LeBron, CP3, D-Wade and Melo on vacation together

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Last week I went on vacation to Florida, and I spent the week enjoying my time off, playing in the surf and sand by day, and then relaxing at night. My companions? My wife, my two-year-old son, and my parents.

So in other words, basically nothing at all like the vacation Dwyane Wade is apparently on right now. Here’s a picture Wade posted to Instagram last night of him enjoying the evening alongside a few NBA superstars: LeBron James, Chris Paul and Carmelo Anthony

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And how do they spend their days? Riding around on a giant banana boat (along with D-Wade’s wife, Gabrielle Union), of course…


  1. Sergio says:

    These guys are definitely going to play for the same owner sooner or later

  2. RichWork says:

    Epic 2 on 2 battles lol

  3. Tin Harry Loves LBJ says:

    Gone fishing hehe. But love the article, family time on a summer trip

  4. Niko says:

    Big moves they are planning. I want to say thank you to the NBA & Adidas for sending my son & i to the 2015 NBA Finals!¡! DREAMS ARE REAL!¡! #NBASwinmanOf2015 #AGB2God http://youtu.be/SKP8clFTqI8

  5. WOW3 says:

    Loominaty banana boat

  6. LakerNation says:

    I want to see all four of these superstars in one team along with Kobe

    PG Paul
    SG Wade
    SF Kobe
    PF Melo
    C LBJ

    • glbless says:

      what about Kevin Durant as the SF.
      Can’t go wrong with that team
      Kobe kool #nuffrespectalways# soon done
      But with CP#DW#KD#KM#LJ# team to beat


      NO Kobe, any 1 else

    • James says:

      It’s called the Olympics bro…I think it was already done with the exception of D Wade (out due to knee injury) 2012 Summer Olympics

    • Kindness says:

      Of course Kobe is gonna be on that team hater. You compare Durant to Kobe? Come on know a little basketball. People become hater just because he took more money, shoot too much, but come on man champion is champion. Nothing you guys said change the fact that he enjoyed the most winning among these guys.

    • Da Truth says:

      Kobe and Melo on the same team? Who’s gonna have the ball in their hands?

    • Mike says:

      Too many ball hogs on a team. They’d end up in a fist fight against each other.

    • burna says:

      why would u wanna see that tho…u dont wanna see a competitive nba? u wanna see easy wins huh

  7. mesargentina says:

    Where’s bosh? hehehe

  8. Ravio911 says:

    wade . really your wife , i think the Hang rope not that long …

  9. Jovan says:

    We already have. They’re called Team USA. Back-to-Back gold medals!

  10. warriors says:

    Where curry..

  11. ahmedsatx says:

    YES, These guys will soon ditch thier teams and play together. #Selfishness

  12. steve nash says:

    PG: CP3
    SG: Kobe
    SF: Melo
    PF: LeBron
    C: A – Davis

    Wade off the bench

    Make it happen Lakers or Knicks

    • Da Truth says:

      Melo is overrated, ‘how bout Durant or Curry or Harden at least someone with substantial playoff experience.

  13. Wow!!!! that a lot arrogance in one area, that could be very dangerous for anyone else around!

  14. Jay says:

    you’ll have this team and yet it still can’t beat Warriors cuz Curry is cooking lol

    • Really? says:

      Wait did you just say that this team with these 4 on it couldn’t beat the Warriors because of Curry? Are you being serious?

    • en. says:

      Lebron by himself gave yall bois a scare in the finals when he got game 2 from yall,….if these 4 joined forces they would sweep goldy state wariors

  15. DirkIbaka says:

    on a banana boat? it fits!

  16. ARk091 says:

    They all look heartbroken in the first picture for some reason.

  17. BigMike says:

    I like it how 3 of the guys are wearing simple white casual tops and Chris Paul is wearing a “CP3” shirt. Really??? He walks around in personal time in a shirt with his name on it lol…..

  18. ZACH says:

    These guys on NBA TV’s open court. I would definitely watch that!

  19. Jose says:

    This is something that other NBA Players & future NBA Players should Learn:

    Always be Friendly even with your opponents.. coz you never know.. your opponent Today could be your teammate Tomorrow..
    Good for them they only treat each other as opponents when their teams meet.. but honestly!!! outside of the Basketball Court.. they are Brothers

  20. Da Truth says:

    “You ALL lost the 2015 NBA championship, what are you going to do next?” … “We gonna team up together so we can win something, but first we’re gonna chill out this boat together and and drink our sorrows away.”

  21. Da Truth says:

    How come Melo is not on the banana? Cuz he’s too cool to get on.

