Stephen Curry shows off dunking skills

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — We know Steph Curry, the NBA’s three-point shooting champion, is a fantastic shooter (as is his wife), but as Curry displayed at basketball camp recently, he can also get up and throw down. Here’s Curry with the alley-oop to himself, followed by the obligatory celebration, which might actually be the most fun portion…


  1. nope says:

    No way that’s a 10′ rim

    • rjherskorn says:

      Uh, yeah. He’s a professional athlete. 6’3″. Not that hard to believe he could do this uncontested. Rim looks a legit 10 feet for sure, anyway.

  2. TheTruth says:

    rim is like 7 feet gj

  3. Mark from Bay area says:

    I don’t care what people say about Curry.
    He brought Championship to Bay Area.
    And I guess none of these Keyboard warriors can do dunk on 7 foot rim like Curry.
    Go Curry, Go GSW!!!