Shaq says all-time Lakers would destroy Bulls greats

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — It’s always fun to argue about NBA history. Who is the greatest player of all-time? What is the greatest team ever? Could this guy beat this guy? Would this team be able to beat that team?

As it turns out, even former NBA players enjoy being part of the conversation, like how Shaquille O’Neal recently took to Instagram to stir things up. What would happen if a team of former Lakers greats (Magic Johnson, Kobe Bryant, Elgin Baylor, Shaq and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar) faced off against a team of Chicago Bulls greats (made up of Derrick Rose, Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen, Dennis Rodman and Horace Grant)?

According to Shaq, the Lakers great would “beat em by 50.”



Pippen has a different opinion:


Update II:

Shaq responds to Pippen:


What do you think? Is Shaq right?


  1. Avery says:

    Tell Shaq it is ok to have dreams because in real life that old not happen..

    • Tone says:


      • #1stunna says:

        Let’s put it this way. Michael is the best player on the court. He’s an A, everyone else on the Bulls is a B, whereas the everyone on the Lakers is an A-. Since it’s a team game, I think Lakers will take this one. Plus, Lakers would have a better bench if they add: Jerry West, Chamberlain, and Gasol to their bench.

      • Nate the Great says:

        Yes Bulls have the greatest TEAM in history but that’s not the topic of discussion so your point is irrelevant. Lakers have more history than Bulls and as a result have better players…Magic, Kobe, Elgin, Shaq, Kareem, Worthy, Jerry West, Wilt the Stilt…so Wilt, West and Worthy off the bench is better than anything Bulls ever have to offer. Come on now, the Bulls teams has Horace freakin Grant as one of their all time greats. There is now way Horace Grant is an all time great lol. Celtics have better players historically than Bulls…Celtics had Bird, Mchale, Parrish, Dennis Johnson, Paul Pierce, KG, Rondo, Ray Allen, Danny Ainge, Bill Russell, etc etc. So to answer Shaqs question YES Lakers would smash Bulls but idk about 50 points. I’ll give Jordan a lil credit lol but he doesn’t stand a chance vs all time Lakers squad or celtics squad!!!

      • Long Time NBA Fan says:

        1st off those Bulls teams of the late 90’s weren’t even as good as the 67 win Bulls of 91-92. The league was watered down significantly during the latter half of the 90’s, after it went through a period with weak drafts and 5 new expansion teams in the late 80’s and 90’s. In the 7 drafts prior to ’95, only one produced an elite legend type player (Shaq). Outside of Shaq the 7 remaining number one picks from ’88 to ’95 produced guys like injury-prone Danny Manning and Pervis Ellison, mediocre “stars” like Larry Johnson, Glenn Robinson, and Joe Smith, and headcases like Derrick Coleman and Chris Webber, and the picks after number one were littered with mediocrity (Stacey King, Chris Jackson, Luc Longley). The draft got back on track in the second half of the 90’s producing superstars and legends like KG (’95), Ivy, Kobe, and Nash (’96), Duncan and T-Mac (’97), Carter, Dirk, and Pierce (98), all of whom were entering their prime years when Shaq won 3 straight titles with the Lakers.

        As for best records all-time, the Lakers have the 2nd best tied with the Bulls (69 wins). The Lakers also have had 4 teams with 65 or more wins compared to 3 for the Bulls.

        Lastly Shaq’s starters might not even be the best lineups. Former Bulls all-stars Bob Love and Artis Gilmore were both easily better than Horace Grant. And Wilt Chamberlain, even late in his career, could be considered as a better all around big man than Shaq was. 5 on 5 the Lakers starters were better than the Bulls starters. And if we do include a bench, there is no comparison.

  2. Kyle says:

    The Bulls greats would natch up very well against the Lakers great. The Lakers bigs would be tough, but the Bulls scorers would get the Lakers. The best player on court is Jordan.

    • LA4LIFE says:

      LA is better than Chicago and it is not even close. Even two of the best players the Bulls had played for LA too (Rodman and Harper). Magic is in fact the best player on the floor. He would’ve post Kareem, Shaq, Worthy, Wilt or himself against any of the Bulls players all day long. The Bulls even with Rodman, would have no chance to win a rebound battle against Gasol, Bynum, Wilt, Kareem AC Green, Shaq, Worthy or Magic. Jordan would be an almost wash vs Kobe. (Even if you think not, MJ has said that KObe could beat him one-on-one, and he did have an 81 point game). Kerr was good, but he was not Robert Horry or Glenn Rice. Add to that Karl Malone, Gary Payton, Jerry West, Cooper… come on man. The list will go on and on. 16 Titles vs 6 says it all.

  3. Filter. says:

    Take Grant off and put Artis Gilmore on that team and Bob Love,Gilmore will cool Shaq down,he never had to play against a big body like that all game,Gilmore would push Shaq out from under the rim and then Shaq is done

    • haha says:

      So you saying no centers was around to pull shaq away from the basket? Lmao that’s a joke Sabonis, Yao, Rik smits, they tried it all shaq dominance was too much

      • Tone says:

        Are yu serious? I always thought if sabonis wasnt so dam soft he could hold shak down…. But in real life, all them guys yu just named wuz soft as cotton candy wen wet.

      • Michael says:

        Don’t forget Ewing, mourning, mutombo, robinson, older hakeem after 95, jermaine oneal, vlade divac and tons of PF/C players like cwebb/garnett/duncan/samperkins/bot-h wallaces/d,rodman/horace grant.

    • mike duncan says:

      Let’s try Jabbar, Gasol, Johnson, West, Kobe. I don’t think anyone could beat this team in seven games.

      • LA4LIFE says:

        And you would be correct my friend. Lakers>Bulls. Rose can’t stay healthy enough to play a whole playoffs series. He hasn’t won a ring yet, so to me he is just a glorified scorer. Pippen has no chance of driving against a Worthy, Jabbar, Chamberlain, Shaq, Gasol, Bynum and Divac front court. Metta Peace, Michael Cooper and Kobe would be too much for Jordan to consistently score in the 40, which he would need to win any games. Jordan and Rose would find it too hard to stop Robert Horry, Jerry West, Magic Johnson and Kobe guard power scoring. In a 7 game series I give the Lakers a clean sweep, cuz u have to remember this is with all the players in their prime, and I am even given them Rodman and Ron Harper.

    • Slowhand says:

      Guess you never heard of Yao Ming who was bigger then Shaq? Patrick Ewing? David Robinson?

      He had decent footwork considering his shear size. But one of the most dominant forces to ever play the game.

      Only the Celtics great have a real chance in a match-up with the Lakers greats. Bulls have no business in the discussion.

    • Goodsoul61 says:

      Filter, thanks man.
      You hit the nail on the proverbial “head”. Take Grant and Rodman off and put Artis Gilmore and Bob Love on the team. Gilmore’s size, solid defensive skills and tenacity would prevent Shaq from having his way. Bob Love would score enough and do enough to bother Kareem. He would not stop him but bother him enough with the help defense of the other players to not let Kareem take over. Jordan’s great ability to break down a defense would keep the game from getting away and he would outplay Kobe. I believe Rose’s athleticism would prevent Magic’s wizardry from dominating as much and Scottie would go heads up with Elgin. No disrespect.

  4. Steve says:

    Yes it be a total blowout!

    • Really?? says:

      I agree JUST BECAUSE Lakers have historically had more talented players on their teams… All in all you take 96 Bulls and put them up against ANY single Lakers squad and Bulls win every time. Jordans best squad vs Shaqs best squad… Jordan wins hands down. Lakers had multiple great teams… Bulls owned one era.. its an unfair comparison. But..
      96 Bulls (Jordans Best) vs 2000 Lakers ( Shaqs best record as a laker)

      Harper vs Harper — Bulls harper was in his prime so he wins that one by default.
      Jordan vs Kobe – Jordan wins
      Pippen vs Rice – Pippen wins hands down
      Rodman vs A.C. Green – Rodman dominates
      Longley vs Shaq – Lakers win one position battle… Woooo go Shaq.

      Lakers bench would have a slight edge but still Bulls win.

      Shaq needs to take players from the 70s and 80s to make a valid argument. His teams were nowhere near the level of the teams Pippen was on… End of Story. Pippen may have been a sidekick but he was a sidekick on arguably the most dominant team of all-time. Not to mention how many titles did Jordan win before Pippen?? Oh yeah 0. Jordan needed pippen just like Shaq needed a dominant 2 guard (Wade/Kobe) One man cant win a title.

      • LA4LIFE says:

        We are talking about an all time great teams here body, in case you miss the title of the article. In that case, 5 on 5, no bench, this is a clean sweep for my Lakers. Since is an all time great, only ring winners apply here, no Rose or Karl Malone in LA uniform. No Divac, or Orlando Woolridge, who played for both teams. I am not even going to mention Shaq to make it “easier” on your Bulls front court.
        PG- Magic vs Paxon
        SG- Kobe vs Jordan
        C- Kareem Abdul Jabbar vs any center in Bulls championship run history (lol)
        PF- Wilt Chamberlain vs Rodman (lol)
        SF- Worthy vs Pippen

        Umm, yes, this is a clean sweep. 4-0 LA wins.

      • Keem says:

        No1 cares about who’s individual team was better. We all know Jordan had some of the best teams in history especially his 72-10 record team. Shaq had good teams but they could have been better, he was just that much of a powerful force. Imagine Shaq with a Kobe in his prime wit Gasol, that teams dynamics would have been ridiculous. Shaq is talking about that Lakers all time great starting line up vs the Bulls all time greats starting line up. I don’t know about them winning by 50 because Jordan is tht much of a beast but Shaqs team is hands down the better overall team, & I think they would win.

  5. Ty Anal says:

    An all time Celtic or heat team would be better

  6. Barryh says:

    Milwaukee had Jabbar, Sidney Moncrief, Marques Johnson, Bob Lanier and Oscar Robertson

  7. Cory says:

    4 of the 5 All-Time Bulls played on the same Championship team. Reason #5848275 Michael Jordan is not the greatest player ever.

    • iminarush says:

      OR that means the Bulls don’t have a rich history the Lakers do, all their best players were in the Jordan era. Take 1 laker team and 1 bulls team and match them up. Not the greatest over the teams history that is dumb

    • Martavis says:

      Who better

    • 2threepeats says:

      H Grant and D Rodman were never on the same Bulls team. And how many superstars won championships without other great players on the same team?

    • Kindness says:

      Another Lebron bandwagon get over it.

    • Really?? says:

      Jordan never won without Pippen…
      LeBron hasn’t won without D-Wade….
      Isiah didn’t win until he had 3 other HoFers with him.
      Magic and Larry both never won without atleast 2 other HoFers on the roster.
      Shaq never won without a dominant 2 guard. (Kobe/D-Wade)
      Even Duncan has won his titles with fellow HoFers(Future HoFers)
      KG, The Truth and Ray Allen all HoFers and couldnt win until they came together.

      Its a team game… Its been proven time and time again one superstar can’t win a title by himself.
      Only teams that didn’t have multiple all time greats in their primes in the last 30 years were the extremely balanced Billup’s Pistons and Dirk’s Mavs that had many reliable veterans and a DPOY. So your point is completely invalid.

      • Really?? says:

        Oh and Hakeem. But at the time the rockets won back to back there weren’t really any teams that were loaded with HoFers… Celtics, Lakers, and Pistons teams were disbanded Jordan was out of the game… Most teams had one superstar and another great player or two… (Magic- Shaq with penny and NA — Knicks- Ewing with starks — Sonics- Payton with Kemp… etc… it was just a down couple of years in the league that allowed Hakeem to dominant the way he did. Which is also why.. in my opinion those 96 Bulls were so dominant.. Jordan+Pippen+Rodman was just hands down better than what anybody else had to offer.. Toni and Harper would’ve been second or third best player on just about any other team that year.

  8. Troy says:

    It would be a blowout like Shaq says. Our second team would beat them too. Goodrich, West, Worthy, Gasol and Chamberlin!

  9. Bruce says:

    it’s possible Shaq you wouldn’t even be on that team and neither would Kobe you forgot about James Worthy and Jerry West

    • nexsis24 says:

      Jerry is not better than Kobe …Neither is Worthy…..Stop It.

    • lifescriptz says:

      “Neither would Kobe?” Really, guy? Kobe is arguably the best player to EVER don a Lakers uniform. How would he not be on that squad?

      • Jon in Iowa says:

        Luke Walton is arguably the greatest player to EVER don a Lakers uniform, too. That something can be argued does not make the argument valid. Kobe has always had the three major flaws of a would-be superstar: he’s selfish with the ball, he takes bad shots (in lieu of helping his teammates take good ones), and he turns the ball over. And that’s just on the court.

      • Kindness says:

        @ Jon in Iowa: Yes as a hater you mention all the “flaws”, but Kobe is still super-star sorry.

      • Jon in Iowa says:

        @ Kindness: It always amuses me when people resort to a haters-vs-believers style of argumentation in defense of Kobe, without apparently realizing that they are implicitly supporting the idea that Kobe owes his reputation more to a cult of personality than to his on-court abilities.

        Kobe is gritty, can hit shots (when he gets good ones), can handle the ball, and got to be a pretty good defender in his last few healthy years, but he has always had efficiency problems and has been downright denigrating to his teammates. He should have been a #2 option and would have been a great one, but his ego wouldn’t allow it.

        Did you ever watch his one-on-five exhibitions in the all-star games, where his team kept falling farther behind, and he kept trying harder and harder to do it all himself? Even playing beside the best players in the Western conference, Kobe couldn’t get over himself.

        I think the all-time Lakers would win either way, but Jerry West makes the team better, while Kobe makes it worse.

      • incognito says:

        Lebron =triple double machine= 2 for 6 in the finals
        Kobe= “ball hog”= 5 for 7
        Kobe puts up 40 shots = ball hog
        Jordan puts up 40 shots = hero
        C’mon man, it’s clear what it takes to win and it’s clear that there is inequality

      • incognito says:

        Kobe wins two titles with Pau and Jerry west loses 9 all with Baylor and some with Baylor and wilt and goodrich. Ya, west definitely makes the team better

      • Kindness says:

        @Jon in Iowa: I agree with part of your points but I wouldn’t say Kobe made his team worse. The Kobe/Shaq is always a debate who should be the first option. True that Shaq appears a little more dominant in those 3 championship, but Kobe’s role pretty damn close if not equal. Besides, when Lakers came to the point where they could only keep Shaq or Kobe, they chose Kobe. And you know what, he stuck out the bad years and ended up winning 2 championships with him being the unargurablye first option. Yes he could have done better deal with his ego and teammate but people are different. His winning formulas is challenging teammate and taking risk making big play with killer instinct. And that is proved successful a couple of times if not more.

