Stephen Curry, Always A World Champ

By Nick Margiasso IV,

When you’re a champion, well, you’re just a champion everywhere you go. The Warriors’ Stephen Curry proved that Saturday night when he carried WBC/Ring Super-Middleweight titlist Andre Ward‘s belt into the ring as part of the fighter’s entourage for his title defense at Golden State’s home court in Oracle Arena.

Well, fine, he carried it into a ring on top of their court.

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Paul Smith vs. Andre Ward and MVPs Kaepernick and Curry!!

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  1. WarriorsIn6 says:

    Go Warriors!!!!!By the way,The two MVPs are Steph and IGGY,not Kaep.Kaep is our SF quarterback got football,and I hope he wins the MVP this year,and leads us to the Super Bowl!

  2. WarriorsIn6 says:

    For football,not got football.GRAMMAR ERROR

  3. Chris says:

    Not sure why they added MVP to Kaepernick. But where was he? Was he the one in the red and black right before the video ended?