Rick Carlisle is a terrific piano player

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — We tend to think of NBA coaches as one-dimensional robots — men who stroll sidelines and call plays and yell at people and are one-million percent focused on basketball. But that sells them short, because these guys do have other interests and pursuits away from the game. For instance, I knew that Dallas Mavericks coach Rick Carlisle was a world-class ping-pong player, as you can see in the very long video here…

VIDEO: Carlisle ping-pong

And it don’t stop: This weekend, a video emerged of Carlisle onstage at a Bruce Hornsby concert, sitting in on the piano. And I guess we shouldn’t be surprised, but Carlisle can go, man…

VIDEO: Carlisle Hornsby


  1. ace says:

    i wish it was something cooler

  2. Andy says:

    That’s cool!
    Next thing you know, he has got a PhD and speaks fluent Mandarin or something. =)

  3. cgiglio148 says:

    It was ok. That’s about it. Its not like he is Herbie Hancock…..

  4. Dirk41 says:

    you are a fool,,, if you dont think this is cool… man!!! it takes a lot of talent and skill to be a pianist and to be a professional basket ball player and a professional coach and to win championships. I would trade places any day.

  5. Jamaal Paul says:

    Just to put this into perspective. I practiced the piano for 8 years and am NO WHERE NEAR as good as he is. He’s improvising at a PROFESSIONAL concert!!! That’s pretty freaking amazing! Think of all of the time it took him to get that good AND be a professional basketball player! That alone makes for a LONG day!