      • Jon in Iowa says:

        @ incognito: First, the Lakers won in ’72. Second, even if you lose the finals, you don’t get there by losing. The Lakers were the second-best team in the league eight years in West’s fourteen-year career. Third, the best team in the league was usually the Russell-led Celtics, otherwise known as the greatest dynasty in the history of American professional sports. Fourth, even losing didn’t stop West from winning finals MVP in ’69.

        If you look at West’s scoring after Baylor got injured in ’65, it is clear that he was able to put the team on his back when need be, yet he didn’t feel entitled to dominate the ball every game the way Kobe does. Counting championships is a pretty roundabout way of comparing two players, anyway. Go over to basketball-reference and look at their production side by side. West blows Kobe out of the water.

        And I don’t know why you’re talking about Jordan and LeBron. If you’re trying to fit them onto the all-time Lakers roster, you’re pretty confused.

  10. david forbes says:

    Shaq right but I say by 100 besides Jordan the rest of the players at jokes

    • LA4LIFE says:

      Hall of Fame players for each team. Not good players, not great players, freaking HALL FAMERS!
      LA Hall of Fame players:
      George Mikan (1959) Elgin Baylor (1977) Jim Pollard (1978) Wilt Chamberlain (1979) Jerry West (1980) Slater Martin (1982) Clyde Lovellette (1988) Connie Hawkins (1992) Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (1995) Vern Mikkelsen (1995) Gail Goodrich (1996) Bob McAdoo (2000) Magic Johnson (2002) James Worthy (2003) Adrian Dantley (2008) Pat Riley (2008) Karl Malone (2010) Dennis Rodman (2011) Don Nelson (2012) Jamaal Wilkes (2012) Gary Payton (2013) Slick Leonard (2014) Mitch Richmond (2014).

      BULLS Hall of Fame players:
      Nate Thurmond (1985) George Gervin (1996) Robert Parish (2003) Michael Jordan (2009) Jerry Sloan (2009) Scottie Pippen (2010) Artis Gilmore (2011) Dennis Rodman (2011) Chet Walker (2012) Guy Rodgers (2014)


  11. otis says:

    the X factor would be magic and shaq and Kareem. Chicago does not have the size at point.

  12. Anthony says:

    Yes i think the Lakers would win bulls didn’t really have a center

  13. Chris says:

    It would be an awesome game, don’t we have an NBA 2k simulation anywhere?

  14. Juan Perez says:

    I have to agree shaq, maybe not the margin of Victory cause u can never discount mj..but a win for Lakers greats.

  15. jpalumbo says:

    Who’s coaching? Could be hack-a-Shaq vs. hack-a-Worm in the most boring Bill & Ted’s Excellent Time Travel All-Star game of all time…

  16. Ed Tupuola says:

    I agree with Shaq… Too Strong in the Middle and the outside game would DESTROY them period LA Lakers…

  17. Tom Krejci says:

    Sqaq is little nuts Da Bulls with pip Jordan Gilmore theus and grant would kill Lakers by 15

  18. Tumi says:

    I’d be the best game of all time!!! It’s MJ we talking about here Shaq. MJ would find a way, and the Bulls would win by about 5! Don’t get me wrong bro, I like the Lakers line too.

  19. Brian says:

    No way magic to slow for Rose ,rod an hacks shaq ,shaq can’t make free throws , jordan better then Kobe ,Kareem will have a hard tim scoring on grant he is to thin .

  20. Sean D says:

    I think he’s right on but I don’t think its by 50,I’d give it a 10 point spread.

  21. Forshadow says:

    I believe the Bulls beat the Laker greats in the 90-91 nba finals minus Kobe and shaq on the team

  22. Isiah says:

    Kobe would match up against MJ perfect but the bulls greats have no one to stop Shaq or Magic.

    • Tone says:

      Timeout…. Jus cuz peep wanna keep sayin kobe the second jordan dont make it so. Tho kobe is closest to jordan move wise also dont make it so. This student teacher case…. The student will not have beat the teacher. Kobe had good athleticism but his didnt compare to jordans.

    • mikedotsun says:

      Kobe does not match up against Kobe. A prime MJ would utterly humiliate Kobe. No comparison….

      • mikedotsun says:


      • Kindness says:

        If MJ would utterly humiliate Kobe, then he would humiliate anyone else in the NBA EVEN WORSE. Come on Kobe is the closest 1-on-1 player compared to Micheal Jordan and you think you know better than Jordan himself?? He even said he is not sure if he can beat Kobe because he steals all his moves.

  23. Darrell says:

    Man any TEAM that has M.J. on it in his Prime is going to WIN..BOTTOM LINE

    • Todd says:

      Shaq was the leader of the only team to beat M.J.’s Bulls in the playoffs after they started winning titles.

  24. 55bucky says:

    Shaq must’ve forgot how rodman neutralized his big behind and frustrated him into having bad games. Just like pip checked magic during our 1st championship. But as always shaq talks foolish nonsense.

  25. Alfred worthy says:

    Nice try Shaq; put yourself in such esteem company. But all you have proven here is the LA Lakers have more all time greats than the Bulls, which everyone knows. Now, what I will bet you is that none of the teams on which you played would beat any of the teams on which MJ played.

  26. Jason V says:

    Remove Horace Grant and Add Nate Thurmond, then It will be a game! But LA still wins. Not by 50 though!

  27. ace amacio says:

    bulls will beat the lakers if the pf is kokuc and gasol at the center….but that line up is good….

  28. Gaddis says:

    Lakers win, no problem! Whos gaurding shaq and jabbar??

  29. Richard Veluz says:

    Lakers would win by 10

  30. john says:

    Mavs 2011 would destroy Shaq lakers

  31. Keith E says:

    I think the Lakers because Rodman will foul out leaving 5 on 4 and the game would be over. Magic and Kobe against Jordan…that’s alot to overcome. Elgin, Kareem and Shaq can take down Horace and Scottie for sure. Rose is injury prone.

    • Tone says:

      Wat are yu an I in on? Ok, in that case too, take kobe out cuz he injury prone now too, shaq became that. Come on man…. We talkin about an all time game based on skill n all. Injury is no part of the convo. If so, all the players are at risk. D rose in his prim pre injury would run circles around magic. Even now after his injuries he would still do so.

    • Reinhard says:

      Laker don’t have the speed here bulls win

    • Reinhard says:

      Who is going to guard rose and whoever tries to will foul out

  32. Bobby Parr says:

    lakers still have west, wilt, worthy, gasol, goodrich on the bench….bulls, celtics, heat…none of them would stand a chance

  33. DW says:

    The Lakers would win. But Shaq wouldn’t get on the Lakers all time team ahead of Wilt Chamberlain.

  34. nexsis24 says:

    Shaq is ACTUALLY RIGHT……MJ vs Kobe give MJ a slight edge….Shaq vs Grant…no contest…. Magic vs Rose…Magic because Rose would have to Score from outside because of Shaq presence….Baylor vs Pippen….A stand off……Jabbar vs Rodman…Checkmate…..Winner….Lakers .

  35. jomal says:

    hard to say who would win, on the one hand 9 of the 10 guys played in the hard nose era, and the one guy who’s never played well in hard nose basketball is rose..on the other hand i dont think any of the lakers on the court could of touched him with a 10 foot pole.. sorry shaq, i dont think anyone from the 80’s 90’s played against a player with that combination of speed and athleticism.

  36. Rikk says:

    If Horice Grant stays in that line up then the Lakers win,replace him with the A train then Chicago wins even with Derricks defensive deficiencys magics not fast enough to guard him.

  37. Aaron says:

    Pick a player in their TRUE position for each team, that means cant play 2 centers. Get rid of horace grant too coz he aint even close to be a bulls legend.. And btw theres other bulls great before MJ, maybe you guys wanna consider them

  38. Sandy says:

    Unfortunately, Shaq would not only be on the bench to start, he would be #3 center behind Wilt and Kareem. West would be in there for 3’s.

  39. SCOTT says:

    Shaq is the most dominant big man to ever play. Jordan is the greatest player. Lakers win. Other franchises have better all-time great teams that would match up better.

  40. Kukoc says:

    Bulls need more size! Swap Horace Grant for Luc Longley or Bill Wennington and then we’ll talk. Seriously, that Lakers team would roll. Kobe wouldn’t completely stop MJ, but neither would MJ completely stop Kobe. Rodzilla couldn’t stop a sky hook or Shaq’s BBQ Chicken down low.

  41. Charles ruffin says:

    No team Jordan on is gonna get beat like that it will be a good game a it nobody winning by that much

  42. Puchotrd says:

    You’re damn right Shaq! Total dominance!

  43. Chris says:

    Beating Jordan’s team by 50? This can only happen in a dream. Wake up, Shaq. Except Kobe, how do you intend to keep up with this fast running Bulls team? Bulls by 15, at least.

    • tripnip says:

      magic is twice the player derrick rose ever was or will be. Kobe and jordan are almost even. Elgin baylor and pippen are even. Shaq and kareem doo doo on their front line

  44. iminarush says:

    OR that means the Bulls don’t have a rich history the Lakers do, all their best players were in the Jordan era, I wouldn’t even want Rose on this team. Take 1 laker team and 1 bulls team and match them up. Not the greatest over the teams history that is dumb.

  45. Erinho says:

    Cousy, Havliceck, Bird, McHale, Russel. Nuff said

  46. David Hilliard says:

    A prime Kareem would give Jordan a run for best player

  47. V-RO says:

    By fifty that’s with 2 minutes before the half. And we will give them a extra player (ringless Barkley) ….

  48. Yall Idiots says:

    Rodman and Grant are too small to guard O’neal and Kareem down low and Rose is too small for Magic. All the lakers have to do is feed the post

  49. bryan says:

    shaq is dreaming..remember lakers 2004 payton ,kobe, malone, shaq??? haha
    just take out grant and add gilmore. magic cant guard rose ..kobe’s weakness is defense . no way he can stop MJ..shaq on his prime cant even post up rodman.. bulls team will win by 20

  50. Kneal and Bob says:

    Haha…since when is Derrick Rose considered a Bull’s great?

    • Tone says:

      Ok, so, injuries to the side…. What pg the bulls had would be better/cause more problems than rose?

  51. joe hay says:

    Wilt Chamberlin and Jerry West cannot crack the Laker top 5? That’s a pretty deep bench.

  52. Fernando S says:

    He forgot Wilt, Jerry West and James Worthy, I guess they would be coming off the bench!

  53. Victor Aguirre says:

    I guess it’s like the little brother getting bullied having to call all his big brothers. What’s his point? Pick legends from ALL Laker teams to play ONE Bulls team???

  54. King says:

    Not even close. Derrick Rose probably wouldn’t even make it out the first quarter. #33 & #34 for the Lakers are the x factors, no one can stop them. I don’t think it would be close.

  55. Day6000 says:

    Shaq is right all the way, the only player besides Jordan is Roman!

  56. Les says:

    I’m a Bulls fan for life, but I see a mismatch with Magic and Kareem. I hate to say it but Lakers will have edge, but will not win by double digits.

  57. Erlo says:

    Derrick Rose should not be the PG. He is terribly overrated.

  58. Chi-Town says:

    Bulls would have ran your squad out the gym fast pace look at the league now up tempo.Let’s u know how good they were the league is using there format.

  59. Edgar C says:

    Bulls have the greatest player of all time, and would be the better defensive team… But Lakers inside game is just too strong, I’d favor the Lakers, but not by 50. Wilt should be there instead of Shaq, Shaq really needs to get off his high horse putting himself on that list.

  60. Travis Best says:

    fyi: dennis rodman is the only player to single handily dominate shaq – check the stats youtube videos boys!

  61. bill says:

    Magic would beat Derrick Rose. His Airness would beat Kobe. Scottie Pippen could beat Elgin Baylor, But Baylor could beat Pippen. Dennis Rodman would beat Shaq. And Kareem Abdul_-Jabber would easily beat Horace Grant. That is Just my opinion.

  62. Benn Floyd says:

    Although Mike is one of my two all time favorites along with Majic, this all time Laker team would annihilate the all time Bulls team! No contest, besides MJ! He’s always going to get his ! No knock on the other guys. Needless to say, there all AWESOME !

  63. Ron says:

    For one Shaq shouldn’t be on the list since he is a center not a power forward swap him out with James Worthy or Robert Horry. Also Joakim Noah should be on the Bulls lists not Horace Grant. With that done the Bulls would win because Phil Jackson would be coaching the Bulls team not the Lakers one.

    • Tone says:

      I love that point.

    • desert11eagle says:

      Are telling me a Team can’t start 2 Centers? Somebody better tell that to Robinson, Duncan, and the Spurs… or Bynum and Gasol… MANY teams have run 2 Seven Footers on the floor at the same time.

      Stop making up Imaginary Rules.

  64. 1900 says:

    if it’s not obvious that the lakers would win hands down lets look at the bench. Don’t forget that Wilt Chamberlin was a Laker and what about Jerry West, James Worthy, Gail Goodrich, Byron Scott etc. The Chicago starters might hang in there for the short run but when you go to the bench the Lakers just keep going.

  65. MIKE says:


    • Tone says:

      How yu gonna say jus cuz sumbody dont go with yur OPINION they dont know ball? Evidently yu dont know ball. Yu makin it a 1 on 1 thing. We all know a bulls TEAM, COACHED by phil jackson using strategy n all would hav an edge. Lets not forget, its not about individual play. A TEAM using all their skills/minds/insight/tools/ mentally and strategically with a great coach has the edge.

      • desert11eagle says:

        Who included coaches? No coaches are mentioned. 5 on 5. No bench… Everybody is twisting stuff. Lol. And Phil would choose the Lakers squad. Otherwise the Lakers run Pat Riley.

        Lakers take this all day er’yday.

  66. Samuel says:

    Would Phil Jackson be coaching both teams?

