Kyrie Irving congratulates Cavs on Game 2 win from hospital bed

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — The Cleveland Cavaliers lost Game 1 of the NBA Finals, and also lost their point guard, Kyrie Irving, who suffered a broken kneecap and returned to Cleveland for surgery. While Irving was in the hospital recovering from surgery, he took a moment and posted on Instagram to let his teammates know he was watching their improbable Game 2 win…


  1. LeBron's Hair Transplant Strip Scars In The Back Of His Head says:

    How ’bout that Nixon-like cover-up the Cavaliers organization is trying to pull. Despite crystal clear video evidence showing the contrary, they’re fabricating claims that Klay Thompson’s knee bumped Irving’s knee. As opposed to the unfortunate truth, which is their incompetent training staff and equally incompetent medical staff completely minimized his risks of playing, and completely botched both the treatment and the diagnosis. No doubt they’ll also get Irving to go along with this media ruse. Although I’m sure he’s still extremely peeved, he already signed his max contract.

    Turned out immediately jumping on that contract was a wise decision, despite even bigger contracts coming when the salary cap explodes. Who knows if his knee will ever be right again.

    Isn’t there anybody out there in the national media that is going to call the Cavaliers’ organization out on it? I’m not in the media, but do you guys really appreciate it when a GM and/or the franchise’s PR guy/media conduit stares you straight in the face, and then flat-out lies to you?

    • Dahn says:

      He went to Florida to see Dr. James Edwards (the best knee guy alive) before playing in game 4 against Atl…so be real. I saw the same injury happen in front of me with 0 contact on the play. My friends knee just split, it was gruesome. But it happens out of nowhere.

    • Ty says:

      Thompson knee did hit kyries knee and thats how it was fractured. U must own an analogue TV., u are the only person i see ranting and lying

  2. tephee says:

    Get well soon Kyrie! GO CAVS GO!!!!

  3. JD El Jefe says:

    Get well soon Kyrie

  4. Thedia C. says:

    You will be truly missed 😦 As much as Lebron Needs you now on the court. You are safer on this bed and your family needs you more.
    Be safe !

  5. Dawan Wallace says:

    Get well soon bro! Blessings

  6. Buy new socks kyrie!

    And get well soon!

  7. Luis Aghuilar says:

    I dislike the cavs that why you shouldnt be trying to show off in the preseason and not playing team basketball with lebron james >>> Curry i the best ballhandler he didnt end up in a hospital. 🙂

  8. KETCH says:


  9. Be well Idol! I’m a Cavs fan more because of you. LBJ is secondary. God bless and keep you. Pls take the rehab most seriously.

  10. Mao Quan says:

    “LeBron’s Hair Transplant” is a conspiracy theorist. Let me guess, you are also a 9/11 truther?

  11. Knovel Wright says:

    Get well soon

  12. Dahn says:

    Get well soon…no matter what happens in the series your boys miss you. Us fans just love seeing you do your thing. Go Cavs!!!

  13. Jo says:

    Kyrie irving first time playoff not suitable for pulsating n heartthumping game . They gave him salary too high that he should a man of stone both in heart n in mind . Not a caliber player only good for regular tournament in nba d league . Not a fighter no strong willed mind n heart . Not athletic like iman shumpert . Many reason to say to the fans that he his hurting but a true caliber player can handle bumps & bruises . Management should think if getting player like westbrook ibaka blake griffin somebody who can withstand strong tackle & hard foul . Management gave him too much salary but his service to cleveland is minimal . He has a big rat in his chest .