Scottie Pippen responds to Shaq, says count the rings

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Yesterday, Shaquille O’Neal took to Instagram to make his case that an all-time Lakers team would win easily against an all-time team of Chicago Bulls players. As you can read in the comments here, you guys had plenty of thoughts and ideas on the topic.

Well, so did Bulls legend Scottie Pippen. The former Bull took to Instagram to point out that while Shaq’s Lakers may have won three titles, Pippen’s Bulls came away with six rings…

Shaq responded in kind, employing something of a sarcastic hashtag. #youwereok

Pippen then went with the obvious about Shaq, invoking his free throw shooting…

Shaq then walked back his previous criticism a bit, proclaiming Pippen the best sidekick ever…

Pippen created a photo montage arguing that if anyone should know about being a sidekick, it’s Shaq…

Shaq then finished the argument (for now) by invoking Game 7 of the 2000 Western Conference Finals, when the Lakers came from behind to get a win to eliminate Pippen and the Blazers…


  1. Tim Timbo says:

    Pippen is way out of his league even in this convo. SHAQ +1

    • #1stunna says:

      I miss the good old days when players talk smack and challenge each other. NBA players today are soft, too afraid to create enemy and always buddy buddy up on the same team. Uh hmm..the best player today is to surround themselves with the other best players in the league. There is no good NBA game anymore. THE LEAGUE SHOULD SPEND MORE TIME ON MAKING RULES TO PREVENT THIS FROM HAPPENING!

      • #1stunna says:

        Nevermind, I take that back. NBA players stop talking smack to each other because of the MEDIA, who writes stuff that say the players are conceited and irgnorant. Then the players are afraid of being the bad guys and just stopped talking smack altogether. MJ was nice to other players off the court, but still competed on the court. LBJ only nice to players that he played with of the court, not the players the he’s being competing and compared with (Durant).

      • Jeff Potts says:

        You couldn’t be more right, the NBA in this day and age only care about making an all star team, look at LeBron, he was one or two years from winning a title in Cleveland, but he gave up and you the easy way out, and he still only has two rings, Jordan put in work,for that I respect him. But not lebron, he’s a sellout

      • Reemie says:

        @Jeff potts yeah your right about that. Thats why i dont really see LeBron as a high an mighty superstar i think he is a superstar give him that but his numbers are only that great because he has to have other superstars on his team which has some what killed the eastern conference. N this is where i go a bit further and respect Kobe, he stuck with Lakers when there where times he should have left (surely if it was Lebron he would have left) and for people who say Jordan was nice off the court i really dont know about that one. Nice when the ring is on his finger and the season is over yes but MJ aint know different to Kobe when it comes to focus and competitiveness. Media back then treated MJ like the nice space jam MJ, Kobe did the same and got the complete opposite side of the stick but hey Lakers would beat Bulls since Jordan = Kobe lmao. Magic > than any point u put from the bulls including Rose. Its all left to the bigs and Shaq Kareem.. hmmm dont see Bulls with big bodies to stop. But this kind of trash talk is surely missed. Yeah u wanna protect players and fans but u kill the game when u stop players from taunting etc etc thats whats call Basketball.

    • majormusik2215 says:

      Pippen may not be the better player overall but if ppl gonna use the ring excuse on Bron then shaq can suck it too. You seen Shaq in multiple uniforms chasing the ring every year trying to stay relevant. Nobody goes to Portland KNOWING there gonna win it all….and I’m a blazer fan!

    • Da Truth says:

      The Bulls would win, all they have to do is Hack-a-Shaq.