  67. BD says:

    Does anyone remember 2004 Finals? Lakers with Shaq, Kobe, Karl Malone, and Gary Payton? All Hall of famers against Detroit team. This Finals was perfect example that not all superstar roster teams win the championship. It takes team chemistry, ego sacrifice, and a good coach etc .. to win.

    • Michel says:

      Agreed with BD. Chemistry would be a big part of what really matters. But also coaching. The difference would surely be on which side would Phil Jackson decide to play with.
      Random points:
      – Even though I’m an all-time Shaq fan, I’m also a big Rodman fan & know The Worm’s defense can freeze up the Big Fella.
      – I don’t like Phil Jackson’s style of play with MJ doing half of the points for the Bulls, but it turns out if won 6 championships.

      Conclusion: besides Bill Russell, Phil Jackson is the GOAT. Not Jordan not Shaq not Kobe not LBJ not Magic not whoever. Try three-peating, try winning more than 6 NBA championships in a lifetime.

      Sorry, Shaq. I’m your #1 fan but I believe you could have been a 10 time MVP if you had sticked to Phil Jackson. Bottom line: you didn’t.

      LBJ: Beware. You can’t be going back & forth from one franchise to another expecting to create a dynasty everywhere you go. Good luck with trying to get to 5 championships.

  68. Barbara says:

    YES, I believe the LAKERS will beat the BULLS

  69. Butch says:

    Take Noah for H.Grant in Starting L ;Jimmy B, Kukoc, D.Harper, Paxon and Gasol from the sec. Line-up.

    Bulls wins with DEFENSE maybe with 1 plus!

  70. robbot says:

    bulls, easy. the 96 bulls can beat that team.

  71. Tom says:

    Not a chance the Lakers would win.
    Maybe 1 out of 5.

  72. Bob says:

    hey @SHAQ … nevermind the Lakers Greats or Bulls Greats…what about your 2000 to 2003 Laker Team against the 96 Bulls ? who do you think would win @SHAQ ? (1)Rodman will messed up your offense, (2)Pippen can defend Kobe, (3)can anyone of your team can guard Jordan ? (4)Longley/Wennington can score too (5)Harper is a defensive player (6)don’t forget Kukoc and Steve Kerr ? (7)Buechler and Randy Brown can play defense too…or to make it short, everybody on 96 Bulls Team can play Defense and Offense consistently

  73. Barbara says:

    YES, I believe the LAKERS will beat the Bulls even though I like all the players on the Bulls team.

  74. Butch says:

    BD you have totaly right

  75. Bob says:

    one more thing @SHAQ, you should never consider yourself a Laker…remember, you started your career at Orlando Magic…that means you are a Magic not a Laker…that goes to Kareem too

  76. M says:

    Nice try Shaq, but unrealistic. The Bulls team you put together don’t have a center and barely a PF. They would still give the Lakers team hell though.

  77. tman says:

    The lakers would win, but not by 50, Probably not much more than 5 or 10. the difference would be Kareem Abdul Jabbar. There is not a Chicago answer to the sky hook.

  78. Tan says:

    The bulls would be way too fast for any Lakers team.

  79. Scott says:

    He doesn’t even have Jerry West. That’s where he went wrong.

  80. Robert says:

    Maybe 51 but not 50

  81. Adrian says:

    Kobe and Jordan would go at each other all day. Both are great defenders but KB is the better lock down defender. Both can score at will. (Edge to MJ)
    Magic is too tall and too smart for DRose. DRose is quick but Magic is taller, stronger, smarter. (Winner: Magic
    No one can stop Shaq. Who can stop the Hulk? Who can stop the NBA’s leading scorer, the Cap? (Winners: Shaq & Cap)
    Elgin Bayler all day!
    I agree with Shaq. Lakers by 50+

  82. Homero says:

    Houston Rockets team would beat both of them!!

  83. Exiled says:

    swap Kobe for M.J and the Bulls are’t going to win 6 rings ‘ uz Kobe will chase them out

  84. Homero says:

    Sleepy Floyd
    Clyde Drexler
    James Harden
    Hakeem Olajuwon
    Ralph Sampson

  85. Rhys says:

    Remember, Kobe stole of MJs moves

  86. xandorian says:

    I cant believe the ignorance here…well, yes I can. First of all, anyone who would pick Wilt over Shaq is mentally challenged. Wilt was a giant in his time and of course dominated back then. Shaq actually had dominant post moves and when he dunk on someone it wasn’t just because he was taller than his defender. Also, although Rodman was good at what he did, matching him uP AGAINST Shaq is hilarious! Horance Grant v. Kareem, even more ridiculous. This game would end up being futile like the Lebron v GSW…MJ v. LAL. Next….

  87. Felixiveca says:

    Shaq and Jabbar in the same lineup? That would be pretty awkward. The LA lineup iz great but it wouldnt realy work….
    The Bulls lineup on the other hand would work these guys actually played together and while i donk know how well could Grant and Rodman stop Shaq and Jabbar but if they can at least slow them down the Bulls could win it.
    Jordan D Rose and Pippen are sure to beat Elgin Kobe and Magic…..
    D Rose is too damn fast for Magic and if Kobe goes on him then you still have Jordan wrecking havoc, Scottie had serious offense in him in adition to one hell of a defensive skill set…

    This game would be the best basketball game ever.

  88. bobbyt says:

    where is west wilt etc

  89. Qasim f says:

    Well, the regular 2001 and 2002 team would beat that bulls squad. Simple Shaq is to much and Kobe will hold his own on both sides of the court. Now that Lakers team has 4 top ten players and a top 25 in Baylor. It wouldn’t be any competition. There’s a reason why 16 championships are in that building. Multiple eras of greatness which means more great players.

  90. Big john m says:

    Anybody hear of Wilt?

  91. Alex says:

    WOW all the bulls fans are just being ridiculous. Im a huge Jordan fan but there is no way that this game would be close. The lakers would absolutely demolish them inside. You have 3 of the top 5 scorers of all times on the lakers including the 2 most dominant bigs ever…The guards match ups would be very close but the bigs would make all the difference!

  92. 1776blues says:

    First I’d replace Shaq with Wilt, then I’ll agree with the 50. Wilt was a defensive stud. Its a shame the NBA didn’t track blocks because you’d find him at the top. Nobody gets inside much. Give the Bulls elbows Cartwright as their center. Still no contest, but as noted, its only a dream to think we’d ever see this played out. Connie Hawkins, Spencer Haywood, Sam Perkins or Pau Gasol would all work at PF.

  93. derrick says:

    shaq, i think that you are wrong. %0 points…wow. Im thinking more like 75!…GO LAKERS!

  94. goatzingis says:

    shaq has always been ignorant. first of all, switch grant with gilmore.
    briefly about positions – kareem and gilmore would be very equal battle, but skyhook is unstoppable
    rodman and shaq would be so fun to watch, that would be very intense battle
    pippen over baylor, because baylor never played against defender like scottie.
    mj over kobe all day and we all know why
    magic over rose. magic can guard all positions, this is easy one
    i really dont know who would win this one. im going to say bulls, because of mj and scottie.

  95. Damon Foster says:

    Agreed! Hands down.

  96. Jose Rafael says:

    Idk Shaq, if you got rose in there you gotta put Noah in the mix too. Just saying. Lol

  97. domelikeow says:

    The Bulls were great in the 90s, but the Lakers have had so many great eras, they would be much deeper than the Bulls. Also the Bulls have never had the kind of great big men the Lakers have in spades. Who in Bulls history could possibly match up with Shaq, Kareem and Wilt?

  98. MJallday says:

    People forget That Rodman could defend any of those players on the Lakers roster. it would be a good game, but Chicago would win.

  99. Mike Arnold says:

    Chamberlain,Kareem and Shaq at center. Pick your poison! Case Closed! Next argument!

  100. Kojack says:

    Da Bulls will kill them

  101. guy says:

    shaq is absoulutely CORRECT and it would be by more; kobe cancels out jordan, there is nobody to stop magic, kareem or baylor for that matter; plus they (lakers0 still could go to the logo and worthy off the bench

  102. Jetskidude says:

    Keep dreaming Shaq.

  103. marvin says:

    Shaq has a great mind for day dreaming if he thinks his lakers can beat MJ bulls

  104. Brandon says:

    Yes, but with Rose never staying on the floor, 5 on 4 really isn’t a fair game.

  105. Alex says:

    I think most people are missing the point. We all know that besides Jordan and maybe Pippen that the Lakers are much better throughout their history at these various positions. But in one game such as this to say the Lakers would win by 50 is stupid. Reason being Kobe would hate this game, he would have to play defense against Jordan going at him at 150% while he would be the 4th option on offense with Magic controlling the ball and you know he would get his bigs involved. And who on that Lakers team would be a role player?? Who is going to set an off the ball pick?? We know the Bulls bigs will, what about the Lakers bigs?? And if we are playing with current NBA rules how on Earth would you defend MJ with no Hand Check. And no one could stay in front of Rose since we would presumably be talking about MVP Rose, not this current version. With that said I still think the Lakers would have a better shot of winning because of the overall talent but it would be very very close because of the reasons I just mentioned above. The Bulls have had Tyson Chandler and Ben Wallace on their teams, I am pretty sure they would play ahead of Horace Grant

  106. O7 says:

    Consider this, all Bulls greatest players played together, not so with the Lakers… that Bulls team broke all records, regular and playoff seasons. A good question would be the coaches? With Phil Jackson with the Bulls and maybe Pat Riley with the Lakers?!? The Bulls wins it, the talent, the chemistry, ruling all aspects of court game…. And having Jordan, I mean all that names are very, very good, even Kobe who is the one more similar…. but when it came “clutch time” I never saw no one like 23, he was a ladder higher than the others! Plus he had the best complementary guy he could have in Pippen
    Shaq, I have to say it would have been the best of games of all time to see… but dream on, because I think 90´s Bulls teams were the best we would see in basketball…. and adding the best Celtic´s????!!! 🙂

  107. Add a bench from among Lakers and Bulls greats and even more of blowout for the Lakers!

  108. MacDazzler says:

    Wow…… Thanks Shaq! Kobe/Shaq threepeat years I can dig it. That was some fun basketball to watch and if I’m not mistaken those teams started the original “BEAT LA” theme. You have to be pretty darn good to have multiple cities jump on a catch-phrase about you roughly translating to “SOMEBODY BEAT THEM” (we’re tired of seeing them win). Go LA! David Stern drown in your double chin.

  109. #1MJ#2LBJ#3KB says:

    How about LAKERS vs HEAT all time greats? Magic / Kobe / Baylor / Kareem / Wilt VS Hardaway / Wade / Lebron / Mourning / Shaq… That really would be the best game of all time. Hardaway vs Magic is a crazy matchup. Kobe and Wade (100% healthy Wade) would’ve been epic. Lebron would destroy Baylor. Alonzo would’ve make Kareem work hard, And Shaq going on Wilt… did I mention EPIC already? How wins this one!?!? I say Heat in triple overtime thanks to Tim Hardaway ankle breaking even his teammates…

  110. The best Laker team did not have Shaq on it. that was either the 72 team with West & Wilt or one of Showtime with Magic & Worthy. Either of those teams would have crushed any team Shaq has ever played on. As for the MJ Bulls, forget about it.

  111. chill dude says:

    the lakers have to much size their shortest player is probably kobe at 6’6

  112. jpetedesign says:

    What’s Derrick Rose done? Not really a legend.

  113. Rob says:

    I think the Lakers would edge the game, but would not win by anywhere near 50. Typical Shaq – always has to overdo everything.

  114. SD-Stang says:

    Rodman already proved he could play with shaq and out rebound him. And MJ’s bulls beat Shaq in Orlando and the Lakers were not in the Championship discussion when MJ was even on the tail end of his career. Kareem would start over Shaq for sure if that was a 5v5 game the Lakers would get run on all game long Wilt walked the court he didn’t run neither did Shaq nor would Kareem. So that 5v5 MJ would take apart it would be a blow out by the first half. MJ would talk so much sh** to them while he piled on the points watching 3 7 footers try to get back on defense. it would likely be about 105 to 50 if they were lucky. likely Kobe would foul out because he would have to foul them running the court. Even if the Lakers did get set they’d have to come out and defend much faster players would run right by them if they came out to defend or just drain 3’s which Michael and Scottie can do with open looks and they would have plenty.

  115. Tone says:

    Yu makin it a 1 on 1 thing. We all know a bulls TEAM, COACHED by phil jackson using strategy n all would hav an edge. Lets not forget, its not about individual play. A TEAM using all their skills/minds/insight/tools/ mentally and strategically with a great coach has the edge.

  116. Joe says:

    Shaq Is full of it. There is no way any of those laker teams could beet the bulls.. The Bulls have the record fo most wins in a season. Lakers have nothing.!!

  117. GF says:

    Not Fair! All Lakers are perennial All-Stars & HOF’ers but not all Bulls players…

  118. Pete says:

    The Lakers team is a little unbalanced up front. Maybe play Kareem at power forward? As Shaq couldn’t hit anything but the floor from more than 8 feet he’d be no use as a 4.

    Magic would be too big for Rose. Jordan would take Bryant. Rodman wouldn’t score much but was an all-time great defender and could guard any of the Lakers players as he used to guard the oppositions best player regardless of position. Grant could be a little too up against it. I think an intriguing match up would be Pippen vs Baylor – not sure how that would go. Lakers would not win this by anywhere close to 50 though.

  119. Scott says:

    Shaq’s dreaming lol

  120. Reinhard says:

    As good as Lakers are they don’t have the speed to match up with the bulls here , bull will win clearly

  121. Charles Hughes Jr says:

    The Bulls team of the 90s would beat any Lakers team. It would be a good game but the Lakers would win.

  122. Al Ware says:

    Lakers win by at least 20 points or more…the key is Kareem…the sky hook was/is unstoppable!!!

  123. steve nash says:

    top 5 of bulls would beat top top 5 of lakers, with that being said if you factor in the bench, the lakers would simply dominate the bulls

  124. #swagfordays says:

    That Lakers team would destroy that bulls team. just feed the post all day. total score 160-110. #swagfordays

  125. #swagfordays says:


  126. tensai says:

    better matchup. defense vs offense

  127. Gabe says:

    If you go down the list and compare the players to the other at their position, the Lakers will have a slight edge. They might win, just not by fifty

  128. MARK WARE says:

    without jordan there wouldnt be a kobe….whos moves would he have copied?

