Kobe Bryant would like to remind you how good the 2001 Lakers were

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — The Golden State Warriors may be the latest NBA champs, but Kobe Bryant would like to take a moment and remind you of the 2001 Los Angeles Lakers. Back then, Kobe and Shaq teamed up to win a second championship with a pair of dominant performances, leading the Lakers to a 15-1 postseason record. According to Kobe, he just happened to come across this picture, the day after the Warriors won the title, so he posted it on Instagram…




  2. LYD says:

    Who cares!!!!!! Nobody but him…

    • you mad says:

      i do hoe

    • Sam Reyes says:

      I do, and all people who saw them in those ddays…. dang

    • Mike says:

      They was that good

    • "Smart" NBA fan says:

      i know I CARE. but the real question here is who cares if you care? and Kobe will be back again soon. and since we have that 2nd draft pick maybe hell play 1 additional year. i really want to see him win his 6th ring. Kobe is still one of the greatest players around he may not be number 1 but dont sleep just yet. hes still in the top 5 players in the game. look at what he did last year at age 37 no further comments needed……my boy Kobe be setting records almost each and every season.

      • "Smarter" NBA fan says:

        I will admit Kobe is a legend but that boii ain’t coming back to the league and dominate anymore. Da only records he is breaking are the $$ robbin’ and days off!!! The lakers will probably focus on there precious draft pick and there star players nick young, Lin, and pick up another future star player. Nuff said

      • Kobe was and is one of the greatest of ALL Time… BUT, I think and have a problem with that picture… It’s sort of a “Jab” and an “Ego” driven/Ego Centrical Way of taking what the Warriors did this Finals, and switching the spotlight back onto HIM! / KOBE! “Hey! Look at me GUYS/FANS!” “Don’t forget about ME guys/fans!” “Remember that I TOO was on some GREAT teams!” “REMEMBER that I AM ONE of the GREATEST!!!” Blah, blah blah… YEA! We get IT Kobe! But let some others have the Spotlight, yea!? I mean, Kobe’s EGO and wanting the Attention, lights, adulation, etc,etc… ALWAYS on him… ??? Man, I don’t know what to think will happen, once he REALLY has to hang up his NBA sneakers and become just another retired NBA/Basketball player… Can HE/HIS Ego handle being away form the game??? I guess we’ll all have to wait and see…

        And, YES! The Lakers could and would have a potential to be a “Better” ball club these next couple/two years, if Kobe wasn’t so Hell bent on being the highest payed/ONE of the highest payed players in the league… I mean, if there was no Salary-Cap, then fine! But “Hogging” all the Cash/$$$ that could be allocated towards getting some better talent??? Is Kobe REALLY ALL about WINNING/CHAMPIONSHIPS??? ๐Ÿ™‚ (Makes me think that the $$$ speak louder than the rings!) Ha! ๐Ÿ™‚

        And, ” “SMART” NBA fan ” Kobe Bryant was NOT 37 last year/last season… He/Kobe was 36 years old… ( He and I are exactly one month apart in age… I’m a month his Senior, being born in July… ๐Ÿ˜€ ) But, that being said, he WILL be 37 and aging THIS 2015-2016 season, and obviously 38 years old rolling into the next… (If he chooses to play…) THAT, is A LOT, A HECK of A LOT of not just Basketball miles on his body/legs, BUT Basketball played at the HIGHEST Level/The NBA… I mean, DAMN… He’s been playing in the NBA since he graduated High School back in 1996.

        He’s shown us he’s a “Hercules” of a Basketball/NBA player, BUT at some point ALL that wear-and-tear will take it’s toll on the STRONGEST of bodies/players… And, we’ve seen that these past two seasons… Two pretty major injuries… OR, Season-Ending to say the least… One might think, Kobe’s “Body” might be trying to tell his Brain something??? But, we all know the “Stubborn” Black-Mamba ain’t be listenin’…

    • Fred says:

      Don’t hate who ur team

  3. DM says:

    Kobe Bryant attention seeking as usual.

  4. BullsFan says:

    Derek Fisher had a phenomenal playoff run that season. I remember him hitting huge 3s and being absolutely on fire from beyond the arc. Sad that he wasn’t mentioned in the discussion.

  5. Ayy Lmao says:

    LeBron small dong riders please stop being so delusional. LeBron would have had a better chance to win if he stayed in Miami but he is a cry babby as always and jumps ship when things get hard. How can anyone defend him when he whines and cries to the refs and then has the audacity to say I don’t want to play in the playoffs unless I win the finals. Pathetic. The “king”

  6. DADDY says:

    Just a reminder about the greatest duo in the history of the game….thankfully they played for the greatest franchise in basketball…

  7. Sally says:

    yeah, I’ll bet he misses Shaq now lol

  8. Tony says:

    Two unstoppable Hall of Famers. Cavs or Warriors wouldn’t of been able to keep up. Sweep.

