Pacers to wear uniforms to honor Hoosiers


ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — The classic hoops movie “Hoosiers”, about Indiana’s fictional Hickory High School, is celebrating its 30th anniversary this season. And it was announced today that the Indiana Pacers will celebrate the anniversary by breaking out Hickory throwback uniforms for a few games this season. Via

In a first-of-its-kind partnership, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios (MGM) and the Indiana Pacers will bring one of the all-time great underdog stories, Hoosiers, to the NBA hardwood, celebrating the film’s 30th Anniversary.

For the 2015-16 season, the Pacers will introduce the Hickory uniform to be worn in select regular season games as part of the NBA Pride Collection. The Hickory uniform is a tribute to the rich tradition of basketball in the State of Indiana and will serve as inspiration to fans everywhere that no matter how improbable the challenge may be, amazing things can be accomplished through teamwork, determination, heart and hustle.

“Our team will be honored to wear the Hickory uniforms because of the attention it will bring to the storied history of Indiana basketball and the success of that movie,” said Pacers President of Basketball Operations Larry Bird. “Hoosiers takes us all back to a special place and time.”

For more pictures of the uniform, click here.

No word on whether the Pacers will be able sign Jimmy Chitwood for their Hickory games.


  1. OKC says:

    Bleh I hate 80s movies about white kids being the best at sports. Space Jam jerseys would be way cooler…. though I have no idea what team would wear them.

  2. John Walters says:

    Couldn’t the NBA find a player with less happening on his body so we would actually appreciate the jersey?

    • Dude this is the year 2015. Sure we all would like to see players with no tats and dreads. But this is 2015. Not the 1970’s. I wish there were no cell phones some days. Not gonna happen.

      • dd def says:

        why exactly would we all like to see players without tats and dreads? i mean, speak for yourself at least.

    • Uhhh says:

      You’re the one looking at his tats, dude.

    • Anthony Carter says:

      I dont think it matters whos in the jersey all that matters is that the jersey will be celebrated and thats it lets not make this anymore than what it is please thank u.

    • YeahNo says:

      Tattoos stopped being cool when fifteen year old girls started getting them. Now everywhere you look it’s wanna be tough guys. No one is even looking at them. They are just thinking ‘tattoos’. No one cares about your dumb life stories.

    • Jon in Iowa says:

      Call it speculation, but maybe they wanted the guy who is from Indiana.

  3. #swagfordays says:


  4. ha says:

    the funny thing is that no blacks could ever wear this uniform and it represents segregation and jim crow era at best…I hope these players understand their history because the owners do. Just ask Big O…about that time? and if he would wear that uni…?

    • Zeus says:

      You don’t know what you’re talking about. Explain to me how a kid from Indianapolis could have played for a team in Milan, Indiana? Or how the Milan Indians displayed any Jim crow laws in their sports teams? Don’t worry I’ll wait

  5. TOP5EVER! says:

    LOL! I agree! nice reply dude! hahaha I’m keeping laughing!

  6. billy says:

    sick of tats. cool shirt.

  7. tandy says:

    you don’t know what youre talking about

  8. JustSayin says:

    So we all just gonna ignore the fact that George Hill dyed his hair blonde…

    • Jaspeezy says:

      duuude! I didn’t even notice haha. good call my man

    • YeahNo says:

      Men are like women now. They have to get their hair colored, takes them an hour to get ready to go out, and they talk on the phone for hours like fourteen year old girls. The look-at-me narcissists generation.

  9. TWiiN 2 says:

    You could say the same about some of the music that different cultures listen to. Do they really understand what they hear or just think it’s the cool thing to do.

  10. ONN says:

    Dennis Rodman flashback!