wonder if he is any good I’m 40 I know I can check him lets hoop president Obama a friendly game between me and you

  2. Jake says:

    Typical politicians response.

  3. All the president thinks about is hooping…, I can take him…
    Typical hater responses

  4. champucharles says:

    What a nice president

  5. HIstoricmush says:

    I thought barack obama liiked the heat… BANDWAGONER!!!

  6. Go Mavs says:

    I thought Barack liked the Heat too… Maybe he DID Bandwagon

  7. Tripl3$e7enZ says:

    Umm… Is it possible to enjoy 2 teams? Maybe??? Plus the comment didn’t mention him liking the Bulls…