  9. Ayush Chadha says:

    Bloody ” Fakers ” , Take the bow So-cal , its No-Cal time now #PerkyBastards

  10. HateLakers says:

    This was a scary team. Everyone was healthy, and everyone knew their roles. Kobe had improved his offensive game to be able to be more than a shooter and cutter.

    It is hard to think of a team that could beat them in a 7 game series without tiring out against Shaq but then having to figure out how to keep Kobe from doing what he wanted. Maybe the 71 Lakers, 73 Bucks or 86 Celtics maybe. But they did not have the 3 point line or they did not utilize it like the 01 Lakers did soooo.

    Wish Shaq went to the Bulls hahaha

  11. BigMy says:

    That’s right Mamba! People for some reason cant seem to remember just how great this team was. Every time a discussion comes up on all time great teams before Magic’s Showtime Lakers, before the great Celtic teams in the past and before Jordan’s Bulls the 2001 Championship Lakers team should should be mentioned as this undisputed great team in NBA history. Not only did that team almost complete a flawless victory to the ring but they did it coming out of the dominate Western Conference. That team not only had the greatest coach in NBA history but the most powerful player the league has ever seen, and arguably the greatest Lakers of all time, and who’s without question is the greatest two way player in the history of the most glorified, and decorated franchise in the NBA. #Represent!!! # Lakers pride!!!

  12. Bob says:

    yeah this just reminds me how lucky some people are – two truly greats teaming up, not just all stars, with a great coach and a great organisation. Imagine starting live in a small hub and see what you can achieve.

  13. haywood jablome says:

    The Shaqobe-Lakers were a team that no real NBA-fan should forget. It ranks right up there with the 87 Celtics and the 96 Bulls.

  14. Sure thing says:

    Yep, 2001 Lakers could eat 2015 Warriors alive.

    • Ben says:

      The 2001 lakers couldn’t beat the 2001 Milwaukee Bucks, look it up if you don’t remember. That’s why the nba made sure an inferior sixers team made it to the finals. Ray Allen called em out about it back then.

  15. Gregory Evans says:

    Not a Laker fan by any stretch, but that was a great team. No doubt Phil’s greatest Laker team.

  16. kason says:

    Kobe who? Are you talking about the one who always wants to take credits and give blames? NBA is a team sport, NO ONE can win it alone!

    • PlayerDefender says:

      First of all, NBA is not a sport..It is a league. Basketball is the sport NBA is playing. And Kobe can take the credit because he is the captain ball of his team just like LeBron takes credit because he is the leader of the Cavs.

    • People Suck says:

      They won three titles together and then Kobe won another two. That’s five total championships, for those of you who can’t add. What are you talking about???

    • K.M.A says:

      that’s why LeBron lost

  17. albert says:

    yeah Shaq n kobe. they can bbq chicken this warrior team any given time

  18. VALENTINO says:

    @LYD based on your post( opinion), my guess is you are a kobe hater who missed out, not only on the 2000-2001 nba finals, but his rare talent as well. my advice is not let this happen with lebron’s rare talent.

    ps: @LEBRON: ALL!!! i mean ALL!! of 4th quarter crunch time should be yours for the taking. u should want the ball and the big time shots as bad as MJ and KB did. i think thats what seperates MJ and KB from LBJ.

    #recognizetalent #givecreditwhereitsdue #golakers #lakernation

  19. steve nash says:

    Lakers who? oh yea the guys I made free money off ? Got em

  20. TheTruth Teller! says:

    Yea! Damn Allen (Score a lot) Iverson. They almost swept the playoffs. I think that’s what they needed to do for people to put them up there with the other two Great teams. I.E. Lakers and Bulls. But Definitely top 3 all time.

  21. rt says:

    14 years ago who cares? That Laker team wasn’t good enough to beat the Abdul Jabbar-Magic-Worthy teams. Again who really care Kobe?

  22. Mike says:

    I think kobe just wanted people to remember how good allen iverson was on that finals, but he didn’t get the same credit as people gave lebron vs the warriors. AI was trully a 1 man team back then.. if AI had lebron height, body built and strength back then, he would have carry his team to the championship.