    • Kindness says:

      That means he is talented. Why didn’t anyone else in the NBA copy Jordan?

    • Todd says:

      Without Dr. J, whose moves would MJ have copied? Besides, in a way, everybody’s moves can be traced back to Elgin Baylor…

  129. Al Ladd says:

    In Soccer it’s tradition often past stars meet in friendly games for charities , same would be good to have in Basketball.

  130. Jim Muncy says:

    Shaq would be riding the pine. Chamberlain was a Laker. That would give the Lakers easily three (and maybe 4) of the ten best players of all time. And how many of the ten best players of all time would Chicago have? One. Lakers by 50.

  131. Un12aldog says:

    Shaq is right. Thats impossible to prove but if you look at each team member and their counterpart, it totally makes sense. The main factor would be the bench. Lakers would have another top 5 on the bench while the bulls would not. Whoever says shaq is dreaming is actually dreaming right now * Dropped mic.

  132. Daniel says:

    Probably better to compare Lakers greats vs Celtics greats. Bulls have never won a title outside of MJ.

  133. Jeffery Collyge says:

    Shaq I guarantee you that if Michael Jordan, Derrick Rose, Scottie Pippen, Dennis Rodman, and Horace Grant all teamed up, you would get slottered. If you say it the other way. Then team them up, and the Lakers will be slottered.

  134. Jeffery Collyge says:

    Shaq I guarantee you that if Michael Jordan, Derrick Rose, Scottie Pippen, Dennis Rodman, and Horace Grant all teamed up, you would get slottered. If you say it the other way. Then team up, and the Lakers will be slottered.

  135. Don Eddy says:

    All Time Spurs!!!

    Guards – T. Parker, A. Johnson
    Wings – K. Leonard, S. Elliott, B. Bowen, G. Gervin
    Big Men – D. Robinson, T. Duncan, L. Aldridge

    Greatest Coach of all NBA – Popovich

    This team would smoke any Lakers team by 50!

  136. dogfacegorilla says:

    Rodman one of my top five favs by the way has defended shaq and gave up a bucket every time. Grant also. Jabbar has the most points in history in an era where centers were the focal point. Kobe and jordan offset each other. If u really know basketball. Mj himself said the only person that couldve beat him one on one is kobe. U dont have to like him. Plus jordan was none for hoggin the ball as well as other stars. Magic was quicker than u think. Check the 87 finals…plus hes six inches taller than rose. The kinda offset..but rose not dunkn easily on those bigs. Pippen and baylor would be a good match…but during the course of a game. U have help and zone defense.. pick n roll mix matches and two bigs in la that dominate. Nobodys moving shaq..period. phoenix suns were close to beating the squad wayyy better than suns..its simple logic..dont let your ego about kobe n shaqs ego cloud your judgement..

  137. BigPete says:

    I completely agree with shaq. the bulls are extremely weak with the point guard and center positions. DERRICK ROSE, ARE U SERIOUS, magic would own him all game, and Horace grant, kareem would easily take him, unless mj and pippen are going to do all the scoring, and maybe a little bit of rodman, the lakers would crush em. the lakers have better players than every player except mike from the bulls. AND SERIOUSLY AM I THE ONLY ONE THATS WONDERING WHAT DERRICK ROSE IS DOING IN THAT STARTING LINEUP. PUTJOHN PAXON THERE INSTEAD. DERRICK ROSE. HES PROBABLY GOING TO BREAK HIS LEG WHEN HES JUST BRINGING THE BALL UP THE COURT!!!

  138. Rob says:

    This is a great Bulls team but the Lakers would win it. All five Lakers players would and could demand double teams. I’d give the slight edge to Magic due to his 6 inches on Rose. Could post him up and disrupt Roses shot. I think Kobe and Jordan would pretty much be a tie and cancel each other out since they have very similar games. Jordan said so himself. And they are probably the 1st and 2nd best players ever. I think Pipen might have the advantage on Baylor. It’s also very close. Shaq has a close battle with Rodman when it comes to Shaq on offense. Rodman was probably the best or one of the best defensive big men. Not going to beat Shaq though when Rodman is on offense. And Kareem has the advantage on Grant. You are forgetting that Kareem has scored more points than anyone in history based off of one famous move called the “Sky Hook”. It was UNBLOCKABLE!!!! So I’d say the Lakers by 10-15!
    Real question is Phil Jackson the coach both of these teams?

  139. monoliso says:

    Shaq is absolutely correct! this laker top 5 is unstoppable, even if you matched up the top 5 of all time from every team outside of the lakers, the laker greats will probably still contest and have an over 45% chance of winning. HOLY CRAP!!!

  140. This would be great to watch, But that laker five WOULD DESTROY THAT BULLS TEAM, Its just funny that you would even think that it would be challenging for that lake show. First 3 minutes may be competitive, but after that its just ridiculous… just look at their stats dummies! that will tell you all!

  141. Jay says:

    Come on Shaq, Beat the bulls… Not, I feel there would need to be a small adjustment. Take out Horace Grant and add Bill Cartwright or Luc Longley. To hold Jabbar and you. We were missing a true big man. I feel we would have still won due to us having Michael and Scottie. The ratings for that would have been so high, it would have been the best games ever… But 50 points Shaq No way.

  142. my fetti on the injured list says:

    I think DRose would get injured within the first 10 minutes of the game

  143. A Littlefield says:

    I can’t believe Shaq forgot Jerry Sloan. Probably the same reason he forgot so many great Lakers that would be ahead of him on the list. Sorry Shaq, you are not one of the top 5 Lakers of all time, not even close. Sloan hung in the rafters in Chicago all alone long before Scottie and Michael came along. Horace Grant? I mean really come on! At least do your homework Shaq.

    With Sloan, the Bulls would give the Lakers a run for their money!

  144. TOP5EVER! says:

    ok! listen to this! the dream of the dream team ever!
    point guard: “Magic” Earvin Johnson
    shooting guard: “G.O.A.T.” Michael Jordan
    small forward: “King” Lebron James
    power forward: “legend” Larry Bird
    center: “100 points man” Wilt Chamberlain
    …. try to beat these guys dude! 🙂

  145. norman says:

    The spurs top will take on the lakers tim duncan david robinson or lemarcus aldridge manu ginobili tony parker kawhi leonard ..

  146. Steve says:

    Yeah that’s a nice thought shaq but na, Bulls with that team above would be unstoppable!!

  147. nether says:

    I don’t know if Jordan is in the zone it might be tough for the Lakers 😀

  148. Brian says:

    Of course he is going to say that. What better way to draw attention to a washed up has been than to state something stupid that really means nothing and cannot be proved or disproved. So, he cant be right or wrong and still gets the attention he craves.

  149. M. J. says:

    The Bulls(5) are smaller but faster and the Lakers(5) so it would be a tight match up due to the height/weight differential. Kobe is the only payer on the Lakers team that may be able to keep up with Derrick Rose other than Elgin Baylor. No one on the team could shut down Jordan or give Pippen a difficult time except Kobe/Baylor. Pippen is the most versatile player on both sides of the ball on either team. The Lakers will have the advantage in the paint but the Bulls will edge them by a margin of 10 points maybe more. Once the Bulls get the Lakers in foul trouble, their interior will be weak and the game will be blown wide open. Shaq & Kareem are too easy to get into foul trouble and Magic is only a threat in the open court. as far as conditioning, the Bulls have the advantage, the Lakers will not be able to keep up with the fast pace of the Bulls. Derrick Roses’ height is the only real weakness that the Bulls have…this is just my opinion…let’s keep the debate going…

  150. TOP5EVER! says:

    ….i forgot the bench 🙂
    point guard: John Stockton
    shooting guard: Kobe Bryant
    small forward: Scottie Pippen
    power forward: Dennis Rodman
    center: K.A. Jabbar

  151. Todd says:

    It truly amazes me that almost nobody remembers Shaq’s Magic were in the Finals in ’95 after dispatching Jordan’s Bulls.

  152. C-Hott says:

    Well first off if we’re talking laker greats wilt would be there not shaq soooo yea I would take the lakers do to just overpowering bigs but not be 50 it would by 50 it would be within 10

  153. Nando says:

    If u take all the rings mvps scoring championships defense player of the year awards and defensive 1st team’s the bulls win in every single category with much less seasons played then the Lakers players rodman used to dominate Shaq and was part of pistons team that beat Kareem and magics Lakers all of the bulls players have winning records over all of the Lakers add the rings 21-20 bulls add the seasons Lakers have damn near 80 seasons bulls have bulls have like 60

  154. doycells says:

    Nah i would bet on the bulls since we all know these guys can play together. only Rose is added and he’s a PG. As for the Lakers, the question is can they play together? Which i dont think so.

  155. Mark says:

    Shaq/Abdul-Jabbar/Chamberlain/Bryant/Magic/West/Baylor/Goodrich/and let’s not forget Karl Malone, would DESTROY any Bulls team. This post is just to show what Shaq said has credence.

    Shaq’s teams vs. MJ’s teams through their careers

    Shaq vs. Jordan: Shaq 10 Wins 8 Losses Overall. MJ 6 Rings Shaq 3 Rings at time of MJ’s retirement.
    Mar 28, 2003 Lakers vs. Wizards W 108 – 94 Won 1/1 (with both Shaq/MJ on the floor)
    Feb 12, 2002 Lakers vs. Wizards W 103 – 94
    Apr 2, 2002 Lakers @ Wizards W 113 – 93 Won all 2/2 this season

    Shaq vs. Jordan: Shaq 6 Wins 8 Losses To This Point
    Feb 1, 1998 Lakers vs. Chicago Bulls W 112 – 87 Won 1/2 this season
    Feb 5, 1997 Lakers vs. Chicago Bulls W 106 – 90 Won 1/2 this season
    Nov 14, 1995 Magic vs. Chicago Bulls W 94 – 88 Won 1/4 this season, swept by Bulls in playoffs
    Mar 24, 1995 Magic @ Chicago Bulls W 106 – 99 Won 1/1 vs Bulls w/MJ reg seas, won 4/6 playoffs
    (only team to ever beat MJ’s Bulls in playoffs between 1991 and 1998) 5/7 overall season and playoff vs MJ
    1992-1993 0/3 Shaq was drafted by worst team in NBA (21/61 record previous year) improved their record to 41/41

    Just for fun:
    Shaq vs. Robinson Career W/L Record:20 Wins/20 Losses.3 Rings to 2.(Exclude Shaq’s 4th ring AFTER Robinson retired)
    Shaq vs. Ewing Career W/L Record: 15 Wins/11 Losses. 3 Rings to 0.
    Shaq vs. Olajuwon Career W/L Record 17 Wins/11 Losses. 3 Rings to 2.
    Shaq vs. Duncan Career W/L Record 33 Wins/29 Losses. 4 Rings each at time of Shaq’s retirement.
    Shaq vs. Howard Mourning W/L Record 13 Wins/3 Losses. 4 Rings to 1.
    Shaq vs. Bryant Career W/L Record 8 Wins/5 Losses. 4 Rings to 5 (As teammates Shaq 3 Finals MVPs to Bryant’s 0). The
    thing people don’t mention is if you replaced Kobe with any one of about 6-12 players on those 2000-2002 teams, Lakers
    still would’ve won every title. If you take Shaq off and put ANYONE in his place, they wouldn’t have won a single title.
    Players who could’ve replaced Kobe to win titles on those teams: MJ, McGrady, Iverson, Stackhouse, Penny, Grant Hill,
    Vince Carter, Michael Finley, Gary Payton, Jason Kidd, Karl Malone, Chris Webber, Mike Bibby, Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce, Tim Duncan, David Robinson, Setphon Marbury, Steve Francis, Scottie Pippen. Jamison, Antoine Walker, Nowitzki, Ray Allen, Glenn Robinson. Pretty big list of players who could’ve replaced Bryant for those 3 titles. Says a lot about the talent difference between Shaq and Kobe if any of these replaced Shaq the Lakers would never have won a title between 2000 and 2002.

  156. Glenn says:

    Too fast, to good, they would never have the ball. Kobe would be high scorer for Lakers and that’s it. Speed would win. Turn overs would kill the lakers. Bulls win easy!!#

  157. Mark says:

    4* Rings to 0***

  158. andrew says:

    shall should be taken off for wilt chamberlain

  159. Mark says:

    Point being Shaq was a bad dude. He wins this IF debate hands down. Everyone worshiping MJ needs to come back to reality already. Chamberlain was better than Jordan, you can’t argue stats. Abdul-Jabbar was better than Jordan. Kobe was ARGUABLY better than Jordan. That’s 3 guys right there all for the Lakers better than Jordan. Whether this Lakers team would win by 50, 30, 100, it doesn’t matter, MJ’s Bulls stand no chance.You have the 3 greatest centers, greatest pg in Magic, arguably greatest sg in Kobe, and the greatest pf in Karl Malone. Dream on MJ fans.

  160. Joseph says:

    Starting for Lakers:
    Jerry West

    The Bulls would be lucky to get 5 rebounds a game as a team against the Lakers front line

    Off the bench:
    Elgin Baylor
    James Worthy
    Carl Malone

  161. Diego says:

    Come on! Horace Grant??? What about Artis Gilmore? If you are going to chose the best Shaq, chose the best…

  162. Rico Graves says:

    Lakers! Who’d play Kareem and Shaq? NOBODY!!! Chicago wouldn’t have a comfortable three point shooter either.

  163. Craig says:

    It’s easy to name a Chicago Greatest team because let’s be honest they only have a handful of great teams. The Lakers on the other hand are stacked with great teams…no Worthy, Chamberlin, or West on this squad on those are only a few. I think it would be a very competitive game but I think the Lakers bigs would be too much.

  164. Rick says:

    I think the point is being missed here…….Shaq said beat them by 50. Heck no, would not happen. First of all, Shaq wouldn’t have a great game because of Rodman, Kareem could go off, but only if his sky hook is falling. Otherwise, Grant can hold him at bay…..Baylor is awesome, but Pippen is an A+ defender too and could do a lot to slow him down. Jordan and Kobe would be a serious face off because they’d probably match each other blow for blow. So, in my opinion to this point they are even because the Bulls defense is so dang good from the 2 to the 5, but then we get to Rose vs Magic…Rose is a scorer, not a distributor so him and Jordan and Pippen don’t mesh at all. Pippen was the main distributor on the Bulls teams and Rose doesn’t have a good enough shot to play off the ball. That’s why the Bulls always had a knock down shooter out there in BJ, Kerr, Hodges etc, not a ball hungry PG like Rose. Anyway, I think that’s where this game is tipped in the favor of the Lakers. Magic would have a hay day making Rose look like a fool.

