The Internet reacts to the DeAndre Jordan saga

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — In case you missed it, last night was one of the weirder evenings in NBA history. To summarize: DeAndre Jordan had announced he was leaving the Clippers to sign with the Mavericks; as the deadline to actually sign a contract neared, Jordan apparently had second thoughts; Doc Rivers and several members of the Clippers descended upon Jordan’s home in Houston for a meeting; Mark Cuban was supposedly trying to get a meeting but couldn’t get in the house because the Clippers were still inside. At the end of the day, DeAndre Jordan signed a new contract with the Clippers.

All this craziness played out in real time on Twitter, a soap opera crossed with a reality show crossed with sports. And people on Twitter had a lot of fun with it…


  1. CHARLIE says:

    I was always taught that a an is only as good s his word. Does this mean that Jordan is worth nothing?

  2. CHARLIE says:

    I was always taught that a man is only as good as his word. Does this mean that Jordan is worth nothing?

  3. That’s what I was taught to believe and that is what I have taught my son, it was a dirtbag move on Jordans behalf and it also lets you know about his coach and teammates who embraced what he did, I guess it didn’t matter to them because it wasn’t being done to them.

  4. We’re only hearing one side of the story. The facts people are not considering involve the seeming coercion by Jordan’s agent, Dan Fegan, who is very good friends with Mark Cuban. Its worth noting that Fegan himself was not allowed in the room to finalize the contract when he signed with the Clippers and probably explains why DeAndre didn’t call Cuban – he felt like this was an inside job to push him into signing someplace without his best interests at heart.

    That being said – nobody looks good in any of this and its one more reason to can the moratorium to the same length as the NFL’s – half a day.

  5. rk` says:

    The way Jordan has acted throughout this thing – the way he’s comported himself – its the same kind of behavior/character issues that led Chris Paul to always be yelling and ragging on him in past seasons. A dope who doesn’t think things through, who doesn’t pay attention sometimes, who coasts on his natural abilities and talent, while those around him work their butts off.

  6. Loren_darfus says:

    if he (jordan) was man enough to talk with mark cuban, he should also be man enough to respect and make a phone call.

  7. n.anderson says:

    I use to believe DJ was a funny guy now I realize it was stupidity not thought through humor

  8. Ajm says:

    Give the guy a break , I’m sure everyone has made decisions that they regret making and have a change of heart . He’s young it’s a long term commitment , and he got cold feet . I don’t think mark Cuban would have cared if it was the other way around . It is his future not anyone else’s .