  23. Robert says:

    Yes it is the greatest of Kobe’s 5 NBA titles , no doubt

  24. flores says:

    i think it s sad he had to post somethin from the past instead of giving praise to the warriors how imature of kobe and insecure no one going to forget what a great ball player you were. Its time for a new team to raise up an be glad to warriors won. and be happy for them instead of talking about what you use to do sad. diaspointed in Kobe

    • cris says:

      umm i believe he did congratulate them.
      When the players you’ve known since they were preteens beat the vet you’ve known since he was a teen #vetsvet #CongratsWarriors #ThisIsNOW
      โ€” Kobe Bryant (@kobebryant) June 17, 2015

  25. Vlad says:

    Too bad that next year, the refs cheated the lakers to victory over the Sacramento Kings!! The Kings were a better team than the lakers in 2002

    • smenarru says:

      Lol cavs fans really?? Couldn’t beat us but hey , “the Lakers team from 14 years ago would have definitely beat these sucky Warriors”, you guys are pathetic and should be happy LeBron saved u guys from a “sweep”.

  26. ix says:

    Imagine Shaquille switches on a pick and now guarding Curry on top of the key.

  27. RayK says:

    Its alright folks, just let Laker fans hv their 2 second glory with Kobes tweets…… They’ ll be in d bottom for awhile, NoCal s turn folks. DubNation represent! Dynasty in the making…..

  28. Mike says:

    Iverson needed Iguodala there ))

  29. Dirk is Da Maaaaaaaaaaaaaan says:

    Best Duo DOPEY KOBE & SHAQ & his big CRACK LMAO!!! What have you been smoking?! The best NBA Duo EVER & will remain to be so forever is & was MICHAEL JORDAN & SCOTTIE PIPPEN Period!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. Stoop pleasee says:

    Kobe still have moves and has gamee ! he is and still at 37 one of the best players in the league that at his age can still posterize centers made impossible things happen!! AND PLEASE STOP BRINGING LEBRON IF HE IS NOT MENTIONED UGHHH NO HATER IM LIKE HIM BUT REALLY IS ANNOYING ! Just Saying

  31. sally says:

    Kobe is just another stat that’s about it, who cares what he does.

  32. Chill-E says:

    He should come across a 2004 finals pic, when they got their a**es handed to them by the Pistons.

  33. Jerry says:

    and !

  34. Jerry says:

    Oh, Kobe forgot to mention, his Lakers were not one of the only 3 teams in NBA history to have won 83 games in an NBA season, they could not have been better than the Dubs.

  35. sports fan says:

    Who cares about a team than won a championship 14 years ago . And who cares if that Lakers team can beat the Warriors that just won. What about the Pistons team that crushed that stacked Lakers aquad? Nobody cares about them either. That was then & this is now. Kobe is living in the past & is posting this because he knows he wonโ€™t win another championship.

    • I kind of have to agree with you there… It’s like Kobe is soooo frustrated about being out of the League/The NBA for more or less TWO seasons, that he HAS to post something, that is like, “HEY, HEY!!! Look at ME!!! Remember ME!!!” i think it’s a bit “Cheap” and taking away form what the Warriors just accomplished… Kobe is going to be very “hard-up” for Attention once he has to finally hang up his sneakers and walk away for GOOD from the game/The NBA… He’s such an “Attention Hound”, that it will be interesting to see how he takes it, and what He’ll do next… Funny too that Kobe would bring up something form the “Past”, seeing that he’s stated MANY times, that he does no “Reminisce” about the “Past”, or think about the “Past” i.e. His time with Shaq, etc,etc… he’s stated that he’s always thinking “Forward” and looking to that “Net Challenge/Championship” … Ummmm, Okay Kobe Bean Bryant… ๐Ÿ™‚

  36. Ravio911 says:

    KOBE ….. we are in 2015 .

  37. Robert Britton says:

    Was beating the best product of the East an accomplishment that year?

  38. Kal says:

    for that one season tho…

    Iverson > everybody. yes, his team lost. he lost nothing, just his temper in 2002…

    but yeah… The Diesel and The Mamba… a monster truck and a rattle snake to boot… plus glueguy Fox, three ace Fisher, big shot Horry … that was a mighty squad. they should retire that team to the HOF along with the Bad Boys, Bulls and some of the others in there…

    • garrypierre says:

      Well people never compared the the 2001 Lakers with another team he said”he saw the pictures,he brought back of a special morment.I love basketball,I love great players ,listen all those players r friends and most of them hangout together.Now that been said Kobe r a legend nothing anybody can do about that either u like him or not.

  39. Armani says:

    Don’t you need to win 16 games to become champions? How were they only 15-1?

