Steve Kerr, fan, are equally in shock

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — At some point during last night’s 96-91 win by the Cleveland Cavaliers, something happened on the floor that left Golden State Warriors head coach Steve Kerr in shock. Kerr expressed this by registering a pretty impressive look of awe on his face, which mirrored that of a Warriors fan perfectly. It was almost like the reverse of Lance Stephenson videobombing Derek Fisher.


(via r/NBA)


  1. Wally says:

    I like how after game 1 all the analysts were saying GS would sweep Cleveland and now since the Cavs are winning the series so far, they switched to the LBJ bandwagon saying, “no team can really stop the greatest player in the world, Lebron James.”


  2. Cleveland wants it worse than the Worriers. Those pathetic looks on Golden States faces are “I thought you all were just oing to lay down and quite!!”

  3. marvin cecil says:

    im an advid basketball fan but been kinda down on this years basketball championships. The officiating is bad and its almost like the league just wants the Cavs to win for Lebron for headlines or something. Alot of bad calls and such. Just doesnt seem right. Nothing against Lebron but he seems to be doing alot of wining. oh well maybe there is another true sport out there that i can be a fan of. Oh by the way Let the Players determine who wins the game.

  4. Jeff says:

    Referee’s should be held accountable for such a poorly called, one sided game! Felt like a fixed fight. The NBA will never suffer like boxing has (way to popular); but many of us are skeptical…wondering if a 7 game series is the goal here…GREED IS EVERYWHERE!

  5. herb wiltsek says:

    thompson and curry not getting to the foul line once. you have to be kidding me. lee and iggy to the rescue in game 4.

  6. eville_gg says:

    This must have been when Lebron James bowled into Stephen Curry and got a strike! The play that no one has talked about when the Warriors was down 3.

  7. Kerr is probably in disbelief of the preferential treatment given to LeBron who cut the legs out from under Curry just as Dellavedova previously did to Atlant’s Karver, ending his season.

  8. pokie says:

    The Refs always go into 80’s flashback mode when they roll into the finals. The Warriors need to jump into the DeLorean and adjust their game before the get bounced.

  9. Paul says:

    This is a 7-Game Series and what the Cavs have done is to exhaust everything they have in just three(3) games. Watch out for the Warriors to materialize on that comes Game 4 and the rest of the Series. Laugh it out Cavs fans while it lasts. A possible James injury is looming for playing exhausted and that will be your season. Cavs playing with their HEART but physical and mental aspects are going to catch up with them.

  10. Bank$ says:

    Mr. Whitaker please allow my post to go up.

    So lets make things interesting. I’m a Lebron James fan always have been and always will be.

    So this post kind of goes against convention but I want to make things interesting lol.

    Steve Kerr here is how you beat Lebron James. You can thank me later by hiring me if you would like lol.

    My high-school coach used to always say if you cut the head off the snake the body cannot survive. In the NBA that doesn’t necessarily work because most successful teams are three sometimes four headed monsters.

    Of course Lebron is the head of Cleveland and the supporting cast are the body. How do you play against a player who is far superior but doesn’t have a great supporting cast. Box and 1. Not in the conventional form of course but with a twist.

    Lebron struggles inside against tough bigs I.E game 1 with Bogut. You need to leave Bogut in the game and have the wings (Green, Barnes, Igodala) denie Lebron the ball period. Of course you pick your moments but you are trying to limit his touches if he doesn’t have the ball he cannot control the game or the pace which he is currently doing. When he does catch it have the wings funnel him into Bogut I.e Kwahi Lenard & Duncan.

    The main idea is to denie, denie, denie the ball. When he does catch it you need to tell you wings to stop backing up and become the offensive player and attack him on defence get into his air space. Then you have Bogut to help inside if they get beat. Rotate the wings to keep fresh bodies on him.

    Unconventional addition. On offence you need to tell the primary defender of Lebron to keep a body on him at all times. Every screen, Every rebound both offensive and defensive you need to have a body on him.

    If you denie him and turn it into a wrestling match he will start to wear down faster giving you a better advantage in the fourth.

    For Curry stop wrestling Delevadova you wont win. Have you never wrestled as a kid growing up the more you fight the aggressor the more tired you get, choose your moments and explode to the cut off points. They must be handing out MVP’s to people who are not equipped to deal with the pressure.

    The warriors are trying to play regular season basketball when the finals is about who is the toughest and best at executing in the clutch. Change your style and slug it out with them & may the best team win.

    If not this series is over in 5 and pre finals prediction will come true.

  11. demonsnakeyes says:

    It really was an awful game to watch. It’s totally obvious that the calls are going Cavs way. I’m not a fan of any of these teams but just because I love the game. Please be fair and as much as you refs can be consistent. We love basketball and please don’t taint it and doing lbj a favor by handing him a win like. He’s a superstar let him will his team to win.

  12. aces wild says:

    This was a look for all clevland fans. You really think you have a chance to win the series.