  22. NBAFAN says:

    Lets face it they are just big kids playing good for them time to relax, but you guys are dreaming if you think they will all play together in the NBA other than the Olympics.

  23. Maturedee says:

    Love seeing the guys enjoying time off the court. Hopefully all the wife’s were able to hang too!

  24. jc says:

    yeah wade LeBron cp3 and melo played in 2008 and wade was the leading scorer so get your info right

  25. The coyote says:

    They All wish they could join the dynasty, they want to be Spurs! #gsg. #currentnbadynasty.#5ringsandcounting.

  26. Patrick Pouncy says:

    I want to see LeBron James and mellow together on any team. Make it happen bron.

  27. Duke Mauve says:

    From what i remember, their friendship started during the 2008 Olympics where they played together and started to bond.

  28. Drift Gangsta says:

    who flops more?
    1. CP3
    2. the “king”
    3. wade
    power gap
    8. melo

    • sports fan says:

      Everyone here who thinks that all of these guys will eventually play together, other than the olympics & team usa, are delusional.

    • sports fan says:

      Sorry, my previous comment wasn’t supposed to be a response to Drift Gangsta.

  29. curry, harden, durant, davis would crush these guys

  30. PaulPieceJr says:

    this is nothing, the trip is MJ Paulpierce kobe and anthony davis

  31. Jayson says:

    They are friends, all four will never be on the same team,ever

  32. bestteamrightnow says:

    pg curry sg harden sf kd pf lbj c ad bench westbrook paul wade lillard not melo not kobe bg and m gasol and Aldridge = 12 players

  33. oj says:

    That´s the only way Melo can be near a NBA Champion ring….

  34. Pamela Fairbanks says:

    I said these guys were up to something days ago. Oh, maybe Melo can’t swim so watches from the shore.

  35. shonhloi says:

    are they play 2vs2 basketball on vacations?

  36. jake s. says:

    banana boat ,COOL COLORS

  37. johnny tc says:

    Looks like he b takin his talents to da banna boat. He should b breaking down the films of the bull, pistons, lakers celtics, spurs and GS on how to play as a team. Hey L, never going to win again unless you use your team. Can’t wait of next years playoffs to start. I don’t watch the regular season.

  38. gustavo says:

    no no no man…..
    curry, harden, durant, davis no way against lebron, melo cp3

  39. johnny tc says:

    In the background no one wants to play with LBJ. It’s all about him! Anyone who calls himself king and the best player in the world has all the other nab guys rolling their eyes. SAS is loading up and GS will only get better… Watch out for the bulls.

  40. Antonio Perez says:

    short sweet and simple

    1992 dream team

    today is just usa basketball team

    the original the real and only dream team won all games by avg of 40+ points

    and they wasn’t even trying

    just having fun

    today usa basketall team has to try very hard just to win by a point

    and the excuse is that the world team has increase their talent and are playing better

    but the real reason is the lack of defense in the nba

    the players are force to play softer because everything is a foul

    even when i’m far away from you and i don’t touch you

    i just love good old school defense

    today everybody just want to shoot but nobody want to play D

    there are 2 sides of the basketball court

  41. joven pagal says:

    NOW they only need a CENTER 😀

  42. ih8michael says:

    The best part of this is CP wearing a CP3 shirt.

  43. mike says:

    Don’t want to see any of them on same team.
    With all due respect i hate “cheat code teams”
    Play ball!

  44. Bantay says:

    Your ballhog kobe is old and useless thats why he did not belong to these 4 superstars.

  45. 1grumpycat says:

    LOL, the idea of Kobe and Melo on the same team. whoever doesn’t have the ball is gonna be standing around like Dion Waiters getting waived off by LeBron.

  46. johnny tc says:

    I’m sure L is out trying to cook up some players to play with. Out trying to sign his own free agents.

    Hey L, do you remember the old Gatorade song? It goes something like this “Sometimes I dream, that he is me, Like Mike, I wanna b like Mike. I move I grove like Mike. I wanna b like Mike” He won six titles and in-between he played baseball.
    I don’t even like the Bulls but L you got to play like a team. Be like Mike.

  47. Antastic_shooter says:

    PG Westbrook
    SG Curry
    SF James
    PF Durant
    C Davis

  48. Leflop Jr says:

    My Father the best guy out of those 4

  49. Old School Believer says:

    This is pathetic. Whatever happened to the days when your opponent was the enemy? Do you think Bill Laimbeer would have gone to the Bahamas with Larry Bird? No, and that’s what made the NBA great.

  50. MRDC202 says:


  51. adam silver says: