LeBron shooting backward free throws

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — So here’s something interesting. Check out this animated GIF of LeBron James shooting a free throw…the wrong way. The NBA forum at Reddit uncovered this, perhaps from the filming of the new movie Trainwreck, which co-stars LeBron. He squares up, shoots it easily…over his head the wrong direction and directly into the basket. Easy, huh?


(via r/NBA)


  1. Keivan says:

    Yehh bcuz he shot them at a high rate in the finals

  2. kb24 says:

    clear camera trick!

  3. M. J. says:

    In a game of horse, that would be a tough shot to make…

  4. Jaxon says:

    He should be practicing shooting free throws the right way

  5. LBJ23KING says:

    If your a hater why are you reading & commenting on everything about him.KiNG JAMES=Best player ever to play the GAME!!!! AND a camera trick.. OMG, you are so stupid. If i can do it inn 20 tries i thinkLeBron who’s in the gym 20 hrs out of the day can make a trick shot.

    • Im a LBJ hater. he so damn arrogant hes the KIng? 2-4 in the finals that guy is a jerk! Im a Spurs fan, and we when play Cleveland in the finals he will be 2-5 he said in this years finals his team ran out of talent what a jerk thing to say about your teammates, why did he use a number that is already famous so when he retires how are we going to know his 23 from the real 23(MJ).