    • Back in the “Old Days”, the 1st round was the “Best out of 5″… Then the next 3 rounds moved onto being the “Best out of 7” … hence the 15 – 1 record… ๐Ÿ™‚

  40. marcel says:

    Kobe and Shaq are in the top ten of all times. What a duo and what a team with such dominance.

  41. Myles says:

    Man, that picture is from the 2002 nba finals sweep against the nets. Come on Kobe. At least use a picture from the 2001 repeat versus the 76ers if you are going to talk about the 15-1 playoff record and those stats. #busted

  42. Their record was 16-1, not 15-1 as stated in the above piece. Four series times 4 wins = 16. Math!

  43. RyanMcDonald36 says:

    The Golden Gaters were so lucky that A) the Rockets were injured ( their starting PG and Power Forward were out for the series and Howard was out during the second half of a very close game 1, I believe?), B) GS didn’t have to face a fast and huge LAC who somehow choked, losing their series when up by 3 -1 and were a team that could have matched up exquisitely with GS’s exploiting their weakness against Size. C) That OKC, who has the real best shooter in the history of the game, Kevin Durant ( I.E. “The Black Bird” with a 38 inch vertical), was injured to the point that they couldn’t even scrape up a roster good enough to make the playoffs, missing KD and Serge. D) During game one of the Finals in OT, when the Cavs were just 4 pts down with 3 mins left, Irving busted his knee and was not only out of the game, but out for the year. If OKC and Cleveland both had an intact team, like GS had, with all their key players healthy enough to make/play in the Playoffs/Finals, respectively, It would be doubtful the Golden Gate Warriors even make it to the Finals; let alone beat Lebron and Kryie at the big dance. ( Just think of an OKC team with three 6 11 star players in the front court in Durant, Ibaka, and Kanter, a point guard in Westbrook who could run Curry out of the building, another bench player in Morrow who could drain the 3 by the 4’s out of 10, consistently, and two other above/near 7 foot talents in Adams and McGary, respectively, coming off the bench going up against a troubled Golden State when subjected to size, I.E. going down 1- 2 because of said size in the Semi-Finals and the Finals.) Do you think Curry could have won any games against a Cavs team – and winning atleast one game away- led by Lebron and a healthy Irving and Love, without Thompson or Draymond? I don’t think so. Golden Gate won, but it was the year of Injury City for two of the best NBA teams who had rosters that could have probably easily contained and beat the inexperience Warriors.

    • K.M.A says:

      Clips are big but they lacked the team game GSW did. And BTW, just look at the ankle-breaker highlights of Steph vs CP3. That’s the strength of GSW, they are deceptively strong. Not a Warriors fan here, but stating the facts.

      No one should take away another team’s accomplishment because one of the key players is injured, one of the players are having a bad series etc. Basketball is not just a team game but also the coaching staff and front office have a lot of influence whether or not they win championships.

      Steve Kerr must have done sometjing right to pace his players through 82 gruelling regular season games.

      Cavs put their all their eggs (read- cap space) in three baskets (LeBron, Irving and Love instead of spreading it on useable players on the court.

      Anyways – Agree on one of the comments above. I am a Kobe fan but I think he already feels it’s time to hang it up and he will no longer win another championship. So he is 1 ring short of Jordan.

  44. robbot says:

    spurs 2014- bulls 1996- lakers 2001-

  45. los angelino says:

    Kobe Bryant, 5 RINGZ IN 10 YRS. Los Angeles Lakers 14 time NBA Champions in sport as in life itโ€™s not what u claim ur going to do, Itโ€™s what u have done.

  46. BobJohnson says:

    Even if Kobe is correct, timing is everything.

    First, why do it now, just when everybody else is celebrating with or congratulating the Warriors?

    Second, for best affect on his team, why not show it just before the start of the new season? That would have a greater impact than showing it now.

    Yes they may have been the best duo at the time, but their egos got in the way of cooperation. The best team of its era was still the ’60s Celtics. No offense Kobe, Shaq, or even Jordan. No offense.

  47. JD says:

    Kobe has been done for years. Like Lebron, takes 50 shots to make 15-20. His time is done and can’t bow out graceful. Sad

  48. Back in 2001, round 1 of the playoff was a best of five. 3-0, 4-0, 4-0, 4-1 = 15-1. If Iverson didn’t ball out of his mind that game, would have been perfect playoffs. In this era of NBA, you will never see a complete dominate team like the Lakers had that season. True Dynasty!

  49. Step says:

    And it’s just a game, anyway. Win or lose, it’s just that. The game’s over, you go to our family and forget all about it. The hype is ridiculous… Who’s saving whose lives here?