      • Exactly says:

        You are right. On paper if you look at the individual match ups, yes of course Lakers have the edge thats obvious.
        On a court I think that Bulls team would win.. I’d actually sub out Rose for Ron Harper. Harper is the better defender with better size and a team player that could play off ball with pippen and Jordan handling the ball. I’d switch Horace Grant with Noah as well… Harper, Jordan, Pippen, Rodman, Noah… That would be a TEAM a very good one that very few combinations of players could beat..
        Lakers would be a nightmare on the court with all those egos… Shaq’s ego was too big to share touches with Kobe.. How he going to play with Kareem and Magic and Baylor. That team would self implode. Not to mention as stated above they’d just hack shaq everytime he touched it down low and he’d stop getting the ball and start crying about it.

        The better collection of players doesn’t mean an automatic victory… Look at Dirk’s ring. That Heat team was far superior to the Mavs on paper. Mavs were the better TEAM and they have the ring to show for it. Talent is great but certain guys have a hard time playing with other great talent and sharing the touches/attention. The 5 bulls I listed are team guys… Shaq is far from a team player..

        Also just for the record everybody bashes Kobe for being a ball hog and shooting too much.. Does everybody forget Jordan averaged over 22 FGA a game for his career Kobe is under 20 a game… Not knocking Jordan cause it worked and it worked for Kobe just saying thats quite the double standard… Jordan praised for the same reason Kobe is bashed.

        3 of the 10 players Shaq listed are top 5 all time players. Shaq and Pippen both arent on that list. Kobe, Jordan Magic are. Pippen is atleast the second best Bull of all time… Shaq is probably 4 or 5 on that list for the Lakers. Shaq would be an afterthought in that 5vs5 Pippen would be a 2nd option… Shaq just shut up already, you are starting to sound dumb. Pippen = 6 Rings as second best player on the team. Shaq 4 Rings with really only one coming as the best player. Last two rings Kobe was superior to Shaq thats why lakers picked kobe not shaq… his 4th ring D-Wade was by far the better player. So recap. Shaq 1 ring as Batman 3 as Robin… Pippen 6 for 6 as Robin… I’d rather be Robin. 😉

    • Twoine says:

      Out of his league you must just started watching bball when labron got drafted lol you missed the golden years

    • Patrick says:

      Actually lippen right. Shay won with kobe, Dwyane Wade was Mvp in mia, had no legs in Cleveland. In Orlando he was gone with the wind sweep by Houston. And in Phoenix he was just a bench player.

    • reluctant says:

      I’m a Shaq fan a…huge mj fan but people really forget scottie defended the best players on the opposing team and still managed to get the job done on the offensive end..

  2. Athanasia Columbus says:

    Gosh I miss the good old days DA BULLS!!

  3. Ob Asante says:

    Pippen a sidekick? Are you kidding me shaq? This guy had the bulls on his back for year and that was in one of the most competitive years of the nba. We all can remember how bad shaq was in the latter part of his carrier,but Pippen was doing lebron stuff in his late ages

    • Yusef says:

      Gtfoh…stop comparing pippen to lebron!!!! It’s senseless!!!!

      • navarrotarek says:

        People that compare Pippen to LeBron are so funny. It’s like comparing Skittles with Lobster.

      • dd def says:

        actually, it makes a lot of sense. pippen was the premier point-forward who did everything, ran the break like a boss, and could fly with the best of them. since lebron came into the league everyone started with MJ comparisons, personally, i always saw him as a modern day pippen 2.0 if you will.

      • Kindness says:

        Of course!!!! cuz Pippen is so much better at defense bandwagon

      • Twoine says:

        Look at pips stats 1 of 5 players in history to lead team in every statical category then got cheated in eastern conference finals people forget history cus there brianwashed by media and trapped by what they see now smh

      • Twoine says:

        You right people need to know there history and not be trapped in the now check pips stats when the league was at its best

      • Jay says:

        jajajajajaajajajajaajajajajajaaj comparing skittles whit Lobster jajajajaja good one man jaja

    • Darrion says:

      But Michael molded him to be that way. They say Jordan AND pippen for a reason

  4. Mike says:

    Sorry shaq, but you are wrong! The bulls are the greatest ever! 6 of 6! No more to add.

