Curry hits no-look shot from halfcourt staff reports

With nearly a week to go before The Finals start on June 4, you’d think Stephen Curry would take a break from doing amazing things.

Think again.

(via @SpearsNBAYahoo)


  1. michael says:

    steph being steph

  2. Man says:

    I don’t know but I find this not good. It’s a championship game and professional players like him must practice hard. Of course it isn’t necessary to practice all the time but when you do, must be serious and work hard. Good luck Steph, may you not struggle. My mind is on Cavs but my heart is on GSW

    • Carl says:

      Read the article.

      This was AFTER practice.

    • AJ says:


      Here’s the article:

      With nearly a week to go before The Finals start on June 4, you’d think Stephen Curry would take a break from doing amazing things.

      Stephen Curry makes half court no-look shot nonchalantly after practice..

      GOT IT NOW??

  3. sandro says:

    wooow!! hes freakin insane!!!!!

  4. LeBron gonna lose says:

    Done this 😛

  5. PaulKTL says:

    You must be joking… if he hasn’t practice serious enough to know the court sooo well, you think he can do that?

  6. Cliff says:

    Yes, it’s a championship game and professional players like him must practice hard. But if you’ve ever played a sport battling for a top spot at a tournament, part of the preparation for it is to have fun with it and live it.

    These guys live basketball 24/7, not just play competitively.

    Their work is bball, and their play is bball. This falls in the category of “play” and not work, which he had just finished doing. But the point is that he and his team totally engrossed in the sport and that makes this a “good thing” and definitely not a bad thing.

  7. Chuck says:

    I saw some kids practice this in GYM. Not bid deal.

  8. lebronTHEKINGchamps2015 says:

    Steph is will be like durant on 2012 playoffs where they became 4-1 vs lebron.

    A kiddo is a kiddo and lebron is the king, tougher, experienced and godlike physical abilities are no match to your stinky shooter kiddo steph.

    So… Cavs is 5

    • BillyRuben says:

      You sound like a intelligent basketball fan with your insightful knowledge the game.

    • DubNation says:

      yeah, Lebron has Championship experience, but more on losing than on winning. #Truth

    • AJ says:

      You had a very good point but once you inserted an insult you jeopardiized it all and made yourself sound like a regular fan off of Cavs team. It wasn’t a good idea.

  9. IHateCAVS says:

    This guy is unbelievable..Hes too Darn talented,,

  10. McDowski says:

    Why is this such a big deal?

    It was a fluke, it’s not like he planned on making that shot and would make it every time. Take enough crazy shots and a few of them are bound to go in once in a while.

  11. Go Cavs says:

    Who cares

  12. Red says:

    A lot of mascots do this all the time and most of the time nails it.

  13. ONE FOR THE BOOKS says:

    This exact same shot happens every millennium! I’m glad to witness the first one ever made!!!