Meeting of the minds?

VIDEO: LeBron, Love hit free agency

Well, well, well … Looky what we have here.

As we approach summer free agency, the Cavs have a lot on their plate to handle with both LeBron James and Kevin Love opting out of their deals. And while both All-Stars have pretty much made it clear that neither intends to leave Cleveland, until both of their names are signed on the dotted line, uncertainty lives.

Lucky for Cavs fans, it appears that LeBron and Love may already be trying to figure things out on their own …


  1. le bong james says:

    2016 its happening.. the first cavs championship title..

  2. robbot says:

    good photo

  3. Spoons says:

    The king holds court

  4. LOL says:

    If KLove doesn’t resign the guy will never have a shot at the title!

  5. lbj says:

    Lebron is smart. He knows that Love is a good player.

    However, Love and Tristan Thompson plays the same position. You can’t pay both max salaries.

  6. M. Dalgart says:

    Well, it’s obvious that both LeBron and Love Opt out, so they can both sign New contracts, which would be significantly
    much better than there current contract, due to the new Luxury Tax Structure. We should not worry about them not resigning,
    They are just “Stalling” for now. LeBron and Love obviously, wanted to see, whether Cavalier’s Management will surround
    them, with potential Championship caliber talent. Since Shumpert and J.R. Smith may not resign.
    We will just patiently wait and see…

  7. Kobe@Manila says:

    Love will go to LA.. Hey Kelvin, I’ll wait for you here..

  8. dreadyjun says:

    No, lebron is not smart. He is a parasite. Wanting to surround himself with all stars, so that he doesn’t have to be the go to guy when it counts. king choker!!!!!

  9. Support LBJ says:

    Health will still an issue coming 2016 season for cavs, hope Irving n Love will stay strong, then they stand a chance in the final. Whatever it is, it will be fun to watch next season since many FA might move among teams