Draymond Green breaks out WWE championship belt

ALL BALL NERVE CENTERRasheed Wallace is responsible for many different things, but one of the best may have been making WWE-style championship belts for the Detroit Pistons after they won a title in 2004. Sheed often wore his belt to games the next season, to show people that the champ was here…

INDIANAPOLIS - MAY 13:  Rasheed Wallace of the Detroit Pistons arrives with his championship belt prior to the start of Game three of the Eastern Conference Semifinals during the 2005 NBA Playoffs on May 13, 2005 at Conseco Fieldhouse in Indianapolis, Indiana. NOTE TO USER: User expressly acknowledges and agrees that, by downloading and/or using this Photograph, user is consenting to the terms and conditions of the Getty Images License Agreement. Mandatory Copyright Notice: Copyright 2005 NBAE  (Photo by Ron Hoskins/NBAE via Getty Images)

The newest NBA champ is Draymond Green, who took to Instagram to show off his new title belt, which looks as though it came directly from the WWE. Now we need Draymond to wear it to games next season…

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Touggghhhhh @wwe world champions #dubnation

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  1. Rob N says:

    That’s were Drama Queen…I mean Draymond Green belongs in a fake sport to match is fake personality

    • Why the Hate? says:

      You have no clue who is. He must have beat your team bad to bring that out. Fight it here if it makes you feel better. But his home town is giving a parade just for him. Is the whole town wrong?

  2. 1078lee says:

    Thats what Leb5ron fans do hate on anyone whoops Lebron. He can do no wrong. What they alt to do ask the league why they keep sending their poster boy to finals nowing he not gonna when against top teams. money will make people mdo bad things.

  3. Mark Harmony says:

    What is it with athletes constantly biting off each other’s style? Isn’t it bad enough that they all sleep with the same women? Is there no original thought amongst athletes?

  4. BullsEra says:

    Draymond Green is by far the next Dennis Rodman. Let’s not forget Rodman shut down Shaq in the 1996 finals the same why Undersize Green did to Mozgov. Draymond is just an amzing player tough and resilient we haven’t seen that since the 90’s GSW deserved the win and for the WWE reference Rodman and Karl Malone also fought at WCW. Draymond is leaning towards the next Rodman

    • Who dat? says:

      I don’t remember the Bulls matched up with a Shaq-led team in the finals. Better get your history straighten up boy.

      • rich says:

        Yes it does, BOY!!! 1996 Eastern conference finals Chicago bulls vs Orlando Magic. You better watch what you’re saying, BOY!!!! People will think you’re an idiot, well, isn’t it BOY?

    • Harry says:

      Mozgov was never shut down ‘ Green is a good player but over rated ‘ not taking no credit away from gsw but the path they had too the finals and the finals alone was the easiest of all teams due too teams not being healthy ‘ Well see wgat they are made of next year when we have a healthy okc

      • Harry says:

        what *

      • Veronica says:

        And the Cavs had such a harder road?The east is waaay easier than the west, but no one speaks on that. If the Cavs had to play in the west through the playoffs would they had made it to the finals? Most likely not!

    • Correcto says:

      Your trashing bro cavs front court averaged more points and rebounds then gas in 4 of the 6 games and owned gsw on offensive boards. Get your shii right. Gsw only won cause they had more shooters that’s all.

    • karakol8125 says:

      Don’t compare Shaq to Mozgov, Not even close to each other. Mozgov played very good, but he ain’t no Shaq, And Green is not as aggressive as Rodman.

      PS: The bulls did match-up against the magic in 1996 conference finals and the bulls won 4-0 in the series. Last year of Shaq on Orlando if I’m not mistaken

  5. Jay Simmons says:

    BADBOY at heart,much love for giving props to a good time in the D

  6. Jonski says:

    Undertaker wants his belt back…

  7. aries says:

    I wish everyone stop praising Draymond Green, he is an okay player but he cheats and if the refs would have called the right calls, it would be different. Also, Lebron played his heart out and if Cleveland was at full strength, who would be the champs then. We only need one more player on our roster to make shots then Cleve would be the champs. GSW just won by default because we were not at full strength. Lets see what happens, next year.

    • Please, says:

      Give it a rest. Won by default? Best defense in the NBA?
      You would love to have the #2 defensive player in WHOLE NBA on your team.

    • Abelincoln says:

      who’s fault exactly is it that kyrie got hurt? and that andrew varejao got hurt at the start of the season? you can’t blame the loss in the finals on injuries. Golden State was the better, healthier team.