  165. wangbungal says:

    i don’t know about 50, only thing I know it is gonna be 50+ shots for Kobe…. and Jordan will just switch hands with the ball and say now you see me… now you don’t… shake and bake….

  166. D1stboy says:

    Lmaooooo bogus. Shaq hit him with that crop

  167. goatzingis says:

    gosh shaq is such a fool. now he is sayin that Kerr and Harper was more valuable then Pippen. why is he Inside the NBA? he doesn’t know anything about basketball. his comments should go to the shaqtin a fool.

  168. Samuel Chernow says:

    This is a tough one. Jordan is obviously the best out of the players, but you have to remember that it is a TEAM game; having said that, although the Bulls were more dominant in their time, they are still no match for the powerhouse Lakers. It would be a close one for sure, but Lakers play TEAM ball better than The Chicago Jordans.

  169. TeeOBeewhY says:

    Will give it to the lakers just for the fact they have 2 centers. Who’s going to guard them? Grant? Just keep feeding the 2 centers and Bulls can’t do anything – No disrespect to MJ and the Bulls. #justsaying

  170. kenny says:

    Bulls wins 4 to 1

  171. GRYPHYN 33 says:

    Wow, who wouldn’t think that LAL would not punish that Bulls team??? In all actuality Lakers could use even a different 5 to beat that Bulls squad. I personally think whether you are a Bulls or a Lakers fan you have to look at the facts…Kareem in his prime is the most dominate big man ever and Shaq in his prime is an outright beast and I’m not a Shaq fan. I don;t think Rose and Mike would work because Rose is not a spot up shooter he is a ball dominate scoring point guard. Oscar is better than Pippen and MJ, even as great as his was, could not stop this Laker squad. The ONLY position that the Bulls win in is 2 guard but Kobe is no slouch. He will give MJ plenty of work himself. Besides, when Kobe was in his prime he was extremely great on D…not to say he can stop MJ but he will give him plenty of fits on the offensive and defensive ends of the court. My prediction is LAL wins by 25+….remember, all players in their prospective primes.

  172. TB says:

    Sorry Shaq.. Bulls win, as there is no way that Lakers 5 are keeping up with the Speed of that bulls team….running lanes and fast breaks for a full game following steals and rebounds…so the Lakers better not miss a shot.
    The Lakers big men will get their share inside because they are great but miss and transition is on for all 48 minutes!..Kobe could do his thing but MJ/Rose would contest enough for Rodman to get his share of rebounds. Kobe could run back in transition but who is keeping up with all of MJ, Rose and Pippen on the break??..Breakaways with speed, alley oops, dunks…it would be fun to watch. ….and if Bulls are in half court, who’s betting against MJ in isolation in his prime??…Plenty of great arguments for and against but this game requires alot of running and the speed of Rose/MJ and Pippen in their primes would be just fantastic to watch at both ends of the floor.

  173. krock3r says:

    Kobe and Jordan would be a fair match up. But in every other position the Lakers have better players.

  174. Hater all day says:

    Right. Lakers who have never played together with all ball hogs on it against the bulls who know there place and there pecking order. Also 2 centers on the floor who don’t have an outside game. I’m sure the middle wouldn’t get clogged up for shaq. My guess is shaq and Kobe wouldn’t get any touches cause magic would have the ball and feed Kareem. Oh yeah. Rodman shut down the Lakers when he was on the pistons. Pippen shut down magic. Kobe couldn’t hope to guard mj. Shaq would wine and pout about not getting touches and quit playing like he has done. Too many leaders and no followers makes a bad team

  175. richardc1123 says:

    Jordan would not let them beat his team so the bulls would win

  176. terry says:

    One thing has been made very clear, Shaq must’ve been too wet behind the ears and not able to view any of the Bulls 6 Championships! Else, he wouldn’t of made such a ridiculous and outlandish statement as to suggest Pippen didn’t play a large role in each of the 6 Championships won by the Bulls.

    How about this Shaq? I’ll take Jordan, Pippen, and Rodman against any 3 Lakers, period!

    Chicago doesn’t have a history of great (elite) center play, thus Shaq’s contention on a 5 on 5 outcome. But let’s not even touch 1on 1, 2 on 2, or 3 on 3 match ups!!! As a matter of fact, loan us Kareeem and we’d crush em! Now Chew on those Diesels…

  177. Darth Revan says:

    Shaq must have forgotten Artis Gilmore and the others.

  178. Bursoysoy says:

    BULLS will win by 2 pts because Kobe will miss the game winning 3…

  179. Steffen says:

    Let’s be honest, Shaq may have a point of Lakers being able to pick a scary starting 5 and a huge bench of all time greats even. But put Lebron with pretty much any teams all time greats and Lebron’s team would destroy em.Dallas – Rolando Blackman, Mark Aquire, Michael FInley, Lebron and Dirk. Wouldnt be an contest.

    Portland Terry Porter, Clyde, Lebron, Lemarcus Aldrige, Mychal Thompson. Easy Clean Sweep and so on.

    And so it goes with all teams.

    ANd C´mon Shaq, you have the brains to understand that you HAVE to include Kareem, but he play your spot. So you aint even on that starting five for the lakers.

    Magic, Kobe, Worthy, Sam Perkins and Kareem.

  180. lolshaq says:

    I agree with shaq. if they can beat the 72-10 #bestteamever

  181. le bong james says:

    why does shaq have to do this? he in midlife crisis or something?

  182. Antwan says:

    No one is stopping Kareem or Shaq on the bulls team. Like it or Not Kobe can at least almost match Michael on a given night and give me a beak with the PG situation. D. Rose let DELLY shut him down he’s not guarding or getting off on magic

  183. The baddest says:

    The problem with the whole argument is the different rules of the game throughout time, for instance, does the game allow hand checking or no? Because Kobe never got checked like the others (rose either). How about zone defense, if it’s allowed, Then the Shaq, Kareem offense becomes easier to defend because neither shot from further than 15ft.. Also how did Horace grant make this team? Would take Art or Noah before him. And Kareem could play the 4 so the Lakers line up works. (although Kareem is more of a buck than a laker) Lastly, who puts rose on magic? You let Rose guard Elgin and Pippin work magic. Lastly….. Anyone who thinks Kobe could run with Jordan obviously is not a real basketball fan, Jordanian the best 2 WAY guard ever and its not even close.. How many Dpoy awards does Kobe have? Also how MA any times did he lead league in steals?.. He has scoring records, but all the “youngest player to achieve xx points” are being broken by LeBron.. And Jordan has the highest ppg Aug of all time. Meaning of he played as many games as ANYONE Ever, he would have more points than them. Period. Lastly. Anyone who doesn’t think Rodman can handle Shaq.. Look below. search nobody touches Jordan, Rodman dominates Shaq documentary.. Over 1hr of cold hard facts….. Bulls win if Horace is replaced.

    • The baddest says:

      And for my fourth lastly..(I apparently type that alot)… Shaq is crazy for mentioning that pippen played ” ok”

  184. c says:

    the Chicago Bulls will beat the Lakers anytime with jordan O’Neal just mad because micheal jordan blow them out when he was playing in Orlando an the big cry baby Shaq left them an went to the LA Lakers only to win three rings with then then the big baby had to running away to anther time to get anther ring with the Miami Heat if it wasn’t for Dwyane Wade he will never have that fourth ring must of the players who play with the Lakers play there all they career so shaq really don’t count as a real Lakers player

  185. Dreamboi says:

    Picture this, for Shaqs prime years he dominated by going through people, and bowling them over. As he got older none this changed, however he did get slower and the refs started calling the calls that he should have been whistled for his entire career. Shaq was labeled as the next big thing, so from a league standpoint they could not let him fail. No one previous to or subsequent to Shaquille O’neill has been allowed to play NBA basketball in this fashion. Shaq was just the biggest, strongest man in the league, he had no skill at no time. Had they (the powers that be) not allowed the rules to conform to his limited game, he would have been a bum. Picture his days with Miami. Pedestrian numbers right. That was the real Shaquille O’neill, but I digress.

  186. Hater all day says:

    Why is rose in this conversation. He’s played the bench more than he’s played the floor

  187. josh says:

    well Lakers would win for sure if the best PF that chicago has had is Horace Grant.

  188. Hater all day says:

    Hahaha. With shaq they can’t win but without him they actually could win. Way to start a convo shaq where you failed horribly and you’re not on that starting five over Kareem. 1 center is all you need

  189. ray says:

    I find it funny how people say how great those bulls teams were but never really know the facts of the nba first off jordan won his championships when magic, bird, kareem, zeke, mchale were old. it took jordan just like lebron 8yrs before he won a ring a total of 3 teams won rings from 80 to 90 lakers 5, celtics 3, pistons 2 then jordan beats and old magic lakers with no kareem on it to say the bulls could beat any of those teams in that era alone is a stretch and don’t get it twisted shaq and dream is the only to big menin the 90s that could’ve beat jordan cause they can score 30 to 40pts to match jordans pts then it would’ve can down to the better supporting cast and shaq lakers and dream rockets.

  190. Uncle Daddy says:

    With those 5 he is correct, the Lakers would win. But, since this will never happen let’s expand this a bit. George “Ice Man” Gervin was a Bull for one season. Get read of Rose, give me Jordan, Pippen, Gervin (in his prime), Rodman and Grant. Then reconfigure, not as much size, but a much faster team.

  191. Caitlin Lopez says:

    I think that Jordan and the Bulls would beat Shaq and the Lakers any day because Jordan and his team had Phil Jackson who led them to championships. Sure, Shaq had Phil Jackson too but there is no saying with Shaq’s name like there is with Jordan. There happens to be a movie title with Jordan’s name in it and none with Shaq.

  192. jeff says:

    question is, will the ego of shaq with kobe and the other lakers great be a factor for them to win/loss? keep in mind that phil jackson did a great job in making his bulls players realize what their roles are in their team. you have jordan, their alpha. of course pippen will always be better if he plays second role to jordan. grant will always be satisfied with his role. same as with rodman. if rose will agree that he will just be the point guard, meaning distribute the ball, on-ball defense, not much scoring, they will have a better chance of overcoming the lakers team. for the lakers team, im not quite sure of what is the on-court behavior of baylor. if he is willing to just be a second or third option in the offense. kareem and magic are great team players, so that wouldn’t be an issue. coaching will play a great part on this match up

  193. David Bethea says:

    Put Gilmore in for grant, and I thing we got something, still think the bulls would lose, but not by that much. ..And MJ count for alot, not one of those guys can defend him and I talking 80’s Jordan…

  194. josh M says:

    who exactly would guard shall and kareem? if grant and rodman (too short) are all they have, ya lakers would absolutely dominate inside.

  195. MaddMixer says:

    First of all based on positions Shaquille would not make the starting line up of all time laker greats !!! He will be Third off bench at center !!! My starting line up would be Magic, Kobe, West, Worthy, Kareem. Then the only team that would give that squad o good challenge is the celtics. Chicago greats won’t even beat Philadelphia greats with Iverson, Dr Jay, Barkley, Malone … They might not even beat the Knicks greatest team.

  196. Hack-a-Shaq! says:

    I say 5 on 5, the bulls will win. There is a thing called Hack-a-Shaq! There is no such thing as Hack-a-Jordan. LOL

  197. Coalhouse says:

    Ok Shaq the Lakers win this hands down but you do not make the staring five Wilt starts before you do Jabar, Jerry West, magic and kobe. Everyone has an opinion yet I can’t see the bulls having a chance because Jordan don’t get to walk and cry when the ref’s don’t call it his way. I have seen all the players play and the skills are heavy on the Lakers. As for coaching Pat Riley could coach the Lakers and Phill Jackson the Bulls. Not counting out the bulls if you add George Gervin and Artist Gilmore then things start to slide back to the Bulls getting beat easily because with Jordan, Pippen, and Rose the team matches up well. If we take Shaq team and the Bulls I mention the bulls win.

  198. MDub says:

    LOL shaq had to stir up some controversy. It’s funny though to hear people argue about whose the GOAT. Personally I think Bulls would win. Dennis Rodman and Scottie Pippen were elite defenders and Scottie was nice on offense. Admittedly Jordan vs. Kobe is close but I go with Jordan. Magic is better than Rose but Rose is no scrub. Horace Grant……hmmmm…..I think he got it too. Bulls Greats >Lakers Greats

  199. KorverMania says:

    Shaq is kinda right… his all time really sounds scary… the bulls list…. not so… maybe because of size…kobe can handle MJ, and vice versa… but the rest duels? lakers anyday.

  200. Hater all day says:

    Shaq just wants to be on the starting lineup. That’s all this is. Not gonna happen lazy eye. You’ll never make it over the #1 scorer of all time. You couldn’t win a playoff against Jordan so get over it. You needed help from a guy who IS on the Lakers all time lineup to win a championship. #getoverit

  201. Pau Gasol (OFFICIAL) says:

    They should replace me for Derrick Rose. The guy is injured half the time…

  202. Chris Schneider says:

    Shaq is so right, Jordan would get his and score 60 but the bulls would loose by so much

  203. alex says:

    LAKERS will not win against the BULLS even if your all time greats plays against them because 90% of the time KOBE BRYANT will have the ball….hahahaha

  204. Kendallqn says:

    There’s no way that that group of lakers could stand to be around each other long enough to play this hypothetical game anyway. The Bulls team would win

  205. Fans 4ever says:

    @Shaq why don’t you try this lineup in 2016 All Star Game? I’m sure Bulls will win and your team beat by 60 points….


  206. berg says:

    That Los Angeles starting five has some of the greatest individual players ever
    they are all scorers. they arent all too versitile in terms of defense which is needed to win

    Bulls team is just too versitile. they have elite offensive weapons complemented by elite defenders.
    I also think that Jordan is the true leader of the team whereas the lakers have alot of guys that want to lead (have the ball, make the plays) that would lead to a lack of identity.

