Which team’s new uniform do you like best?

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — The NBA Draft is tomorrow, which means NBA teams have the opportunity to change their fortunes quickly. Another way teams can change their futures? With new uniforms. Today the Atlanta Hawks announced their new brand identity, making them the fourth NBA team this offseason to debut new uniforms/logos. Below we present all four, with your chance to vote for your favorite new look at the bottom…







UPDATE: New third jersey in Charlotte!


  1. Lucius McGibbons says:

    Atlanta = god-awful. Patterns, ugh.

    Milwaukee = amazing. Simple, clean, no more red, and not as Boston-y as one would expect.

    Philly = what new uniform?

    LAC = novel approach, why not?

    • Lucius McGibbons says:

      Jk Atlanta Hawks one is dope, Milwaukee is plin, Philly’s uniform is way different, and the Clippers one took a terrible approach like why?

    • James Sagardia says:

      Exactly Philly jerseys didnt eve change lol

  2. skrutz says:

    Bucks definitely did the best. Very sad my favourite team – Clippers – went with the first idea that came out of a recent graduate (I would guess). They NEEDED it, but damn, they failed at it. Not a fan of Hawks in black, and the Sixers? I’m not sure I would have noticed.

  3. RJ says:

    Milwaukee = Fresh.
    The other three = It’s a tie, they all lose.

  4. dA tRUTH says:

    Clips= is stoopid ugly.
    Atlanta= is gonna be sweet, just see. (not a hawks fan -btw)
    Milwauke= blah
    Sixers= Blah

  5. kwek says:

    I gotta say they remind me of college jerseys especially the hawks. A whole lot of flash but lacks the feel for the history of the team.

  6. Alhaji says:

    Atlanta- too flasy but okay

    Miwaukee- looks good with out red

    Clippers- looks very weird

    philly- hometown just the same

  7. Alhaji says:

    atl- flashy but okay
    milwaukee-good and clean
    clippers- looks weird
    philly- same as usual

  8. James J. says:

    Just wait till the Raptors unveil their new uniforms.

  9. Oldhawk says:

    Obviously you guys didn’t vote. Hawks unis all the way.

  10. reggie says:

    Atl wins this debate to me!! Milwaukee uniform is to plainish to to make the statement of best uniform.. It looks like a HS uniform and the same with the Sixers! What was the change to the 76ers uniform? Neither team uniform is better than their last uniform IMO not to show hate to the team, but they couldve shown more creativity! Clippers is 2nd best not that their that stylish either but you can definitely see where they upgraded their uniform..Hawks beat out because of their new style(new mascot), pattern, and color. I vote HAWKS

  11. Reginald Joseph says:

    They couldn’t get any Hawks player to wear the Jersey? Is that it?

  12. toudi says:

    Sixers very old school (although the word “Phila” is just stupid! use Sixers why don’t you :p)
    the rest seem like a bad april fools joke if those uniforms are for real then they are terrible :/
    what’s next sequins and glitter :p

  13. John says:

    I think the Bucks one is the best.

  14. Tom says:

    The black Atlanta Hawks jersey looks like last year’s Warriors Chinese New Year jersey

  15. freeze3000 says:

    Atlanta rocked it! Everything else just looks old now.

  16. Chris Williams says:

    Clippers missed completely don’t understand why you would have black lettering on a home jersey the new logo should’ve went in that spot and vice versa, my opinion go more nautical and use more sky blue with cursive lettering and black in the color scheme doesn’t go well with Lac at all.

  17. Michael says:

    Milwaukee – awesome
    Atlanta – love it retro feel with the red and yellow not a hawks fan btw
    L.A.C – over simplified and just plain ugly
    Philadelphia – looks the same if they reverted to the colors that the iverson sixers were using while maintaining the same style now that would have been something.

  18. Golden280 says:

    Hawks > Bucks > Sixers > Clippers

    I like the Hawks pattern and choice of colours, really standing out and popping.
    The Bucks’ are simple and good but the bright blue and purple strips on the road uniform don’t fit in.
    The Sixers’ colours are too bright and looks almost the same as the previous uniforms, which were better.
    And the Clippers road uniform is too roomy and awful with that City of LA logo.

  19. Paul Harris says:

    Whoever designed the new Hawks uniform needs to be shamed and never, ever hired again. You CANNOT have a patterned jersey accompanied by plain shorts. Either all patterned, or the better option of no pattern! At least the home jersey has a bit of the pattern on the shorts in the strip down the side, but it’s still just wrong. It’s just awful!

