Clippers unveil new logo for 2015-16

VIDEO: Owner Steve Ballmer unveils the Clippers’ new look unis on ‘Conan’

By Nick Margiasso IV,

In the NBA world, it’s time to already start turning toward next season. And while prospect and player news begins trickling in as both the 2015 NBA Draft and free agency period are, respectively, on their way, the summer also means new logo season is here.


So — although the Milwaukee Bucks already got a jump start on revamping their gear — the Los Angeles Clippers decided to use the first day after The Finals to show the world their own big makeover. Oddly enough, Conan is where owner Steve Ballmer showed off the new wears … with an official announcement to follow shortly thereafter.

VIDEO: Clippers unveil their new logo and unis



  1. rico says:

    Wow those are bad…

    It looks like the hashtag symbol on that jersey…

  2. rico says:

    Also digging how they underlined “Clippers” on that home jersey… twice… as if you didn’t get it…

  3. dustydreamnz says:

    Prefer the old ones.

  4. The Benjamin says:

    Looks like something a 10 yr old made.

  5. Bob says:

    I think the old jerseys were better than the new ones. I guess its a new era with Lance Stevenson so there had to be a change or it could be coincidental

    • Da Truth says:

      Clips going down. If we learned one thing about the Clips over the last few is that they are the most inconsistent team in the NBA… and just like the Thunder they had their chance(s), blew it, and now comes their downward spiral. Gotta Love Da Truth! BTW- the new jersies fit this scenario just perfectly cuz they ugh!

  6. Paul says:

    Now if they only change the lame name. How about LA Knights. Would make all the difference for this franchise and leave the past behind

  7. Pete says:

    I don’t like these at all. I feel these might only last one season.

  8. joshpico says:

    These are horrible. Most of the new uniforms are bad but these take the cake. Two thumbs down.

  9. Kourtland Armstrong says:

    The home jersey is pretty cool….but the logo and the away jersey are like really bad!!

  10. Gilberto says:

    Being a Clippers fan for almost 20 years, I consider these new uniforms to be a punch in the face of Clipper Nation.
    I’ll certainly cherish my old Lamar Odom rookie jersey even more.

  11. anothercavsfan says:

    Yeah ditto what everybody said, that is a horrible logo.

    The older logo was much better.

    I understand that they have to change the logo because the older one kinda looked like a colorless version of the Lakers logo.

    But teams should really have the fans vote before they make changes like this. Put out a bunch of options and let the fans choose. This is just a terrible logo…

  12. jkrich says:

    You guys are a bunch of pansies!!! The old logo was terrible!!! It was the words Los Angeles Clippers but in cursive, red letters! These are boss, and it’s about time that they did something about it! I’ve always hated their old logo!

  13. Odilo says:

    Does anynone notice how this logo really, really .. I mean really, resembles the NBA Live Game franchise logo? And this is BAD. Not good bad but bad bad. Very poor piece of design.

  14. Damars Burton says:

    I can live with the logo, but the road jersey??? Who came up with that crap?!
    Saw the video with the log on a ship (clipper), why not have a ship as the new logo?

  15. ONE80 says:

    Only team to get it 100% right is the Milwaukee Bucks. LAC uniforms are really really bad..

  16. Floda says:

    That design is really really really really really BAD!!!

  17. Go Mavs says:

    Wha.. huh… what…?

    Good thing they where rejected

  18. anonimous says:

    ugly uniform.. transfer to a different city.. LA i s for Lakers!!!

  19. Eslam says:

    Logo sucks, just like the second best team in L.A.

  20. jasonmdarr says:

    Am i crazy? I like the new logo. Clippers need a fresh start.

  21. jasonmdarr says:

    I actually like the new logo. Very minimalistic.

  22. Erick says:

    I have to nominate the Clippers for Donkey of the Day for unveiling these uniforms.

  23. juanarevalo says:

    Looks like they can be reused as airline attendant uniforms ….

  24. Chris says:

    New logo is really cool

  25. christian says:

    A new logo is not going to fix the teams problems. Plus, this new logo is the worst i’ve seen in years. It’s terrible!!

  26. viktor says:

    They HAD really cool uniforms

  27. Marc Dubb says:

    New uni’s are plain but modern. they needed a change badly. The old unis looked so preschool with that cursive, But as one poster stated, i do like the Lamar Odom jerseys.

    • Da Truth says:

      Preschool? Man what preschool did you go to, they don’t teach cursive in preschool do they? New logo is preschool.

  28. NBA 2K16 says:

    HOME looks like: the NBA Playoffs logo

    AWAY looks like: the Chicago Cubs logo

    ALTERNATE looks like: they should let Chris Paul design it

    • paulheatcanes says:

      i thought it was just me that thought it looked too much like the cubs logo. uniforms are okay but way too plain. Can we get some stripes or something?

  29. Fiction Veluz says:

    The look on Blake Griffin’s face says it all. 🙂

  30. I am just about to puke just looking at this new logo and the new jersey. Shameful. I used to hate the Cavs plain yellow jerseys, but this really takes the cake. What are they thinking? This is an embarressment to both the Clippers and the entire NBA. I was going to fly out to L.A. to catch a Clippers game, but forget it. Since when has the NBA been a circus?

    Let someone with talent do this.

  31. Man says:

    Boring logo.

    Boring name.

    Lucky the team is exciting.

  32. Dew says:

    Regardless of liking the look of it or not (can honestly say it’s not the best logo I’ve seen, but certainly not the worst…I’m not a Clippers fan, but it’s great the new owner is at least making an attempt at starting something new to get the team a fresh start into a new era. Should just ditch the lines on the home jersey though.

  33. jezebel says:

    change name to LA Chokers

  34. Puttin' it honestly..... says:

    Wow….. those are absolutely GOD-AWFUL! I mean absolutely TERRIBLE….

  35. mike says:

    im 13 and i can make a way better logo then them

  36. Bboyfifo says:

    Too many teams have red white and blue 76ers, Wizards and Pistons! Go back to the baby blue and move back to San Diego.

  37. YT says:


  38. JD says:

    They didn’t need a new logo but they really need to win a nba final.

  39. RipCityRoseCity says:

    Being a permanent resident of Rip City I dont know the feeling of having to endure a new logo change. Never really had the urge or want I suppose.

    But congrats on adopting the ‘NBA on ESPN’ logo as your own….I suppose.

  40. dwyane wade says:

    this logo is the same as there other one this one just black and not in cursive

  41. michael says:

    never leave the job to design a new logo to a player on your team. (ahem……*blake*) find a proffessional to do that.