How the Warriors made the NBA Finals

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — “The phrase you thought you would not hear in your lifetime: The Golden State Warriors are going to the NBA Finals.”

That’s really the key sentence in the video below, which is an inside look at the Warriors Game 5 victory over the Houston Rockets in the Western Conference Finals, the game that put them into the NBA Finals. The Warriors were great all season, sure, but advancing to the NBA Finals for the first time in four decades was not guaranteed until they got past the Rockets.

And here’s a great look at exactly how that happened…

VIDEO: Warriors win west


  1. Domeizter says:

    Is there any sanctions on the medical staff of teams letting their player check in despite concussion symptoms? i mean in the case of Klay Thompson bleeding out after being hit with Ariza’s knee on his right ear, there should be sanctions in which medical staffs cleared a player to play but showed signs of concussion-like symptoms. Is the NBA checking this or are they busy counting their revenues? Come on guys. These are humans we’re talking about. Medical staffs should be 100% sure in clearing players to get back on the court specially with concussion-like symptoms. They (medical staff) aren’t just for show. They’re getting paid to their job the right way.

  2. Rich McDonald says:

    heu Lang, this May seem a little bold, coming from a CAVS fan, but the Cavs had good luck against the west this year and with their current defense I see them worse case scenario taking the Warriors in 5. Look for another sweep, Ya who would have thought they would sweep the Hawks! Just saying……..

    • BillyRuben says:

      Bring It.. It won’t be easy for either team. Sounds like you only watch the east. Try staying up a little later and you will see the Warriors are serious contenders