    The Clippers jerseys are kinda cool, it’s a new approach. I especially like the collars on them, and the new font is pretty nice. Not too keen on that double underline. The road jersey is better with that new square logo, it’s a never before seen look and I like it.

    The Bucks new uniform is so plain—yet so effective. There’s not much to say about it, but that’s not a bad thing. It’s really nice.

    The Sixers… Come on, seriously!… At least make an effort!

    I vote Clippers, for innovation.

  20. Theante Watson says:

    I agree on everything lucius…but not atlanta…its not ugh its call swag …all of them are great beself for philly…philly doesn’t no what new design is…I guess they forgot they had it since dr. J

  21. dustydreamnz says:

    Hawks by a mile, I like flashy. Too many similar ones.

  22. skyler says:

    Clippers- suck
    Bucks- nice
    76ers- ok
    Hawks- beautiful

  23. Jaychone says:

    Hawks look great
    Bucks look amazing
    76’ers looks decent
    Clippers look Horrible like omg why

  24. Relllo says:

    Fear the deer BUCKS got the better look

  25. Matt says:

    Atlanta- looks like D-league jerseys, not a fan of the black one the white looks alright (C+)
    Phili- looks like they went conservative and are scared of change (C-)
    Clippers- did a 12 year old design these..?! (D-)
    Bucks- Nailed it although it could use something more but love the design and no more christmas colors. (A)

  26. KidoTps says:

    Atlanta – Looks fairly original. I’m digging it the most

    Milwaukee – Loving the new look without Red.

    L.A Clippers – Uhhh…Nothing really special, nor the new logo.

    Philadelphia – I’m not seeing any change there. Looks exactly the same. They should bring the Iverson era colors back if they want a good uniform design. Trying to bring back the Dr. J era look isn’t gonna cut it too well for this era.

  27. jeff says:

    why do people like atlanta’s uniform. the fluro yellow is just disgusting!!!

  28. Dave says:

    They are all pretty horrible.

  29. Russell Westbrook says:

    easily the bucks

  30. Kal says:

    didn’t realize the Hawks were so in with the illuminati..

    i like those new Celtics jerseys tho.. throwback to the championship decades…

  31. The legend discontinues says:

    hawks – the future of nba uni’s fresh look!
    bucks – clean look
    clippers – weird. nough said.
    sixers – what changed? same feel and look to me.

  32. Mike Goodenough says:

    Atlanta’s unis are sweet. The rest are just plain.

  33. Brasil says:

    1. Bucks: I like this jersey. It’s simple yet amazing. Did anyone notice the blue on the green jersey. I think they got rid of red and are using that blue now; which is also great.
    2. 76ers: It’s only second because it looks better than the other two. I see no change and I think having “PHILA” instead of “PHILLY” or “PHILADELPHIA” is just stupid. I’m not sure if the stars were on the waistband on the other kits but I like it. It stands out. But yeah not much change.
    3. Clippers: I’m guessing this organization doesn’t know what a clipper is. I would expect to see nautical blue and a ship logo not a logo. Instead we get “CLIPPERS” in black with double lines above and below. And the logo on their red jerseys can be read as “CLA” and not “LAC” I do like the inovation though on those red jerseys but I’m getting the vibe that they are practice jerseys. I really don’t like their blue jersey. and the black could of been better if it used the word “CLIPPERS” and not that ugly logo.
    4. Hawks: Atlanta is doing a first…and hopefully a last. Let’s start with the pattern. I like the triangular pattern but why is it only on the shirt. Yes I know its on the side of the shorts but its should be all over the shorts to match. Yes that would look even worse but so I guess I should be asking, why do it at all. That would of been a nice court design but on a jersey no. When I’m watching a basketball game Im shouldn’t feel like the colors on a jersey are trying to say hi to me and that’s the feeling I’m getting from this “volt” green color. If it was a yellow or even the blue they had before, this jersey would be so much better. Also why does the logo on the jersey have to be that green. It looks like that hawk has the bird flu. There is so much more I could talk about but I rather not. I feel sorry for the Hawks. They make the ECF for the first time and they think they need to change and stay new, what if it was just a fluke season. Then you’re going to wish you were wearing red and dark blue again.