    • Kevin says:

      Cheatland lost in their own way and talk about dirty players check out the replay and count all the times cavs players grabbed jerseys and held to get lebron room to work and the way they tried to take players out that’s not hustle that’s cheap and has no place in the game

  8. rob says:

    aries.. you are suffering of lebronite. and next year the cavs will be destroyed again by the 2016 west team in charge

    • dreday says:

      I dont know about all that but im sure it will be a good series. People on here talk too much junk. GSW won period. GSW fans are happy, Cavs fans will say otherwise. No matter what’s said now it wont change a thing unless you talkers somehow get picked up by the team and can go out there and play yourselves. Since that will never be happening just accept the reality since it cant be changed. Whatever happens next year, happens next year. Lets just hope its a series worth watching.

  9. twig says:

    -nuff said-

  10. Will says:

    Draymond is enjoying the moment. Just let it be. Maybe if Lebron learned how to play a little more team ball and humility he would not have his team mates opting out of the team. We all heard, Cavilers are a team of one.

  11. OKC says:

    If you think Green is overrated then you are overrating your own basketball knowledge.

  12. Your Mother says:

    Hater gonna hate.

  13. Wayne says:

    Are we making all these comments to be entertaining? I find it very disturbing. I am a fan of LeBron! Whether he plays for Cavs, Heat, or any other team. He is an amazing BB player. But the better team won! They have also earned the right to celebrate in any way they want, WWE and all. Why do we spew so much hatred on people that we do not know? We are entertained by these athletes; we don’t know them. #STOP HATING!!!!!

  14. Robert says:

    Great pic lol belt plus, wwe belt they’ll hate enjoy… You won their team didn’t… After 40 yrs we’ll deserve congrates…

  15. René says:

    Nice belt champ!

  16. GMT says:

    Some of the officiating bias we’ve seen over the years makes the NBA seem just as fixed as the WWE

    But seriously you make millions of dollars and still follow that crap, wow

  17. Dave the Wave says:

    How many NBA players -or any professional athlete for that matter, would say after a playoff game loss “The reason we lost those games is because I didn’t play good enough. I’ve been whining and complaining. If we are going to win I have to play better.” Amnd man did he ever…

  18. taters says:

    taters!!! gonna tate, tate, tate… tate =)

  19. Channeling Ric Flair…..wheeeww!

  20. asdfrank says:

    Who is going to stop OKC next year?

  21. Hate Bitterness says:

    The guy is enjoying his championship. He is part of the NBA championship team. Most likely he paid for the belt, but they worked hard to get to that point. Let him enjoy the moment please. And to Cleveland fans and LeBron fans out there, just be happy for the guy. You will have your time. And if you do win a championship next year, you can do whatever you want. You can’t just say if Kyrie was there, if Kevin was there we would have been champs. Would-have-been don’t make it. Nobody knows what could have happened. Kevin Love could have been big or he could have been a choker. Who knows? And who knows how Steve Kerr would have adjusted his gameplan if the Cavs big three were there? It would have been a lovely chess match. But that’s a what-if series where the Cavs still only had a 50-50 chance of winning.

    So Cavs fans, you had your celebration when LeBron returned. You can celebrate your championship whatever way you want to do it. But you have to win one first

  22. Lakers4life says:

    Clippers will stop OKC for sure.

  23. Kris says:

    To those who talk about if Cleveland was at full strength. There is a reason why warriors made it seem like it had the easiest path to the finals…. Because they were at “full strength.” Well anyone who has watched basketball the last few year, spurs in particular. Should know that being healthy at the right time is huge. And the Warriors were so good during the regular season, that when the playoffs came the were at full strength. What I’m trying to say to you all is that yes there will be the what ifs, but other teams were hurt and tired at the end of the season. And Steve Kerr knew this and even pointed out in game 3 when they were losing. He said to just play our game cause they are exhausted and took keep running. Warriors starters during the regular season averaged 33 minutes compared to 38 minutes by other starters. That 2706 to 3116 over the course of 82 games. Warriors was simply the fresher team.

    This finals could look like this next year with the warriors winning it all again, if other teams have to utilize their starters more during the regular season.

    Lebron played his heart out, That’s for sure!

  24. qnzman says:

    Draymond is really ridiculous. For someone who didn’t play that well in the finals, he sure has a lot to say now that his team won…