  50. Bump says:

    To those of you saying that the author made an error about the 15-1 record, please go home. In 2001, the first round was best out of 5 games, not 7. Therefore, a record of 3-0, 4-0, 4-0, and 4-1 would equal 15-1. This did not change until 2003. Kids think they know everything nowadays lol…

  51. MacFarlane says:

    We love you Kobe! You are still and will always be a legend of the game of basketball, the three-peat years were among the most exciting years to watch basketball for me, especially the western conference finals against Sac- Crazy competitiveness that is rarely seen in the game today. Kobe lived it, and won it.

  52. jill says:

    He is right Shaq was the greatest. Without him no championship. Now it is time to show how good Kobe can be for next season. Another fiasco? Nobody wants to play with Kobe. A fact

  53. djunsan says:

    This is pathetic… even for Kobe LOL

  54. The Queen says:

    Without him no championship…..

    Really ??? What about 2 championships, one vs Boston and one vs Orlando?

  55. Monsoon says:

    Look at all these brand new warriors fans hating on the greatness of the Lakers lol

  56. Benjamin says:

    Ye, awesome, awesome record! Almost a “perfect” record. Don’t know any other basketball champions that has ever reached that height of near perfection and dominance – EVER. I just wonder how come the media and sports casters and commentators hardly ever mention this record and tis Lakers team?

    Kobe and Shaq, what a formidable tag team – a team for the ages, probably the best EVER!

  57. Seymour_B says:

    I find it interesting that a guy cant enjoy great remembering great moments in his career without getting grilled by a bunch of nobodies. Kobe is a fantastic player. hated him in those years because i was a kings fan but as i grew up i appreciated what he did on the court more and more. It’s sad that people compare Kobe of today to lebron is his prime and Jordan in his prime and so on. OBVIOUSLY he doesnt play as well as those two in their prime because he’s 37. 2001 Lakers were legit, and they had something that no team today could solve, a dominant big man. Small ball kills all the big men in the league today because they just arent dominant/ Shaq would force his will and theyd be champs no problem. As for the piston wins…. flukes happen. …..Rick Carlisle was robbed

  58. lbj says:

    2015 Lakers
    Postseason Record: Are you kidding me?

  59. Pete says:

    Living in the past…….Great Kobe. That’s when everybody liked you and Shaq.

  60. Ronald says:

    Too bad they suck now maybe if they sign dwayne wade they might have a chance probably not though! Ha

  61. bryanb says:

    How is 15-1 and a championship possible? Shouldn’t be the winnings divisible by 4 since they need 4 games to win a series??? Correct me if I’m wrong.

  62. Nadine Lindsay says:

    Lakers was Dominant, No one wsnted to face them in the 1st Round, Who have THREE PEATM NO ONE, GO FIGURE!

    Congrats to GS, Stephen Curry is Spectacular, Happy the West Won. Lakers We Are Waiting!

  63. Randitus says:

    How did win 15 games in the postseason and win a championship aren’t you supposed to win 16?

  64. Wowyall says:

    First of all read the above posts the playoffs used to be 5 7 7 7. In those days the Lakers were a dominant force in a lack luster league and we’re never truly tested the sixers and the Nets were weak in comparison to even the terrible teams in the east today. And it was really all about shaq. Kobe got beat by the Celtics the first go round and by the second meeting were already on the decline and the magic, please,Dwight Howard is a pillow fight version of a big man I can’t even believe they made it to the finals ever. Kobe’s legacy remains however, weather or not they could contend with the warriors of today is merely speculation. The man has 5 rings and thee pictures to do with as he pleases, and if he wants to share them with you trolls that is his right.

  65. Darren says:

    Not sure I catch on someone who watched this explain it to me. 15-1 means they only lost one game in the postseason? That’s terrific of course. 15 wins? Thot you needed 16 to take it all. What happened?

  66. Frozen goods says:

    Kobe forgot to mention the year before the refs bailed them out of game 7 vs. Portland and the next year all series long against Sacramento.

  67. Jamie says:

    Imagine Lebron and Shaq WOW

  68. Craig says:

    I can’t imagine them going smallball v. Shaq 2001

  69. Petty much Kobe? In a month, this would have been fine, but RIGHT AFTER THE FINALS?! not a good look…especially not for an Among-the-GOAT like him. Didnt catch MJ on instagram posting pics he “found” of the 72-10 season now did you?

  70. Nbabloggee says:

    That wasnt his FINALS average..it was worse than that..it was Shaq who tore up the NBA Finals..that’s when it counted the most…these stats fool people all teh time.