    • navarrotarek says:

      I would argue that the Celtics and Lakers are better than the Bulls. You can’t say that just because they won 6 out of 6, perfect is better than Celtics’ 17, 8 in a row, or Lakers’ 16 total, with also two threepeats; that is absurd. Is like saying that Houston’s 2 out of 2, perfect also, is better than SA’s 5. Or that Kerr, five rings, perfect in Finals, is better than Bill Russel, 11 rings, but not perfect finals. ABSURD!

      • Aj Ware says:

        Actually the Rockets are 2-4 in NBA Finals.. We lost twice to Boston

      • Joshua says:

        I completely understand what you’re saying, but context is something most people leave out of an argument such as this one. Most of those Celtics and Lakers teams from the 60’s and 70’s wouldn’t do so well against the great teams in the 80’s. It was a much slower game back then with lesser athletes. I’m not taking anything away from the organizations, but the Bulls did it in a much tougher and competitive era in basketball. Think about all the talent in the 90’s, all the hall of fame players on different teams all around the league in the 90’s… You can disagree, which is fine and your right, but context is extremely important.

      • supe says:

        Mike never loss in the finals point blank magic, Isaiah, bird any other great player loss Mike didn’t ,Shaq was jumped with kobe,wade and LeBron jumped with bosh,wade and love. If anything rose is the only Soldier left.

      • Kristian says:

        seriously, snap outta this arguement already. sure the lakers and celtics by far have more superior history than any other teams. But that is simply because basketball was invented in boston and LA was the premiere destination in the old years where media wasn’t as powerful. Dynasties were started on those 2 teams because of this very reason and so it continued easily. look at these 2 teams now though? but regardless, the topic of convo here is the 5 lakers listed against the 5 bulls listed. and individually i got the lakers winning 4-1 with only jordan winning for the bulls. but shaq meant 5on5 basketball game right? those bulls guys there are the real team. too many ego on the laker side we all know how these kinds of match up turn out time and time again.

  5. justhetruth says:

    Shaq is hilarious, lol. Talk about one of the most over rated and over paid athletes! The only thing he could do was dunk the ball. He couldnt hit free throws or out side jumpers,lol. He was just freakishly large, so he could dominate under the rim in the paint, but that really isnt talent. Kobe totally carried that lakers team. How many titles did Shaq bring Orlando without Kobe, when he was the so called leader? What is amazing about the Bulls is that , not only did they win six titles, but they had two three peats! The Jazz during their two title runs vs the Bulls with Stockton and Malone, used to own the Lakers against Kobe and Shaq. Well, I am done rambling, lol. Peace, and God Bless.

    • Ej says:

      Stockton and Malone owned the Lakers with SHaq & Kobe? LMAO you are on crack justhetruth Made my morning, hahahahahahahaahahahahahahahaahahahahh

      • Jeremy says:

        I’m guessing you don’t remember when the Jazz swept them in the playoffs during one of their Finals runs. Ya the Jazz totally dominated Shaq and Kobe!

      • David Bethea says:

        That’s the truth, it took shaq and kobe 4 years to win a title…. And quite frankly I don’t think they win 1 title if Phil Jackson didn’t come in town.

      • rico says:

        Ej no offense but they did own the Lakers at one point the jazz we a heavy weight in the western conference and Malone was an MVP

    • Joshua says:

      100% correct.

    • Darrion says:

      Yeah ur crazy. One of the most dominating players we’ve ever seen and he’s overrated ?

  6. alex says:

    The only guy coming off the bench in a Lakers All Star team from the years is Shaq!!!!

    Centers: Wilt and Kareem (Back-up Shaq)
    Forwards: Elgin Baylor, James Worthy, Pau Gasol
    Guards: Magic, Kobe, Jerry West.

    There is absolutely no way the Bulls beat the Lakers. The Lakers have 3 of the greatest 6 players in history (Wilt, Magic, Kareem) the other 3 being Jordan, Bird and Russell.

