Stephen Curry says goodbye to David Lee by reminding him he blocked his shot

ALL BALL NERVE CENTERStephen Curry is listed at 6-foot, 3-inches tall. David Lee is listed at 6-foot, 9-inches tall. So simple math tells us that Lee has a pretty big size advantage over Curry, who is half a foot shorter.

So I don’t think we can blame Curry for what he posted yesterday, after the announcement that the Golden State Warriors had traded David Lee to the Boston Celtics. As a means of saying farewell, Curry reminded Lee of that one time six year ago when he blocked his shot…


  1. Mark from Bay area says:

    Lol, that GSW Jersey reminds me of Halloween.

  2. Yutio says:

    Damn, those were the days.All the tems had dope jerseys.GS should bring back the whole orange and black theme and the old logo and Knicks should go back to these jerseys