Dwyane Wade hosts Twitter Q&A

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — One of the more interesting stories in free agency this summer was that of Dwyane Wade. The lifelong member of the Miami Heat opted out of his contract, and after rumors connected him to a few other teams, Wade ultimately agreed to return to the Heat on a one-year deal. With his next year figured out, Wade took to Twitter last night to answer some questions from fans…


  1. Y wont wade return home n end his career there?lebron left for his home town,wade is a top 5 top 10 shooting guard and will b a Hall a famer but I wish he’ll add to his lagacy and come home and end it there. Picture next year wade n Durant free agents would love them to come to Chicago. Starting 5 Jo Paul Durant jimmy rose n wade off the bench no did respect but the lleadership in wade also experience will help jimmy n wade would b healty rested n ready for the playoffs down to the finals

  2. Y won’t the bulls pay money to win a ring.Jo or Gibson may have to b traded we need sum scoring badly they never react quickly on free agency or make any impact to help our team compete n b elite do they not see Wats going on in the NBA? How can we win with the same suade with no improvement but the coach we need players too

  3. Tin Harry Loves LBJ says:

    Banana boat = gone fishing LOL

    Its fun to see the brotherhood in vacation

  4. Orlando says:

    Can’t wait for D Wade to win at least 2 more rings ,he’s my favorite dude .no one with the best dunks for his size will love to meet him one day .