    • You're right says:

      If we put a best ever Bulls team together, it almost exclusively has the 93′-98′ squad members. Of current players, probably only Rose and Noah – and at a stretch Butler. make the best ever Bulls lineup:

      C: Noah, Longley
      PF: Rodman, Kukoc
      SF: Pippen, Grant
      SG: MJ, Butler (also SF)
      PG: Rose, Paxson

      Now, we can split hairs all day long on whether that’s the likely best Bulls lineup, but honestly? It would be pretty close to it. Offensively the Bulls would be very reliant on MJ, Pippne and Rose. Defensively, Noah, Rodman, Grant would have to try holding out a Best of Lakers squad.

      I’d differ on a few sqaud members to you though:

      C: Wilt, Kareem
      PF: Worthy, AC Green
      SF: Baylor, Wilkes
      SG: The Logo, Kobe
      PG: Magic, Goodrich, Scott

      All Offensive: Kareem, Worthy, Baylor, The Logo, Magic (..and not too shabby defensively either)

      All Defensive: Wilt, AC Green, Wilkes, Kobe, Scott (..and who would say this “defensive lineup” couldn’t score? )

      I don’t suppose to say it’s pretty close to a complete team on both defense & offense, but ya gotta admit it’s close to some kinda best ever – for any NBA franchise. Some Best Ever squads would rival it: Celtics, Sixers, Spurs. Honestly though, few could rival a squad that deep and potent, at both ends of the floor.

      All told, I’m going to give the edge to the Lakers on this hypothetical.

    • Edit says:

      To the Bulls, add Cartwright as a Center. So three Centers in all: Noah, Cartwright, Longley

  7. Mayuri says:

    Shaq is so wrong.

    And he actually needed David Stern to beat Scottie Pippen and the Blazers.
    The world knows what happened.

    Pippen is a leader.
    Shaq couldn’t even outplay Dennis Rodman.

    • Twoine says:

      Those shaq kobe teams got away with murder they played with refs or paid whatever

    • Darrion says:

      Ur telling me a 7ft 320 pound diesel that can run the floor can’t out play Dennis rod man? All he really was is a great hustler and a great rebounder and defender but against shaq? He would get destroyed

      • Smh says:

        Your speaking hypothetically, but if you knew facts you would know rodman shut shaq down on multiple occasions. Am i saying hes a better player? No but shaq couldn’t run the floor better than rodman or score on him like he did against other opponents.

  8. Kelvin says:

    Love you Shaq, but Pippen owned you here hahahaha

  9. Bobby says:

    One thing is for sure – that would be a perfect final Bulls vs Lakers in their prime. Kobe vs MJ and so on..
    But Shaq is also right about MJ – he carried this team to multiple championships, not Pippen, although ofc he was also important piece of that team.

    Anyway both seem to be missing basketball at the championship’s level.

  10. Booch says:

    Shaq MVPed his laker 3 for sure, but Scottie is only a side-kick because he was playing with the GOAT. On any other team (or as shown in his great ’94 season), he wasn’t a side-kick to anyone.

    • dd def says:

      there were also no federal investigations resulting in any of the bulls championships. that’s gotta count for something.

    • Ja rule says:

      He was told or rather give a Chris bosh role, he did what he was asked of him. But because he wanted to win he made choice to be whatever the team needed and not necessarily use all of his talents

  11. Dionisio says:

    Someone was wrong…he meant to say the lakers had 4 out of the 7 best players in nba history..Wilt, Magic, Kareem and KOBE!! and the Bulls Have Jordan so any argument is invalid..Jordan might one of the best but hes not better than 4 of the NBA’s Greatest

    • Twoine says:

      Who was on that lakets team in 91 finals that played the bulls

    • rico says:

      Jordan is not better than magic, Kobe, or wilt, ARE YOU SERIOUS? The only laker who even belongs in a valid conversation with Mj is Kareem man. Learn about basketball man. Jordan hands down is the g.o.a.t just ask MAGIC.

