Stephen Curry can feel it in the air tonight

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — At each NBA Finals game in Cleveland, just minutes before tipoff, the PA system at The Q would play Phil Collins‘ classic “In The Air Tonight.” It’s an evocative, slow-building song, which of course explodes into a terrific drum break about halfway through. As I sat there and heard it before each game, I thought to myself, “Is it possible to listen to this song and not play ‘air drums’ along to the drum break?”

Well, as we now know thanks to Stephen Curry‘s wife, not even the MVP can pass up the chance to hit the drum solo…


  1. Good Vibes,, too bad says:

    Those 2 AP writers felt the need to bad mouth Oak town about shooting away from the parade. Oakland is trying hard to become better. It was a great day there. Great vibes as in this vid. Instead we had to have some writers trying to get a boost in their career try to put a negative impact on a historic day. I know of no large city in the US go one day without some violent crime.

  2. Lebran is 2-4 now…lives in Cleveland….LB lost again…that means he is a loser….and he claims he is the best ball player??? Sounds like he is a baloney salesman….probably should learn how to dribble like Curry…What happened to the championshis he was bragging about in Miami??? LB better stick to selling baloney….sandwiches or more loud talk.

    • NBAfan says:

      Although I really don’t like Lebron, I can’t see your logic at all. Going 2-4 means you’re a looser? At least he led his team into finals 6 times. By your logic, most of the players in NBA will be worse than a looser since they don’t even have the chance to compete in the finals.

    • Lovins says:

      The 2-4 is deceiving. The Warriors loss, if anything, was a positive for his legacy, considering he had easily the greatest statistical Finals in history and almost won it by himself, with a team that without him probably goes 28-54 in the regular season (meaning without Irving/Love as well). 2007 is also hard to put on him, considering he single handedly got them to the Finals at 23 years old, to run into a far superior Spurs team.

    • WeAreX says:

      Why people so hate bout Lebron. At least he have the GUTS to come back Cleveland and try to bring Throphy to Cleveland. I admit i damn dislike his decision to joined Miami, but he gain my full respect for coming back and take the BIGGEST challenge in his life instead stay in comfort zone in Miami. He is the player that have the most highest chances to become 2nd GOAT behind MJ and no doubt at all he is the BEST PLAYER in his generation. If people only see a player by numbers, then MJ won’t be the GOAT as Kareen scores more than him, bill have more champions than him, also kareem have more MVP than him as playing good defense, having good leadershio, taking game winning shoot, series winning shoot, finals series winning shoot won’t giveyou extra numbers. So if you dont like James., please stop making stupid command.

    • 1mfilms says:

      Most teams that have won a championship have more than one star.

      In two of those losses, he played with no other stars and was carrying the team on his back.

      When playing with the Heat and along other stars, he is 2-2.

  3. nba fan says:

    LBJ is the best player right now . not the best player but at the moment he is..also he led his team to the finals with himself n the bench players…he did work! will see what the Cavs will do next year when they fully healthy …

  4. lejon brames says:


  5. jo says:

    Good job.. You just fed the troll.

  6. ??? says:

    If the Cavs were in the west they wouldn’t even make the finals

  7. Basketball Jones says:

    Congrats to Steph Curry and the GSW!!

    The West has been the stronger conference for a long time now. The East at one time used to be a beast in the NBA. It goes in cycles. So stating that the Cavs would not have made it to the Finals if they were in the West is a moot point. With a player like LBJ, anything is possible. In my humble opinion, the Cavs should not have even made it beyond round 2 of the East Playoffs……but they got LeBron. If he remains healthy, he has another 3 or 4 Finals appearances in him……that is unbelievable. That is a testament to his greatness. Most players never go beyond the 2nd round in their NBA career and the majority never sniff the Finals. LBJ already has had 6 shots in his 12 year career and he just turned 30 ……………. .FRIGHTENING!!!!! I am not sure how many of the greats have done that by age 30…..certainly not MJ who got his first shot at 28…..perhaps Magic and Russell come to mind. Weak conference or not……every player and team in the East had an equal shot at it. LeBron took it. I don’t particularly like LeBron but you got to respect his work ethic, overall skillset, love and respect for the game.

  8. Rick says:

    LJ is a beast and a All Star player the problem with Him is his mouth in Miami he says that he was going to bring not 2 or 3 or 4 or 5 or more rings He got 2 but if he kept in silence the recognition will be better. In Cavs with his arrogance he claimed to be “The Best Player in The World” simple as that and that he was confidence to win the championship and He failed so is a lesson for him be quiet and do your stuff looks better….. Oh for those who still compare him against MJ 23 please STOP IT no chance to for him to be at that level….

  9. Last contract says:

    They want to sign LE to a long term extension. Big mistake IMO. My bet is he plays 2 more years tops. Not because he has nothing more to prove. But he is wearing down. Bring on the hate, but watch.

  10. Luke says:

    Its hard to understand any of the grammar from 80% of the following comments. Did any of you go to school? Get off LeBrons case and read a book.

  11. Also says:

    During the finals he talked about having another motivation. They asked him after game 3&4 to divulge it but he said wait till it’s over. Wonder what it was. Was he secretly upset about Curry’s MVP? May never know.

  12. Aman says:

    Why is everyone talking about LeBron in this post about curry singing? Holy, y’all haters cant stop hating eh. smh

  13. C kelly says:

    LeBron is in the EASTERN conference where any half good player can shine

    Bring him west and see how his numbers fall

  14. wojtek says:

    Jordan 6-0
    Kobe 5-2
    Lebron 2-4

  15. Basketball Jones says:

    Kobe was a supporting player in about 3 of his 5 wins. Jordan was a mature player at 28 when he started to win with an elite team that went to the conference Finals during his hiatus. LeBron had role players on 2 of his attempts and should have won more with Miami, bu as you see, they did not even make the Playoffs without him.

    But as jkrich stated in an earlier post….”This is steph curry singing for crying out loud! Leave LeBron out of this!”

    But LeBron is so polarizing, any post degenerates into a discussion on LeBron.