  34. Polak from Poland says:

    unis made by nike sucks a lot….champion where r u

  35. Lunden says:

    The Atlanta Hawks uniforms look great it’s different it’s not like any other team in the NBA this is the future of the NBA jerseys they look amazing

  36. brandon says:

    did the clippers still ATL’s uniform from 3 yrs ago? all look good but clippers . i would like to see ATL go back to the damianek/webb jerseys but , what can you do. and its funny how ATL gets killed for not going traditional but the 76ers get slammed for not doing what the Hawks did.??????

  37. rjherskorn says:

    These are all pretty much terrible.

    Philly’s is a more boring version of some of their retro jerseys.

    Atlanta’s is trying too hard, and will probably be laughed at collectively by the basketball world 15 years in the future.

    The Clippers’ are just both ridiculous. The away jersey is an interesting idea, poorly executed.

    Milwaukee’s is good, but the font is an underwhelming one that looks a bit too small & a bit too playful like the opening titles from a 60’s tv show or something.

  38. phee-o-wheet says:

    I know neon colors are the thing now, but that’s just wrong on so many levels Atlanta.

  39. Anthony says:

    ATLANTA HAWKS – I like the fact that they are going for a different color scheme.

    LOS ANGELES CLIPPERS – the new logo is simple and clean. I like the white and the blue uniform (not pictured). I do not like the Red. it looks like a practice Jersey

    MILWAUKEE BUCKS – expected, i would like to see a cream 3rd jersey. i think they should have gone cream city on the home jersey

    PHILADELPHIA 76ERS – i agree with many that say that they would not have noticed the change. nothing stands out for Phila..

    CHARLOTTE HORNETS – Buzz City black uniform looks good

  40. Spiceman says:

    ATL – great, but even better with Hawks on home jersey
    MIL — nice, so clean it looks under-stated
    LAC — home jersey fails with black font for Clippers; road might grow on me
    PHL — use of PHILA works, but nothing else sells

  41. Chris says:

    I am kind of into the Atlanta jersey, I thought they were odd at first, but the longer I look at it, the more I got to like them. I honestly felt like Jabari Parker was wearing his jersey backwards. Clippers away uni is actually kind of clever. Sixers don’t look all that much different from the old ones to me aside from the color change.

  42. Love the new Hawks jerseys. There is so much more than can be done than solid primary colors, glad to see the Hawks realize that. Bucks are ok but not great. Wording needs an outline. Don’t like the abbreviation on the 76ers or the Hawks alternate. The Clippers may be the worst jerseys in NBA history.

  43. Boone G says:

    The bucks win hands down, I would like to see a red alternate for the Big O and Lew chsmp year though. Love the clippers logo but the jerseys are a travesty, shouldve went with their stars aba alternate game jersey to match the logo. the hawks have great jersey history pre 2000 i wouldve like to have seen a lime green and blue home and away set like ’71 and a dominique red and gold set but they had to mess up everything and throw in black and triangles? the sixers tried to mimic their earlyist days but did a poor job of incorporating all elements of their past, theyre just in a funk. The Ben Fanklin dribbling logo is awesome though. They need to change their name to the turkey’s

  44. arun says:

    Hawks jersey looks ugly
    bucks looks decent.
    phl – same no difference

  45. kiva says:

    clipper and sixers are agly alanta’s are icey and the buck are ok

  46. D-Lo says:

    The Hawks jersey’s are ugly, bucks jersey’s too plain, clippers jersey’s are ugly, & the sixers need to go back to the jersey’s when allen iverson was on the team.

  47. Andrew says:

    i see Pacman eating a bird in new Hawks logo %)

  48. Bo says:

    I am a 45 year old Hawks fan and those are the only uni’s that are innovative, different from the norm and relate to the younger demographic. Bold colors that pop and you could rock at the mall or just hanging out. The younger demographic is going to support this look HEAVILY. Plus it’s a third uni that is red with ATL on the front that adds to the appeal. Not being a homer on this, but the HAWKS uni hands down is the best.

  49. Corey says:

    ATL –

    Good: modern, flashy, fresh. Got rid of the navy blue, which never should’ve been in there in the first place. They’ve brought back the old school hawk logo (last year they had it on their shorts and at halfcourt). It’s a very AAU/ college-esque design, but when Nike takes over the NBA, that’s what we’re going to have to get used to.

    Bad- Would’ve definitely appreciated the uniform more if they leaned towards a neon yellow rather than a volt green. It would’ve stayed closer to the Dominique and Spud days of the beloved red, white, and yellow Hawks jerseys. I’m not sure about the “Hawks” on the shorts either. I get the idea, but probably should’ve just stayed with the actual logo, one of the best logos in the league.

