Jason Williams (still) making defenders look just plain silly

By Jeff Case

Last time we wrote about former NBA lottery pick, NBA champion and ball-handling phenom Jason Williams in this space, it was two years ago when he was making guys look silly in a league in China. He’s back this time thanks to a highlight reel of his moves at a pro-am in Orlando, where he’s once again diming, dribbling and scoring like he did during his NBA glory days (and doing so at 39 years old, mind you) …


  1. Gavyn says:

    That’s crazy. He made everyone look like crap

  2. jdub455 says:

    one of my all-time fave ballers!

  3. Edizzle says:

    Look, I’d rather the kings bring back J-Will than sign Rondo. If we start losing again at least it’ll be fun to watch.

  4. Matt K says:

    Great to see he has still got those killer handles. I had a big smile watching him do his thing.

  5. John Villar says:

    Pat Riley should consider Jason Williams, to the team to come off the bench. For the minimum!! Trade Chalmers! He can really Ball.

  6. PONGO says:

    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  7. Hate Bitterness says:

    He is expected to do that in that type of game. He’s ex-NBA against people unknown. I just wonder if he can still do it in the big league

  8. copac says:

    maybe dallas can sign him they need a good pg for jordan

  9. KorverMania says:

    he cant defend … thats y he’s off the league.. anyone can throw a decent lob to Deandre… Jeremy Lin is the next best most affordable PG, though in his decline.

  10. Jean says:

    Pat Riley, please sign J-Will. He makes the game fun and the wins are even funnier. J-Will knows how to entertain fans and opponents.

  11. jj87 says:

    That behind the back in the key though… Disrespectful JWill. Dude can still ball

  12. BOOGIE says:


  13. joe says:

    I hear all the time a big deal about athletes doing things in their late 30s. Apparently it is not a big deal because I hear it so much. How many years in a row do I have to hear the Tim Duncan or Manu is an old man. Year after year. Apparently late 30s is not old. Most of these guys would still be playing in the nba if they were paid good, and they’re still better than any 21 year old.

  14. mhypes55 says:

    He wasn’t run out of the league. He retired due to back spasms and knee problems. WhitEboy was my favorite player ever. He’s still got that flash. Him and CWebb were the duo

  15. filimike says:

    one of the best point guards in his era. just wished teams would of supplied him with the right co-players.

    • Brian D. says:

      I wouldn’t feel too bad… he won a championship with the Heat in 2006, and made over $50 million in his career! 🙂