Ray Allen got an awesome birthday cake

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — NBA great Ray Allen is turning 40 this weekend, so of course he’s having a party and a cake and everything goes along with a birthday celebration. But he’s not just having any old cake, as we see in the Instagram photo below, but instead a cake that incorporates every team he’s played for and uniform he’s worn…


  1. M. J. says:

    Great way to commemorate Ray by chronicling his career with a cake as the storyline…

    • artifex says:

      Thats the only problem for players like Kobe and Dirk: They’d get only a single layer cake…

  2. Ob Asante says:

    He’s not only one of the best three point shooters ever but i think his success came when he realized his role was to be a secondary offense guy. I’m of the conviction that Ray Allen has one more ring to win,but that’s if he really wants it. The Spurs, Warriors, Clippers and even Houston could do with his skill set.

  3. Jalen says:

    You know why it’s empty at the bottom…? ‘Cause you haven’t pick a team yet!!! Once you do, you will have made the right choice and added another ring to your collection! #HurryUp #PickATeam

  4. sanjay says:

    ray can still shoot but can barely defend a toy cycle coming at him!
    lebron needs a 3 point knock downer. would love to see ray in cavs!

  5. They would beat the bulls by 100 points!!! In matter of fact. The lakers bench of James worthy wilt chamberlain Derek fisher Byron Scott bob mcadoo Mychel Thompson Jamal Wilkes and bill Sherman would beat the Bulls.