    LAC –

    Good: I like incorporating black into the mix…only if they have a black alternate jersey.

    Bad: Everything else….the idea of the away jersey is great. It reminds me of the Christmas jerseys a bit with the big logo. However this was poorly poorly executed. The home jersey looks like the NBA Live 2006 logo, which is play school and awful. The only team that could pull this off would be the Clippers though… (still dreadful nonetheless)

    MIL –

    Good: Finally they got rid of the red! The gold trim is a nice touch and it will lead to a cool alternate jersey. Also you’ll see guys wearing gold in their shoes which pops and will look good on TV especially. The subtle stripes on the side of the uniforms are going back to the way things were in the 80’s.


    Bad: The font could be a ton better. You completely re-design your uniforms and you still leave out the amazing cursef lettering that Oscar and Kareem sported? C’mon man…

    PHL –

    Good: These are nice. That’s about it. Philly’s jerseys have always been pretty bland. They went to black red and royal blue when Iverson was there, and that was cool for about a season. I do like that these jerseys take it back to the Dr. J days…and I can’t completely say for sure…but if these unis have the stars on the side, then yes these are perfect.

    Bad: They’re still going to be a pretty bad team. So with boring jerseys (besides the stars and logo on the shorts), there’s not much to be excited about.

  50. Kolin says:

    The Bucks definatly look the best, The green and the cream will look pretty slick together.
    The Triangle pattern is just trbl as barkley would say, especially with the big thick red waistband. It would have made more sense on the hornets jersey’s but not the hawks. It makes no sense and doesnt fit in with the hawks.
    The Clippers are very disappointing, They could have done soo much better. The road jerseys look 10x’s better than the home, but theres still not very much going on there. Needless to say, they both suck.
    The sixers didnt even try. The Phila looks silly and the motto Phila Pride is almost as bad. I understand they are a very proud city and have every right to be. The sixers did a pretty bad job of repin the city and could have tried a lot harder to make the “new” unis look good. Embiid doesnt look to excited about them either. I would have to give philly a F for effort, look and creativiity. Hope Philly fans dont have to look at the GEN2 of the most broing Uni’s ever for too long.

  51. zeama smith says:

    You all might as well keep the your old uniforms or let me design them for you. That’s no effort.

  52. mike jordan says:

    the clipppers uniform is better now..i think the hawks uniform will make them look more fierce with black..the bucks’ is simple but neat..the sixers never had a good design..it’s the same..i even liked the blue jerseys of the 2001 sixers

  53. mike jordan says:

    clippers wins..with their away jersey..the home jersey is good too..it can be good for years..much more like the rip city jersey of portland

  54. iguess says:

    I like the Cavs new Uniform better

  55. billy bo says:

    None of these teams can have a good uniform since their name will be on it.

  56. adam silver says:

    need some advertisements on them, maybe pepsi or verizon, powerball, yeah that’d be dope

  57. Turt Digler says:

    If the sixers actually showed the side of their unis in the pic you could actually see the difference. They are okay but i think they should have went out the box instead of a blast from the past

  58. Elwood Blues says:

    Milwaukee = new logo was necessary, new uniforms…boh! They seem Celtics now, I prefer the oldest ones
    Philadelphia = look so vintage, I like them!
    Clippers = I agree they did need new uniforms&logo, but there are crap!
    Atlanta = flashy but unique…totally different from the other 29 teams

  59. gk says:

    OMG, they’re all bad and unimaginative! PHILA? Really? The only positive was getting rid of the Bucks angry deer head. Hawks retro better than the new waffle iron look. Clippers – hee hee hee. (Snort) wow, somebody got paid to ‘design’ this? OK, have to say I did like Buzz City. That was clever and will go well with the home honeycomb floor. At least somebody was thinking outside the box on this one.

  60. yo says:

    Atlanta should of made a jersey saying A-Town on the front in some crazy (probably cursive) writing.
    Atlanta please give the people what they want….

  61. AJC says:

    There should have been a “none of the above” option. They are all pretty bad. The Atlanta Hawks new uniform is actually hard on the eyes. Really distracting to the point of being annoying.

  62. Juliusz says:

    bucks green one!

  63. Walker says:

    Atlanta’s uniform is simply horrible

    Cliippers not bad

    76’s just regular

    Milwaukee is the best