Bucks unveil new uniforms

NBA.com staff reports

VIDEO: Bucks players and coach see new uniforms

The Milwaukee Bucks completed their transformation on Saturday, unveiling new home and road uniforms at a rally in downtown Milwaukee.

Per the team, the jerseys include a number of unique elements:

BLUE COLLAR – The inside of the collar features a blue stripe, representative of the blue collar work ethic of not only the Bucks, but also of the city and state that the team proudly represents.

M CREST – Detailing on the outside of the collar features the modern “M” that is present in both the primary and secondary logos.

CHAMPIONSHIP TAB – The gold tab on the jerseys commemorates the Bucks’ 1971 World Championship season. Milwaukee is one of only 16 teams to wear the gold championship tab.

CREAM CITY RAINBOW – The unique color block pattern on the sides of the jerseys showcases the color palette of the new Bucks and is an homage to the popular “Irish Rainbow” detailing that adorned Bucks uniforms from 1977 through 1993.

MILWAUKEE ROADS – For the first time since 1977, the Bucks’ official road uniforms will proudly display “Milwaukee” across the chest, returning the city to its rightful place on the global stage.

FEAR THE DEER – A custom “Fear the Deer” player tag at the bottom of the jerseys serves as a reminder to the players each time they put on their uniforms of the aggressive attitude and team spirit they are expected to carry with them onto the court.

NEGATIVE SPACE M – Detailing on the sides of the shorts is designed to create an “M” in the negative space, another subtle carryover from our team marks and a representation of our hometown pride.

CUSTOM FONT – Word marks and numerals are created from the Bucks new proprietary font that is featured throughout the new logo set.

What are your thoughts on the Bucks’ new look? Leave your comments below!




  1. Fear the Deer... says:

    I like it! It’s catchy and witty… good luck Bucks for the 2015-’16 NBA Season

  2. Eslam says:

    Nice, better than the old ones.

  3. asdfrank says:

    I don’t know about the blue on the outside of the jersey but the rest of it looks great.

  4. NBAfan says:

    They look pretty retro actually I like the simple design.. cooool!!

  5. Henry Lara says:

    Awesome new look always liked what the city of Milwaukee and the bucks are all about, hope they do well in the coming future.

  6. James says:

    What is with all of these news story, that don’t pertain to the Finals, that get published during the Finals? This is the time for the Finals and I feel that all NBA news should center around the Finals, with some exceptions due to the health/life of a NBA player/personnel (i.e. a tribute to Stuart Scott, Anthony Mason, Jerome Kersey…). But news about Coaching changes, uniforms and other non-Finals news should be restricted to after the NBA Finals. Teams and players should stop creating news during the Finals and start having some respect for the game.

  7. Kenisha says:

    Wow! Really James, the NBA covers ALL NBA news not just news about the Final two teams. If listening or watching news pertaining to the other NBA teams during the finals is so disheartening to you how about not watching the channel, cause I’m sure the other teams are not gonna stop working just because their teams are not in the finals.

  8. Fabius says:

    I would take the blue out but otherwise they look sweet (jealous Detroit fan)

  9. Ed says:

    NIce. I like the forest green. So many teams in sports are red and blue, nice to see something different.

  10. sam says:

    Wow everything about the new look is crazy good (spurs fan here) but really like what the bucks have done here. The blue collar element is so cool, Milwaukee should be proud to have the bucks represent them in this unique way. Will be cheering for this team in the east. #FEERTHEDEER

  11. Ryan says:

    Looks like Celtics Version 2

  12. the c train says:


  13. Swingman says:

    I like the look. Logo is more aggressive.
    Jersey is just sick!!!
    Bucks are just gonna continue to get better!!!

  14. Mike O says:

    Go Spartans! Oh, wait….. Go Bucks!

  15. CP says:

    They don’t look particularly interesting or like anything “NEW.” Not sure what the big deal is. Is it so that they can sell “New” merchandise? Well then they should work a little harder at making it LOOK new.
    That’s my opinion

  16. Tyler says:

    Kind of reminds me of the Sidney Moncrief era jerseys

    • I experienced the same reaction. As soon as I saw the new uniforms, I thought of Sidney Moncrief. Maybe that is why I like them! I think a little “old school” would be good for the Bucks and the NBA right now.

  17. Eddie says:

    A nice, clean look, but I’m not sure about the departure from the Green & Red which has traditionally been the Bucks colors. It is one of the more distinctive color schemes in american sports, and it would be nice to see some red accents sticking around.

  18. Ray Allen says:

    I’m glad I’m no longer in Milwaukee

  19. Random says:

    Great look! I like them but they kind of remind me of the Notre Dame fighting Irish for some reason. Also, there needs to be more emphasis on the new blue, with more stripes and maybe a blue outline around the numbers. That way players could wear blue acessories such as headbands, wristbands, armbands, etc without looking stupid. Overall, they’re nice!

  20. Groupy says:

    How many times do the Bucks need to change their uniforms before they realize it’s not going to help them win?

  21. mike says:

    i like them ,but i dont think it will give luck to the season, maybe fans but thats all

  22. Damurderer says:

    The photshop on Jabari is real.

  23. dixie says:

    Love ’em. ,nice clean lines and a little retro

  24. Sick guy says:

    Sick New Jersey fear the deer now go and get some w bucks!