  207. layjay says:

    Lol Though Magic is my favorite pg of all time, Shaq better slow his role on the effect he and kobe would have cause the last time I checked Billups, Hamilton, Prince and Wallaces messed his lakers up for theb title; and he wants to trade those guys for jordan, pippen and rose lol. Please give me a break!

    • layjay says:

      Also Shaq threw up a squad with 5 of the top 25 players in history (3 in top 10) so the lakers should anialate, but they wouldn’t cause as kobe as kobe is the GOAT would go on a tear and all they could do is foul. Think about it, the bulls have the 3 best defenders at their respective poisons in nba history (kobe shut, baylor locked and rodman would agitate the hell out of kareem or shaq)!

      • layjay says:


        Also Shaq threw up a squad with 5 of the top 25 players in history (3 in top 10) so the lakers should anialate, but they wouldn’t cause as good as kobe is the GOAT would go on a tear and all they could do is foul. Think about it, the bulls have the 3 best defenders at their respective positions in nba history (kobe shut, baylor locked and rodman would agitate the hell out of kareem or shaq)!

  208. Shikamaru714 says:

    I don’t know who will win this… NBA is a place where amazing happens… It’s a Power vs Speed lineups.

  209. countbeckula says:

    Rodman plays just a little dirty and pulls off the double ejection on Shaq/Wilt, and then MJ (in his prime) has free reign to dunk over EVERYONE. Pippen neutralizes his counterpart, D Rose breaks down the perimeter defense, and ultimately you have a close match. Jordan’s inimitable will to win prevails in the end, and Chicago takes the glory. Kobe is basically a spectator throughout, hurling bricks and frustrating the morale of the entire Lakers squad.

  210. Ben-jammin says:

    Shaq is talking a lot of smack about a greatest 5 Lakers being better than greatest 5 Bulls with Wilt and Kareem holding down the middle I doubt Shaq would even make that team. I would have to see it play out because Jordan had the ability to transcend the game and play by himself in the clouds, and Kareem’s Sky Hook was money in the Bank. If It was me the lineups would look like this:

    PG: Magic/D Rose Advantage: Magic
    SG: Kobe/MJ Advantage: Jordan
    SF: Elgin Baylor/Pippen Advantage: Pippen
    PF: Kareem/Rodman Advantage: Sky Hook
    C: Chamberlain/Joakim Noah Advantage: Chamberlain

    Gonna Go with the Bulls because Kobe would probably screw it up and take too many shots. If I benched Kobe for Jerry West and slide Magic over to Shooting Guard the Lakers would probably win because Wilt couldn’t be contained, Joakim is an excellent defender but he’s really a great help defender, he’d be on an Island down there with no one able to come off there man to double team.

  211. Uncle Tom says:

    It would be 5 on 3, because Grant sucks and can’t defend Shaq and you know D-Rose is going to get hurt eventually.

  212. jim ward says:

    If George Mikan replaced O’Neal I’d go with the Lakers. To suggest that O’Neal is greater than Mikan is stupid. How about the Celtics greatest?

  213. Abdi kamal says:

    Lakers would destory the Bulls first of all they have the greatest player of all time Kobe. They have the greatest tandem. They have the greatest point guard. They have the all time leading scorer. Who do the Bulls have weak a** mj pippen

  214. Mike says:

    Okay, you toss Magic and Kareem in the mix, along with Kobe in his prime? Not sure where Shaq would fit in that picture, but the Bulls wouldn’t have a match for 6’9 PG or two 7-footers in the paint.

  215. sleep says:

    you are sleeping on the greatness that was Elgin Baylor!

  216. mafiawardz says:

    Get LeBron in the Game!!!!

  217. Frank says:

    Chitowns finest would win just cause of Jordan

  218. kwame says:

    Where’s kwame brown

  219. sozirbak says:

    with Pippen/Jordan ability to lock u out and Rodman’s annoying presence … Lakers will have more trouble winning the game..

  220. vince15 says:

    Pao: “I can go either side, right? just a thought.”

  221. Jun says:

    He won six championship ,period idiot

  222. Chris Stone says:

    Shaq, I love you man, I REALLY do. But, who said you were an ALL-TIME GREAT LAKER! Lmao!! Seriously! IF…yes, IF, the ALL-TIME Lakers won, it WOULD NOT be by 50, AND, it WOULD NOT be with Shaq! Talking about Pippen not deserving credit! Lol!! At least he would make the team!!!!

  223. Anton says:

    Rose with speed drives in kicks out to wide open MJ.. Now it’s a matter of stops on the other end. Game over! Never ever put MJ in doubt on his court!

    • NBAfan says:

      Magic is long and smart. Rose is fast and blows by everybody anyway, so what’s the difference. Jordan and Pippen aren’t catch and shoot kind of guys. Now if you put Bird, Ray Allen, or Steph Curry into that team, maybe…but they didn’t play for the bulls.

  224. nolie says:

    to stop this conversation…… let them play tommorow

  225. Luke says:

    I think Lakers
    Team a bit out of balance

    How is Magic to slow, he went up against smaller guards all his career and look at how that turned out, give me a 25 year old magic and we will see who is the GOAT not even the Boston teams could stop magic, he was the man in the mid 80’s

    Take every player at 25 and the Lakers would win, Jordon is great but he can’t put up 50 shots a game

  226. Ray Williams says:

    I am a bulls fan so I would take the bulls in this match up but I would swap out Horace Grant with Artist Gilmore.

  227. moe says:

    Come on please. Any team with michael jordan wins. Stop the blasphemy and have some respect for the GOAT.

  228. Theejhay says:

    Jordan said that the only man that can beat him one on one is kobe

    Mj vs kobe = is close to 49 – 51 or even 50 -50 ( perfect match up, size, skills, i.q )

    Bulls vs Lakers = Lakers ( if championship game 4 – 1) 20 point diff in 2 games i think.
    Lakers vs heat = lakers ( if championship game 4 – 1) but when lebron become a killer can go to 4 – 2
    Lakers vs celtics = hard to say eigther team can win by 7

  229. rainbow unicorn says:

    Notice how many decades and generations Shaq had to comb to compile his Laker allstars? At that, they would be hard to beat the six time champion Bulls. It’s just sour grapes over the Lakers being nowhere when the Bulls reigned supreme. Stop hatin’ Shaq.

  230. Juan dela Cruz Jr says:

    shaq should remember the ‘unbeatable’ lakers of 2003-2004.

  231. Bebrooks925 says:

    Shaq had 3 weaknesses and they came in the form of “The DreAm” “Big Country” and free throws!! But that’s not what’s up for debate lakers Bulls! It just depends on what rules we’re playing by..80’s/90’s or today’s rules! That changes everything really. Dennis was the master at taking charges even back then so nowadays he would have a field day!! Magic can’t guard rose and vice versa Kobe can’t gaurd Jordan but Jordan can Kobe, people wanna knock pippen! Pippen is one of the top 10 greatest defenders there is in NBA history period.. Not even up for debate! It would be a great game but I’ll take the Bulls by 1pt.

  232. #LBJRules says:

    72-10 that’s it shaq!

  233. Nick Barlotta says:

    Sounds like a bunch of young guys who don’t really know anything about West or Wilt. And definitely nothing about the defensive rules back when those guys played! I’m sorry youngsters, but West and Wilt would NOT be coming off the bench.

    Kobe and Shaq have played in the modern era where it’s acceptable to palm the ball, carry, travel and set moving screens. Plus, the defense is not allowed to put both hands on the offensive player. If they played the Bulls under the old rules they would do much worse than West and Wilt. Also, I wouldn’t have Rose on the Bulls fort he same reason.

  234. Rare heir says:

    Only reason why this is an argument is because the “all time great” moniker is owned by Michael Jordan. It’s unfair for him because Chicago legacy is not as rich as the Lakers. This is Just a way for Shaq and LA to pacify the pain of not being the greatest.. Enough said

  235. Bud says:

    Think about it…they still havent found somebody to stop Jordan! Lol

  236. Chico says:

    An all time great of Miami Heat would be strong than the Bulls

  237. Aldrin says:

    This is fun. Given “THAT” starting 5 and if all would play at their prime, I agree that LAL will beat CHI.

    The big men of LAL will overwhelm the big men of CHI. CHI will only win in the SG or SF pos but I don’t think it is enough for CHI to win.

  238. WestbyWest says:

    Jerry. West.

  239. Jp says:

    But where will Gasol Play?

  240. MOJOJOJO says:

    Come on guys!

    There is no such thing as “BEST PLAYER of ALL TIME”! It is stupidity to extrapolate and speculate each and every person/team and stretch them all over time– it is redonkulous. Each player/team is to their own era. Just be content to your own stead.

  241. 50? says:

    shaq does have a point

  242. Ton CHHC says:

    Shaq is right, Lakers would dominate but maybe not win by 50. Magic, West, Shaq, Jabbar (as power forward with the sky hook), and Worthy would absolutely destroy the Bulls. What lineup could the Bulls possibly put out there that would realistically contend with that Laker lineup? As great as Jordan and Pippen were, the Bulls just don’t have the firepower to match. Wilt and Kobe aren’t even in the starting lineup, they’re off the bench. Who do the Bulls have off the bench?

  243. dtaylor says:

    Neither of those teams could beat the great Celtics teams lelead by Bill Russell because Russell would not allow his teams to loseEleven out of thirteen championships//Jordan was the greatest player ever but he did not have that kind of record. The Lakers Ha they could not even establish a dynasty of winners regardless of how talented their players were. Best winner of all time:BILL RUSSELL

  244. AllStrike says:

    Just play NBA 2k15 and see What will happen make a team of jordan, pippen, rodman, grant, drose vs kobe, shaq, magic jabbar,baylor BULLS vs LAKERS bulls coach will be jackson lakers coach will be d’antoni.

  245. Steve says:

    I so wish it could happen! Actually now that I think about it…”If” they all decided to get on the right “path” they could all play against each other in the Paradise Earth that is coming soon! JW.ORG

  246. John says:

    No no, the Shaq is all wrong. If Kobe is on the floor the coach and the other Laker greats don’t so much matter…Kobe’s got to have the ball.

  247. Raivo says:

    Bulls would beat Lakers because Lakers team has egos, but Bulls has a team.

  248. soysoy says:

    shaq chose the bulls because he knows the bulls only have a short winning history compared to the lakers, thus the bulls only a had a few who were considered superstars. now shaq try the celtics….

  249. hjr says:

    Lakers all time great should include Jerry West instead of Kobe, and Wilt Chamberlain instead of Shaq… What was Shaq thinking putting himself ahead of Wilt?

  250. Cris says:

    I put the rockets against the lake show and the Bulls.. The twin towers Hakeem the dream Ralph Sampson Clyde Drexler James Harden Tracy McGrady. They will beat them.. Everybody say the Houston Rockets won two championships bc Jordan retired.. The Rockets would have destroyed the Bulls.. Now go watch on YouTube Rockets numbers was good against the Bulls.. Cartwright against Hakeem man please the Dream Shake was unstoppable.. Shaq know about the Dream Shake he got swept in the finals..

  251. NBAfan says:

    I’m sorry Shaq, you are an all-time Laker great. You are an all-time great period, but you won’t be my personal choice for center and certainly not PF simply because you can’t make your free throws.

    I’d prefer a stretch 4 who can run to make better use of Magic’s skills…I’d take Pau Gasol or James Worthy at the 4 spot.

    Or since we are putting players in their unnatural positions, play Magic at the 4 spot and put West as the PG. Magic can play point-PF. Rodman isn’t enough of an offensive threat to make it a problem on defense.

  252. westroosevelt26 says:

    Shaq needs to put on a wig then flip it,BY FIFTY…Jordan wouldn’t let that happen! Shaq done flipped his wig!

  253. Waynzee says:

    Even BJ Armstrong can stop Shaq by hacking him up. Lols

  254. Bob fisher says:

    Jordan and pippin only Bulls that would crack top 15 lakers bench could be worthy west gasol Wilkes cooper Scott Mikan and shaq would move to bench for wilt

  255. lb (Pound) says:

    The laker team does not take speed into account at all. Derrick Rose blowing up by them up the court would neutralize the efficiency of the Shaq and Kareem combo. Then they would have to deal with Mike and Scottie as well. I don’t think Elgin Baylor could match up against Scottie and like someone said earlier Dennis would frustrate Shaq into a bad game. I definitely don’t think the Lakers would beat the Bulls. It would be a close game at which point Mike would give us the edge.

  256. Jeshua Friend says:

    this would be the bulls starting five: D. Rose Michael Jordan Scottie Pippen Rodman and Pau Gasol

  257. Nore says:

    Stop being Butthurt Shaq … Just cause Rodmans defence has killed your championship dreams when you were in Orlando … Cause you couldn’t score on him even if you were 6 inches taller then him.

    Besides yeah clearly Jordan did the most work cause he is the best player ever and was most productive in the playoffs / finals, but Jordan and Pippen > Shaq and Kobe every god damn time!

    Listen, i have nothing agaiunst you, i even have a Lakers Shaq Jersey in my closet but you are dead wrong this time.

    Bulls Great > Every other possible roster.

    And i know i will be hated for this, but Pippen > LeBron.

    Dream on Shaq!

  258. Robcheck says:

    Overtime..and another, and another..

  259. Allen Davis says:

    the lakers teams of the 2000 – 2002 years would have beaten the bulls..All time great lakers not required, but if you are gonna pick all the best then Shaq is right, Lakers beat them ny 50. The Bulls of the 90s were great but the league was watered down with expansion and Michael Jordan was the only true star. But to compare the Bulls teams and think they would have a chance to beat the Lakers teams, I say no way, in a seven game series the Bulls would get swept every time.

  260. Imraan says:

    Ok first off let’s just remember three of those bulls won 72 games, second you have jordan and pippen who have more rings than any of those lakers, yes shaq and kareem would dominate the paint and you have kobe but the lakers couldnt touch jordan or d rose, pippens defesne with jordan, jordan would know how to stop kobe since kobe stole all his moves, magic has the edge at point but the lakers wouldnt be playing team ball as for the bulls thats all they did and won 6 rings

  261. Ern says:

    I think shaq just designed the next great NBA video game. How cool would it be to be able to make a bulls team with any bull in history, a laker team with any laker in history, a spurs team with any spur in history. C’mon 2K sports, make it happen! Let’s repost this everywhere an anywhere to make this game happen.

