Iman Shumpert is not excited about playing in California

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — This week the Cleveland Cavaliers will travel to California for Games 1 and 2 of the NBA Finals, against the Golden State Warriors. Having homecourt advantage is normally helpful, but for one member of the Cavaliers, the Warriors’ homecourt advantage may be more pronounced. Cleveland forward Iman Shumpert took to Twitter to say that he had seen the new disaster film San Andreas, which is about a massive earthquake in California.

And now Shumpert is not so sure about that trip to Cali…

(via Sporting News)


  1. stephdeg says:

    “All 4”.. he expects it to be a sweep 🙂

  2. emmett scott says:

    Hi Guys
    think Schumpert has the butterflies, he better be ready and leave those butterflies at his hotel
    Saludos Fom PANAMA

  3. Bob says:

    What is Iman Shumperts first language, cause it clearly isn’t english.

  4. WarriorsIn4 says:

    Shumpert is too scared to play because he know we kick their butts in Roaracle.Though that movie is kinda scary ,I believe a 10 or 15 magnitude earthquake would do THAT kinda damage.Warriors gonna sweep.Shumpert think they gonna sweep.WRONG!!!

  5. WarriorsIn4 says:

    Warriors😂 Cavs😒

  6. Ashok says:

    Michael Jordan’s Bulls, Kobe’s Lakers won so many championships because each player was executing what that player was expected of. Not that everybody can do everything. Cavaliers are in that mode of the Bulls and Lakers. injuries to the star players is a bless in disguise for cavaliers. So they are going to take the trophy with them. I lost my bet on Clippers but will not lose on this.

  7. Kathryn shafer says:

    Lots of prayers and positive thoughts go with our Cavs to California.

  8. McGrady says:

    It’s time for Cavaliers to have the Championship title – 1(Warriors) / 4(Cavaliers) and it will end at Game 5.

  9. RCB38 says:

    Go GSW, sweep the Cavs so Lebron will be heading back to Miami

  10. Anthony Adeyinka says:

    i have being a Lebron james fan ever since i saw the way he plays basketball and it will thing of joy to see him deliver a championship for the CAVS this year to round up his legacy and shut his haters up……..cavs on 6

  11. David Parisi says:

    I think it’s going to be a great series, I am really looking forward to Lebron James and Stephen Curry going into Battle of the biggest stage of The NBA Finals, I am interested to see How Iman Shumpert and rest of the Cavs Bench are going to play a role in this series, because we know that The Warriors can really move the ball and shoot the lights out, And I believe The Cavs are going to need a Healthy Kyrie Irving to chase around Stephen Curry all game, and Timofey Mozgov and the Andrew bogut matchup is going to be very interesting as well, and I am really proud for both Coaches Steve Kerr and David Blatt, great job by them this season being able to get their respected teams a chance to be apart of something as special as playing in the finals, I am also Glad For Mark Jackson, who will be able to enjoy doing his job broadcasting Game 1 at Oracle Arena where he did coach the team before he got replace by Steve Kerr.

  12. jim marks says:

    let the best team win

  13. Anthony H says:

    2015 NBA Finals = new & old blood….from the head coaches down to the players…it will be a shoot out with great defense! Watch out for some breakout players in this series…Barnes, Livingston, Smith, Shump….buckle up!

  14. Anthony H says:

    ….BTW, got a lot of ACC players in this Finals….

  15. Jude says:

    Get ready Miami Heat to welcome back LeBron cuz I still remember when he said to DWade this season … If this doesn’t work we will team up again next year.

  16. steve nash says:

    June 4, 2015 at 5:38 pm
    Get ready Miami Heat to welcome back LeBron cuz I still remember when he said to DWade this season … If this doesn’t work we will team up again next year.

    yea lmao

  17. Edjec says:

    I know CAVS and Lebron James will bounch back, whats up! Cavs win in Game 6.

  18. Edjec says:

    Cavs and Lebron will bounch back…wats up!!! Cavaliers will win at Game 6.

  19. head515 says:

    I’m NOT a Warriors Fan; but I’ll take GS over the Cleveland on any day… Now that Kyrie is probably out for game 2 (or longer); turn OFF the air conditioner for game 2, it’s a guaranteed win and 2 games closer to the title… lol

    Go WARRIORS!!!!

  20. micahel says:

    i trust the cavs to win for the title…team work is needed.

  21. Trey says:

    What happen to the “greatest player on earth” during the overtime period???? You can not compare him to MJ… MJ would have never allowed that to happen in the finals… Can’t recall MJ scoring 44 points in the finals and the Bulls lose… The entire team was MIA in the overtime period… Can’t win that way… Just shows it shouldn’t be all about “Lebron James” it takes a team effort, MJ learned that as well… “Lebron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers” If I was on the team I would be pissed! It’s like David Ruffin and the Temptations… You see what happen to him LOL

  22. Anthony H says:

    OT for Game 1…Cavs looked like they ran out of gas – why Lebron shoots a jumper (fadeaway) at the end of regulation??? If you are 6’8, 250+ lbs – why not go to the cup?? get the foul or ‘and-1’…Steph – after Lebron’s miss; “YES, chance for redemption…thanks Lebron”…

    Game 2: watch your knees and ankles GS, Della will be playing now since Irving is hurt (again)….I know the refs will be watching closely….

    …looks like home court will rule…GS arena is LOUD and yellow….LOL.