Throwback Thursday: 1975 Warriors

VIDEO: Golden State wraps up the 1975 NBA championship

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Today’s Topic: Golden State Warriors Win 1975 Championship

The Golden State Warriors were hardly the NBA title favorites when the 1974-75 season began. When they rolled into the playoffs as the West’s No. 1 seed, there were still some doubts they’d reach The Finals. And when they ousted the Chicago Bulls in Game 7 of the Western Conference finals, few thought the Warriors could beat the mighty Washington Bullets.

Yet the Warriors did exactly that, locking up the NBA championship on March 25, 1975 with a 96-95 win that completed a sweep of the Bullets. At the time, it was only the third sweep in Finals history and to this day is perhaps the greatest Finals upset ever.

In honor of the Warriors’ feat, we take a look back at Rick Barry and the other players that made that 1975 team shine:

Gallery: The 1975 Golden State Warriors

What are your favorite memories of that team? Leave your comments below!


  1. eric bush says:

    sweep city

  2. manhattan says:

    city of chicken curry. hurray!!!

  3. Bobb says:

    Hardaway, Mullen, and Richmond!! #COW PALACE

  4. Dwaynne says:

    I was young but the ’75 Championship team jelled at the right time and maybe more importantly EVERY PLAYER stepped up ESPECIALLY the two rookies. I believe Phil Smith would have been in the HOF with Rick and Jamaal if he had stayed healthy and consistent (which I believe he would have). It’s still the biggest upset in NBA Finals history. The 77 Trailblazer team was a close second (in my opinion). I know Steph is having a FANTASTIC season BUT Rick’s 75 season was just as good and we all know he should have been league MVP not McAdoo. The 75 GSW players embodied the term “TEAM”.

  5. Shark says:

    I remember that “75” finals very well, I was excited to first see the Warriors defeat the Pesky Bulls, then upset the vaunted Bullets in a sweep, reminded me of the “69” N.Y. Jets upsetting the highly favored Colts in Super Bowl 3, Phil Smith is still one of my all-time favorite players ever! R.I.P. #20 Go Warriors!

  6. Tyler says:

    The only playoff series in history as far as I’m aware with a 1-2-2-1-1 format. The Bullets really got put in a tough position having only one game worth of home court advantage. By the time the series got back to Washington they were buried.

  7. ericman1949 says:

    Entirely different dynamics between 75 team and this year’s team. I recall in 1975 hoping the Warriors would be behind in the 4th quarter because they always ran the other team off the floor at the end of games. Warrior broadcasters predicted it “Warriors down by a dozen with 10 minutes remaining. We have them right where we want them”. This year’s team played so well throughout each game it was not necessary to turn it on to win from behind. 1975 a team of destiny. 2015 the best team all season long.

  8. Jeff Jorgenson says:

    Yes the Warriors swept the Bullets and yes “to this day is perhaps the greatest Finals upset ever.” Yet Sports Illustrated buried it – not even putting the Warriors on the cover (Billy Martin then the manager of the Rangers was on the cover) and only devoting a couple pages to the finale. To this day I have no idea why they did it…but I canceled my subscription.

  9. Dwaynne says:

    Jeff’s last comment made me proud. I too wondered whya MAJOR SPORTING event that lasted 4 games was swept under the rug ? I mean at least put it on the cover the next edition !!!!!

  10. Dwaynne says:

    Also……its GREAT to read everyone’s responses. Realize that my rabid fandom has come all the way from New Jersey ! Yup….NEW JERSEY ! So for 40 years I have had to hear, “Why don’t you like the Knicks ?”, “Why don’t you like the Nets ?” Through it all I supported the Warriors through many a horrific season and now ….I will get my come uppance !

  11. james trey says:

    i was a 20 yr old college student when the 75 warriors won the nba championship over the daunted washington bullets who had phil chenier, wes unseld and elvin hayes. the warriors had amazing contributions from young bench players charles dudley, george johnson, and charles johnson throughout the season. today i am 60 and retired, reliving those wild, exciting days of warrior basketball with names like curry, thompson, barnes, iguodala, ezeli, livingston, and barbosa.