Dirk Nowitzki: The Perfect Shot

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — At this point, we probably take Dirk Nowitzki for granted. After all, the seven-footer has been around the NBA for close to two decades, and has won an MVP award, a Finals MVP, and been an All-Star thirteen times. And he’s still doing it — Nowitzki will return this season and team up with new signee DeAndre Jordan for another run at the postseason.

How does Dirk do it? How did he go from the small town of Wurzburg, Germany, to becoming a global NBA superstar? There are answers to be found in a new movie called Nowitzki: The Perfect Shot. The movie will be in theaters starting Friday, July 10, but for now, here’s the trailer…

VIDEO: Nowitzki: Perfect Shot


  1. Chuckster says:

    10 time all star, finals mvp and regular season mvp. More than 4 guys(MJ, Kobe, Bird, Magic) + dirk. Has he even heard about his neigbor TD?

  2. Georuto says:

    Get the oscar ready. Lets go mavs