Cavs fan makes bold promise

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Cleveland Cavaliers fans are nothing if not confident in their team’s chances in the NBA Finals. Earlier this week we saw the Cavs fan who went ahead and got a Cavs-themed 2015 NBA Champs tattoo, before the Finals even began. And now another fan is also stepping up and willing to put his body on the line.

This long-time Cavs fan went digging in his freezer to find a true classic: A Mark Price candy bar. Been in the freezer for decades. And if the Cavs win the Finals? He says it’s going in his stomach…

For his part, Price also weighed in, noting that his candy bar was designed to stand the test of time…even for 25 years…


  1. godubs says:

    looks like he’ll have to hold off on eating that for at least another year.

  2. Jenna says:

    Hey godubs, I DITTO your response!