  262. Simon mikhail says:

    You new age fans know nothing about basketball. Shaq is and was my favorite player all time. That being said even I acknowledge and admit Jordan is by far the greatest put him on any team and its a wrap. Just watch the dream team documentary. Scene where they were scrimmaging against each other in practice and magic tried to test the Jordan is best theory. Well you can just go see for yourself the end result..

  263. BullsEra says:

    Telling Michael Jordan the Lakers all time greats would beat him by 50 points will only lead Jordan to overcome all odds like he did his whole career. When he was battling injuries everyone said he wouldn’t be the same, when he won his first 3-peat they said he couldn’t do it again, even when they said Jordan couldn’t make 3’s he went to set 2 records when he scored 35 points in the first half and hit 6 3-pointers in Game 1 of the 1992 finals (Hello the Shrug) In a season these two might stalemate but if they were to battle it out in the finals? 4-2 CHICAGO GREATS TAKE IT ALL

  264. Carlisle Greaves says:

    No team with Jordan on it is going to get beat by 50. And people underestimate just how good Scottie Pippen was. Defensively, the matchups are going to be different than what people expect. I think you put DRose on Elgin Baylor, and Pippen on Magic. Rodman could disrupt Shaq enough for him not to dominate the game. The only player who really goes off offensively on the Lakers is going to be Kareem. Everyone else is going to get pretty much neutralized. A young Jordan would destroy Kobe on offense. There is nobody who could stop Pippen and Rose from slashing. That is going to open up the lanes for Rodman to get rebounds offensively or Horace Grant to shoot the 17 footer. That Laker team wouldn’t be able to stop that Bulls team from slashing between Michael, Rose, and Pippen. I think Horace Grant actually goes off in that game because of the 17 footer he’d get all day everyday. Plus the Bulls would have much better chemistry than that Laker team. The reality is that that Bulls team has 4 guys who could slow down 4 guys on that Laker team, and that Laker’s team has no one who could slow down 3 guys on the Bulls team, and because of that you’d have no way to keep Rodman off the boards because the centers would have to overcommit on the drives and then you’d have Grant draining 17 footers all day. The Lakers would be hopeless in matching up with that Bulls team defensively, and the Bulls could nuetralize 4 guys defensively. It would all hinge on how much Kareem went off. But, I’d take that Bulls team by 5 points.

  265. dondon says:

    i dont think d-rose belong to that group honestly…. and shaq is over rting himself..cant do nothing w/o phil and kobe

  266. dondon says:

    if rodman is on your team no team can beat you… lakers has full gear on offense rodman CAN neutralize all of them for sure

  267. littlekidslover says:

    Pretty sure The worm will shut down that big mouth of Shaq!!!

  268. Carlisle Greaves says:

    Nevermind. I didn’t realize how good Elgin Baylor was. I just looked him up on Youtube. In his Prime, he was as good a scorer as Michael and as good a rebounder as Rodman. You’d have to put Pippen on him. But, I don’t think he could slow down anyone on the Bulls team. It’s a toss up. Either team could win that game.

  269. Jerico says:

    Scalabrine, Scalabrine, Scalabrine, Scalabrine and Scalabrine will win. haha

  270. Mr_freeeze says:

    let’s not forget guys that there is only 1 ball in basketball, only 1 player can shoot the ball on every possession, Lakers with this huge line up can win, but by 50, I would say that’s too exaggerated, this Lakers line up can all shoot the ball, but d” Michael Jordan is on the other team, who is considered as the Greatest player to ever played the game, and Derrick Rose, if He is on his prime, no one from this Lakers line can run as fast as he can. This Lakers line up may be tall, but height doesn’t always prevail in basketball, there is a so called speed with a run and gun style. In fairness with Horace Grant, He can run faster than any of this great Lakers Center. The Bulls will have a chance to win and claiming that Lakers might have won by 50 is too much.JUST SAYING..

  271. JR says:

    Sorry Shaq,

    Look at sport History.
    All-Star teams have always (often) been beaten by “real” teams (NHL All-Stars vs Red Army for instance).

    It’s well known that All-Stars want to shine as individuals and don’t work as a team.
    I think you could add as many talents as you wish, it will take more to defeat the greatest TEAM ever, a team that has ruled on nba for almost a decade, with a strong collective force and one the best fighting spirit ever.

    To win by 50 in 48 minutes, knowing that you have to give the ball back each time you score, you’ll have to shoot a lot of 3 points within 10 sec and keep your opponents scoring around 30%.
    Well, Curry is not a Lakers yet (if only…) and to keep Hir Airness MJ at 30%, only Darth Vader using the power of the dark side to deviate the ball could do it.

    No. No. I think as the bull he was, MJ will take care of things from the start as a leader and his teammates will follow him.
    On a 7 games series, I see the Bulls win by 4-1 or 4-2.

  272. LBJ23KING says:

    -Oh and D. Rose isn’t even a top 50 player in the league now!! Id rather have J. Butler. LOL…..Or Nate Robinson.haha. That dude is the shiz.My boys got hops. Oh and the Lakers would smash on the bulls great and it would be by 50. What up Shaq, keep makin those drinks, icy hot and Gold bond. MAN UP!

  273. JoeAgu says:

    I think the Bulls will win…. haven’t you watched Space Jam? It’s All-Star vs Looney Tunes w/ MJ lol.

  274. badboyz says:

    The underdog Pistons Beat ur Kobe and Shaquille

  275. Clutch Norway says:

    Add Artis Gilmore to the bulls instead of H.Grant and its more of a fair matchup inside

  276. NittyGotta says:

    All I know is the bulls beat most of those Lakers at some point to get to their 6 championships.

  277. Cascius says:

    The funniest thing about that? Shaq shouldn’t even be in the starting 5 for the Lakers,sry Shaq but Wilt deserves that spot so jokes on you

  278. Peter says:

    This Bulls team will not win. Rose is too selfish, let alone having a matchup against Magic, hahaha. Grant and Rodman are too small, and no scorers. Jordan is the best player ever, sorry Kobe 😉 but this bulls team will be overpowered. The Bulls dont have great shooters, Jordan yes, 2 `s , no three`s. And between Pip and Baylor.. Baylor right?

  279. KSMU Basketball says:

    Please be realistic…MJ in his prime alone can 1v5 any great team…For instance..MJ+me+any 3 basketball buddies of mine can take any team in the world, thats how great MJ is… If you want a proper comparison of a 5v5 team u gotta take MJ out of the equation…come on, be realistic and stop wasting our time with ridiculous statements!

  280. KSMU Basketball says:

    Publicity stunt!

  281. BVT says:

    The Bulls Beat the Lakers ! The Bulls Beat Shaq in the Finals ! The Bulls beat Kareem , Magic , Cooper , Rambis , & Worthy !
    It’s Done ! Get Over it ! lol !

  282. TOP5EVER! says:

    hahaha! the moral of the all story is… the Lakers are not winning nothing for almost ten years now! so, to make the media speak of them they just start these kinds of stupid troll…LOL, poor Lakers, pretty pathetic!

  283. Not a 76ers, but... says:

    The Bulls probably shade it by having the best two defenders on the floor: put Jordan on Kobe and Pippen on Magic and the Lakers would look slow and one-dimensional (whilst still being one of the best teams ever!).

    The more interesting question would be whether Shaq would make the team!

    Possibly the most overlooked thing here: 8 of the top 50 players of all time played quality time in Philly. Just saying.

  284. jfc says:

    bulls starting 5 (gilmore, rodman, pippen, mj, rose)
    bench (noah, oakley, deng, butler, harper)

    they could shut magic and kobe down, while putting shaq on the free throw line !.
    so i’d say bulls win .

  285. TB says:

    Swap out Horace Grant (no disrespect, he’s a fabulous player) for another Bull in Artis Gilmore and it’s all over Shaq. You wouldn’t know what hit you.

  286. andy says:

    The All-Time Heat team would take it to both of them!!!

    Tim Hardaway

    All in their prime, that would be a tough team to beat. Complete package.

  287. FBlangino says:

    MJ – Bugs Bunny – Lola Bunny – Daffy Duck – Bill Murray. Period.

  288. Deestylze says:

    This seems to be an unfair question. As it was mentioned the Lakers history is far greater than anything that Chicago has to date. Mike makes any game competitive and it it’s the NCAA tournament style (one and done) there’s no way I bet against Mike. In a series the Lakers would wear them down and win. I think this would be a great question for Phil or Ron Harper. They had the pleasure of experiencing both…

  289. Rob says:

    Bulls championship teams would not have even beat any of the 80’s Lakers or Celtic’s Championship teams they would’nt even beat the Pistons Championship teams. 90’s basketball not close to 80’s. 2000 Lakers Vs. 96 Bulls would be close I’d have to go with Lakers no one on those Bulls teams could stop Shaq and Kobe would cancel out a lot of Jordan points. Lakers Win.

  290. MJallday says:

    Shaq just mad cuz Pippen has 6 rings. That’s 2 more than you Shaq. lord knows you are as dumb as rocks.

  291. goatzingis says:

    i have a great idea. lets make a game. 2016 ALL STAR WEEKEND CELEBRITY GAME – ALL TIME BULLS VS ALL TIME LAKERS!! that game would make so much money plus it would be so entertaining. only thing is that rose is too young but still, maybe replace him with harper so the game would be more fair. we need to see this one

  292. Bulls Win says:

    Last time I check, Michael Jordan and the Bulls destroyed Magic and the Lakers for their first NBA Championship

  293. Lovins says:

    Jordan is the greatest ever, but anyone who thinks the Bulls would be the better team clearly has no knowledge of NBA history.

    Funny thing is the only guy who could beat the Lakers here, would be Kobe lol. I could see him trying to be the alpha instead of letting Magic run the show. Goes 5-30 trying to make it a 1v1 battle vs. Jordan lol. They might be better off putting Jerry West in that SG slot.

  294. Tim Timbo says:

    Forget the bulls, the only 2 top teams for this match up is the Celtics and Lakers. Even though I don’t want to admit it, the lakers would take that one too…

  295. Love thadani says:

    Shaq no way in any dimension your team could ever beat the Bulls.. Never

  296. SD-Stang says:

    Shaq didn’t say the greatest ever he showed 5 Lakers vs 5 bulls and those Bulls would beat those 5 Lakers how would they keep Pace with the Bulls? The Bulls Speed and ability to drive the Basket would put those Lakers into Foul trouble in a real game those Lakers would be walking back on Defense by the first Half or would have Fouled out if they were left in until they fouled out. It would be no contest. Shaq would likely be the first to foul out leaving it 6v5 the Lakers would get Wilt would get real slow as the game went on not able to get back on D Kobe would likely get in foul trouble as well trying to stop Derrick, MJ and Scottie from driving if they even got set to stop them. MJ would find the weak link in the Lakers game by the first quarter and exploit it.

    It really would not even be a close game.

  297. TWiiN 2 says:

    Shaq has to remember the guards he had just needed a big man in the middle and they still would have won a ring. As long as Jordan was on the court he won. Lakers was always a bigger market team and could get any player. The Bulls was a team that won with heart with players that just wanted to win. Something like the Spurs.

  298. Red Goes says:

    Everyone once in a while we have to get reminded that Shaq is indeed a fool and a tool. This is one of those times.

  299. Twoine says:

    Grant wouldnt be the 5 longley or cartwright would be and all the goat and pip need is a lil d and rebounding bulls win

  300. RC says:

    No doubt Kobe is a great player but to automatically put him above Jerry West means you never saw West play. Were it not for the Celtics West would have won multiple championships and who is the emblem for the NBA. Chicago greats would not win against the Lakers or Celtics greats probably being swept in both series.
    As far as team vs team either the 85 Lakers or the 84 Celtics (both considered the greatest teams of all time) would have beaten any of the Chicago teams. PERIOD!!! I am not
    A fan of either the Lakers or Celtics but the truth is the truth

  301. Facts says:

    The bulls would win because of the era the were in. Back then when Kareem and Wilt played the game there was no rules. Rodmen still got 17 rebounds a game with all the rules that were added. Nobody except Kobe can shoot the three on the lakers. The lakers are like 16 and 20 in the finals while the bulls are a perfect 6 for 6. It would be a tough game, but the bulls would win by like 2.

  302. Edward Diener says:

    Pippen wins and Shaq loses the spelling contest. Who cares what the results of the hypothetical basketball contest might be !

  303. Kevin says:

    Comments from Shaq should be taken about as seriously as comments from Donald Trump.

  304. Shaq was one of the best players of his era... says:

    … Pippen was one of the best players EVER.

    Not a Bulls Fan, but Shaq wasn’t close to Jordan or Pippen. Bottom line – if there’s an all-time Lakers 5, Shaq’s not in it!

  305. Michael Russell says:

    OK!…… After reading all these good replies I think ya’ll forgot one thing …………… Who was the man that coached both teams. During the Championship Bulls three peat repeat era and the Lakers three peat almost repeat era ????????????????…….. Phil Jackson that’s who ……… So ask yourself would either of these great teams be able to accomplish those Championship’s with out HIM!!!!!!?????…………… with all the talent both teams possessed they didn’t go out there and do all alone ……….and if these teams where to ever in some never gonna happen, time travel to retrieve both teams Lakers full roster and Bulls full roster. Both teams in Championship prime to face off it wouldn’t matter cause they both SHARED THE SAME COACH !!!!!!!!! I’m just saying peace y’all have a good morning, good evening and good night MICHAEL JORDAN FOR EVER THE G.O.A.T

  306. Ibrahim says:

    Has anybody mentioned CHEMISTRY!!! Four of the Bulls players know the triangle offense/defence and played together in the same era. Will the Lakers run the triangle scheme or just let Magic run the show? I sense Chemistry issues in the first half of this contest at least. In the second half the Lakers will have to make up for lost ground. Far from a 50 point blowout. Actually, by the time the Lakers get their motor running, the damage may have already been inflicted by the Bulls. The Bulls’ adversity is fatigue. Keeping up the intensity for 48 minutes.

    BTW – Kobe will hardly be the same player with HANDCHECKING and Shaq more likely will be far less the dominant force he imagines

  307. ITS ALL BALL says:

    Boston has even more Legit ALL TIME GREAT than LA!, just sayin, Havlicek and Cousy on guard duty, then Bird and Mchale then Parish!

  308. Rocketman says:

    Why can’t Shaq and Kobe try to beat Bulls with their 5 championship team? Because Shaq is overrated. Hakeem Olajuwon schooled Shaq in 94-95 championships even Shaq admits that’s one player he couldn’t get into his head. Now show time Lakers of the 80’s that is a team as well as Boston Celtics. How many rings did Russell win? Kobe is good not on level of Jordan sorry! And to one of the other comments earlier Horace Gran,t Pippen, Cartwright. This just shows you how great players like Jordan and Olajuwon are they didn’t need a super team like Heat or Cavs they dominated games .Both of those players took over games. Hakeem never really had the supporting cast till 93-94. No Lakers with Shaq and Kobe were good but not better then Bulls, Celtics or show time Lakers.

  309. pip says:

    people seem to forget pippen does a lot in defense as well. his offense is not like mj, which is a given, but he did the dirty work in defense too.

  310. morrishhc says:

    Lakers: 5 hall of famers
    Bulls: 3 hall of famers…(rose and grant wont be in the hall)

  311. gMoney says:

    i think 50 pts is pretty generous actually… Shaq was being kind.

  312. PippenAintEasy says:

    Shaq and you LA lovers forget one thing, Even when LA has 4 stars on their team – Shaq, Kobe, Malone, Payton – they couldn’t defeat regular teams to win a title. Why? Because just putting a bunch of all stars on a team does not win the game. There has to be chemistry. They learnt that the hard way.
    And Shaq on any team with multiple stars + Kobe = no chemistry, even with Magic at his peak running the squad.
    The Bulls can win 6 titles with 2 – 3 stars and a bunch of role players. Chemistry plus game. And those 6 are against some of the greatest teams in the history of the NBA. Who did Shaq beat? The sixers with AI? Indiana Pacers? Any Bulls squad put together with their players at their peak, would crush the LA squad – unless the LA squad had years of practicing together to develop the chemistry with all their stars.
    How he gonna say he was Batman/Puffy, while needing Kobe or a Kobe-like Wade to win titles? He already claims to be Superman, admit ya need a Suberboy to win titles.
    The reality is Pippen was as critical to those titles as Kobe/Wade were to Shaq’s. And 6 is better than 4.
    Outside of reality, Shaq can fantasize about his make belief LA team that can beat a Bulls team.

  313. Kadir says:

    I agree with Shaquille 100 percent. The Bulls had one great player everyone else is replaceable look at the lakers all of them were great

  314. Brice says:

    I’m looking at the match-ups defensively. Jordan shuts down Kobe, Pippen shuts down Magic, Rodman bothers the hell out of Shaq, Rose gets destroyed and Horace gets destroyed. That’s 3-2. On the other hand no one is shutting down Jordan, Pippen or Rose (before injuries), That’s still 3-2. For me Jordan alone would match or past Shaq and Kareem in scoring and those two are the only hope for beating the bulls team. Shaq to say “beat by 50” was Kazaam of you. I’ll put it in space jam terms, LA monstars vs CHI monstars. Personal note I could never give Kobe 5 rings, I always say the first 3 were Shaq’s and secondly Scottie Pippen defensive ability alone without even adding his scoring makes him a grade A player. Big fan from the Bahamas of players that give blood sweat and tears! The league has gotten really soft over the years :(.

  315. Ricky says:

    Bulls Won the 1991 Finals vs Lakers 4-1…

  316. Antonio says:

    so kobe was shaq’s robin? i’d like to see how kobe takes that

  317. Unkaned says:

    Why did SO MANY fans comments on such a stupid subject? Tell you what? Uranus and Neptune are better than Jupiter and Pluto. Now gimme some love about this position, OK? Come’on. Gimme some love.

  318. middy says:

    who says shaq would be in the lakers all time greats?

  319. maximlewis says:

    … Where’s Artis Gilmore?

  320. Oliviero says:

    Lakers no discussions: LA team covers the full NBA story with great players, Bulls only had that generation who won 6 titles plus Rose following that you have at least 20 great players where to select from for LA and a mere 8 for Chicago and I never loved LA!!!! From this perspective it could be much more interesting a Boston dream team.

  321. Copernic says:

    All I know is that too many superstars in 1 team is not good, history proved it numerous times. I don’t see Kobe working well with Magic and West (and Shaq). Bulls however have distinct roles for each player (except for Rose maybe) and everybody knows who is the boss. Team > individuals.

  322. George says:

    Definitely Bulls win!
    I think it has been proven time and time again that not the team with most great players will win. For example, 2014 Miami and Spurs, how about lakers with shaq, Kobe, Malone, Payton, etc… and Houston with Olajuwon, drexler and Barkley. The team that wins is the team with great players that can play as a TEAM. I think everyone will agree with this.
    The problem with the choice of players in the Lakers team, 3 of them have big egos! Magic, Kobe and Shaq… Even shaq do not get along with Bryant during their playing days. I don’t know much about baylor’s ego. You will have a riot in that team.

    Then we have the Bulls. 4 of which played with each other during their 6 championships. And putting a point guard in the likes of rose, who has no ego at all, it seals the deal. Lastly, what offense do you think the Lakers will play with 2 centers, only 2 of which knows the triangle offense and 5 players who WANTS the ball in their hand. This is like putting 5 types of coffee in one drink.

  323. George Sey says:

    The whole story sucks. One can bring in Boston too. It is all If, If IFs. They all had their great moments and we can not compare them.

  324. Mister E says:

    Shaq is danm right.

  325. AJ C says:

    Those same Bulls, (sans Rodman) took several seasons to beat the Pistons. Add Wilt Chamberlain to the legendary team and it’s a rout of epic proportions.

  326. Word says:

    2 words: Bob Love

  327. NotBiased says:

    oh come on! stop sayin Jordan cant be stopped, or Jordan will win. This is a team we are talking about. No matter how talented you are, no man can beat a TEAM! This is not 1×5! Lakers win. Period. Bulls can put up a good fight, but this Laker team would beat anybody. Plus the bench/role players that can hit big shots.

  328. NBAFAN says:

    All you Jordan worshipers dream on Kobe would neutralize Jordan end of discussion, even Jordan said in his own words, “there is only one current player out there that I don’t think I could beat because he stole all my moves” Google it youtube it !!!

    The rest of the Bulls would have no chance Pippen sucked without Jordan could not carry a team and Rose had 2 great seasons and went on the injured list.

    Shaq was right on !!!

  329. Jamie says:

    Y’all for getting about Derrick Rose Jimmy Buckets Gibson Noah to help with the rebound and Toni k

  330. Tatum says:

    Bulls 5 would be:


    Lakers 5 would be:


  331. Gab says:

    Okay Shaq you are right, Lakers might win it but it will be Kobe, Magic and Kareem that will lead it, not you.
    it so happen that you have the height and strength, but your skills is far below the rest of the Lakers greats.

    Shaq and Lebron have one thing in common, Strength, and that’s it.
    Kobe and Jordan have the skills, talent and even gracefulness, just saying.

  332. TTanJazzFan says:

    I bleed Utah Jazz so I technically can hate both these teams and think a jazz 5 of Stockton, Maravich, Dantley, Malone and Eaton could give some competiton. But there is no denying each franchise’s greatness. The only real argument I can throw out is the one of rosters during their runs.

    This Lakers 5 would win vs the Bulls 5. You have two of the greatest centers all-time vs. Rodman and Grant. However, I still think the Bulls championship teams are way more impressive. When the Lakers won their 3 titles with Shaq and Kobe, they had the two most dominant players in the league at the time. A shooting guard and a big man. When Jordan and Pippen won rings, the best big they ever had was Luc Longley. The best power forward they had couldn’t score (Rodman). AND…they still won double the rings of Shaq’s teams.

    P.S.- Pippen was a sidekick because anyone who played with ” His Airness” was a sidekick. However, Pippen is probably the greatest defensive 3 the league has ever seen. He was much more than ok.

  333. Jeffrey D. Ragland says:

    To David Hilliard and Victor: Kareem’s Skyhook was NOT the most unstoppable shot in NBA history. Wilt Chamberlain blocked Kareem’s skyhook. (Check out the Youtube video “Wilt Chamberlain Block Party).

    Wilt Chamberlain’s midrange turnaround fallaway jumper from the left mid post was the only shot that no one was ever able to stop. (Check out the Youtube video Wilt Chamberlain Fallaway Jumper).

    An All-Time Laker team is so deep some folks here can’t remember them all.

    Anyway, Shaquille O’Neal wouldn’t even start.

    Wilt and Kareem Would. Wilt is so athletic and agile he could play power forward. And Wilt would stand 7’4” in today’s shoes.

    Shaq and pay Gasol would back up the frontline.

    The All time Lakers could sprint all day. Wilt was inexhaustible.

    Then there’s Baylor and Worthy.

    Magic, Kobe, West, Goodrich as guards

    Lamar Odom, Horry, Michael Cooper.

    Done Deal.

  334. gMoney says:

    that’s just the point shaq was making – it’s irrefutable. shaq’s laker greats > Any bulls Greats. By 50.

    no one can handle Shaq down low. Kareem with the skyhook – unstoppable. Kobe v Jordan – now that’s the real show here. wilt and Elgin vs the other two…

    yeah – he right.

  335. Nicholas eisele says:

    Michael Jordan the best player ever, enough said

  336. I agree with Shaq 100% percent!! In matter of fact. The greatest laker team would beat the greatest Bulls team by 100 points!!! The lakers subs would compete and even beat the 1st team Bulls team. The lakers bench wilt chamberlain James worthy jerry west Byron Scott Michael cooper bob mcadoo!!! sorry Bulls fans and Scootie

  337. TJ says:

    Ha Ha I love the Diesel☺

  338. I think all time sixers would beat them both iverson dr j barkley wilt moses mo cheeks

  339. Maddcal says:

    This is NOT even close! The Bulls don’t even have a center. Rodman and Grant have ZERO chance against Shaq & Jabbar. Even Jordan isn’t light years ahead of Kobe, even according to Jordan. Pippen can’t compare to Baylor…PERIOD…and another No-Contest…Rose v. The Logo! All-Time Lakers by 50! Don’t make me talk benches.

  340. Tyrone Berry says:

    Lakers all the way!

  341. VM says:

    Batman, the Lakers probably would win as long as they don’t depend on ur free throws.

  342. rsm says:


    Starting 5: Johnson, Bryant, Gasol, Worthy, Abdul-Jabbar
    Subs: Chamberlain, West, Baylor, O’Neal, Cooper
    Coach: Riley


    Starting 5: Jordan, Sloan, Pippen, Oakley, Gilmore
    Subs: Rose, Harper, Love, Rodman, Noah

    Only selected payers who played a significant number of years in or near their primes for their respective teams. Hence no Malone for Lakers or Gervin for Bulls.

    Contest: 7 game series giving the Lakers the home court advantage since they have won more titles.

    Result: Lakers in no more than 6.

    Rationale: Lakers front court far too strong for Bulls since they have 3 of the best centers of all time. All 3 would be impossible for the Bulls’ interior defenders to stop. Backcourts are a standoff. Jordan and Johnson cancel each other out. Corner positions slight edge to Lakers since combination of Baylor, Worthy at small forward would more than offset the defensive brilliance of Pippen. No advantage in speed with Cooper, Worthy and Bryant a match for Jordan, Rose and Harper in that category. Bulls better free throw shooters but only when Chamberlain or O’Neal would be on the floor (never both of them together). Don’t believe that coaching would play a significant role in 7 game series. Remember that Riley won 5 championships coaching.

  343. QBizzel says:

    The Lakers have too many primetime players,especially down low.The bulls or nobody have a legitimate chance.Centers like Shaq ,Wilt,Kareem ….P forwards like McAdoo,Wilkes,Lucas,Gasol,…..But Kobe,West,Baylor,were also unstoppable like Mike Jordan.Team would’ve been too good….Jordan should still give a lot of doubters because he is the greatest of all time.It wouldn’t be the first time a team looked better on paper.The fact and the matter is Michael Jordan has never lost in the finals period.It’s hard to imagine that happening people.

  344. keezy says:

    first off let me just say that anyone in either lineup who played majority of their career before the 80s should be taken out the lineup. i dont want to hear anything about people who played in black and white with no 3 point line. now if we were to just compare the 5v5 that shaq posted in that picture i honestly wouldnt know who to pick. i would pick the lakers purely on the fact that they are to big for the bulls but having elgin baylor at the 3 gives the bulls a chance. anyone in the comments above who is saying elgin baylor can compete with anyone else in the picture should be checked into a mental institution. he retired in 1972. the crossover wasnt even invented yet. there was so little skill being used at the time compared to the amount of skill that has been learned and used from the 80s to present day. so if baylor is in the lineup you can switch pippen onto magic and not have to worry about the height difference with rose. plus im pretty sure that mvp derrick rose, the same rose that has scored on defenders like tony allen and lebron can own 6’5 1960s elgin baylor. so pippen cancels out magic and obviously jordan cancels kobe. anyone who says jordan wins the matchup has no respect for kobe and the straight up horse that he is. theyre the greatest players weve ever seen having two very similar skill sets. rose owns baylor and kareem owns grant so the last matchup would come down to shaq and rodman. shaq clearly has the advantage with size but dont count out rodman he was a tenacious defender who rebounded like no one else weve ever seen averaging 17 boards at 6’7. shaq will get his buckets but rodman is holding it down on the boards and honestly the bulls can just double off of baylor. plus whats stopping the bulls from just hacking shaq its not like he’ll make his free throws so hes hurting them right there. so put it this way with baylor in the lineup i say bulls win. sub out baylor for anyone decent like worthy or horry and the lakers win. even then tho shaq can still be hacked so it really is a toss up. great topic to argue tho shaq really must be so bored lol

  345. keezy says:

    also ill be honest and im sure a lot of people in earlier comments are in the same boat as me. i was born in 1997 so i didnt watch jordans bulls or the kobe and shaq lakers but i did research on them at least and watched tons of game footage of both teams. and i can back up up the derrick rose talk cause i did watch him play since his rookie year, dude is a horse he dominated in his first playoff series against a great defensive team that just came off winning a championship(boston celtics)
    and i watched kobe in the shaqless part of his carrer where he dominated the same way jordan did. im just saying that a lot of people are talking about players like wilt and jerry west and elgin baylor. those guys have never faced real talent in the sport of basketball that has become so popular today. point blank FACT