  12. Dionisio says:

    But yet go ask jordan how he beat the detroit pistons which btw he didnt .. Jordan didnt win a title till that team got spread out

    • Skiills says:

      I don’t agree with that. The Bulls in 1990 took the Pistons to 7 games and lost. That was Phil Jackson’s first year and the Bulls were still growing as a team. The 1990 Chicago Bulls was no where near as good as they were going to become and still took the Pistons to 7. Now if you took the Bulls from 92 or 95 and transport them back to that same series that a young more inexperienced Bulls team extended to 7, I guarantee they would have won that series and the championship then too.

    • Joshua says:

      This doesn’t make any sense. What team wins a championship without the right pieces?! Lmao!!!

  13. navarrotarek says:

    The conversation is about an all-time Lakers team would win easily against an all-time team of Chicago Bulls players, not Shaq vs Pippen. I will refer to both non the less. Shaq is a top 5 NBA history center. Is Pippen a top 5 NBA history small forward? Shaq made more money, had better career stats and is considered one of the most dominant players in the league’s history. Pippen was very good, but not that good. Now, to the real debate, an all-time Lakers team against an all-time team of Chicago Bulls players. Judge by yourselves after checking these lineups made only with ring winners, other wise the list would be longer with players like Dwight Howard, and Divac.
    LA – at C, Kareem, at PG, Magic, at SG, Kobe, at SF, Worthy, at PF, Chamberlain, at the bench, only 6 players total, Pau Gasol, Jerry West, Cooper, Bynum, World Peace, Robert Horry..
    Bulls – at C – Luc Longley, at PF – Rodman (also in LA), at SF – Pippen, at SG – MJ, at PG – Paxon, from the bench, only 6 total, Bill Cartwright, Horace Grant, Harper (also LA), Kukoc, B.J. Armstrong, Steve Kerr.
    I think you all know the answer to that debate.

    • You must be a youngster who doesn’t really know that much about basketbal…… could add some really good players to the Bulls roster like Bob Love, Chet Walker, Norm Van Lier, Jerry Sloan,Tom Boerwinkle, Artis Gilmore and maybe even a Nate Thurmond….not bad players in their own right. Plus you failed to mention one of the greatest small forwards of all time in your Lakers roster…ever heard of a man called Elgin Baylor?……You would actually rather have Bynum and Bonehead World Peace…..who by the way started out as a Bull as Ron Artest (but we were smart and traded him b-4 he went wacko) then Elgin Baylor or even a George Miken???? Child please!!!!!

      • jae porter says:


      • Magali Rivera says:

        Please stop the nonsense, Shaq took the Orlando to the finals in his first year. Utah only beat LA cause Kobe was a rookie and the coach didn’t gave him the chance to play that Mj or LBJ got. Shaq and Kobe went thru a SA that already had won it all not ones but twice. MJ is the best ever and the Bulls were great but Shaq was right when he said that a Lakers all time team would have beat them. He should have said his Lakers would have cause there was no one that could stop him.

  14. abcd says:

    Lol Shaq is hilarious..for real Pippen should be winning this argument though. After the Blazers video if I was Pippen I would post a Boston Celtics basket while Shaq was playing for them but is not even on the court and write “You were OK without Kobe…oh wait.” #cheerleader #sittingonthedockofthebay

  15. SD-Stang says:

    Shaq tried to find a video of what MJ and Scottie said when they lost that Finals then realized they never lost a Finals. He just found one when he and Penny got SWEPT in their own building and then disband then had to get Michaels Coach Phil and Tex because without Phil and Michael Kobe never evolves into a marque player and Lakers never win three titles.

    So in reality Shaq you should be thanking Michael and the Bulls for putting a boot in your arse and letting you borrow his coaches and teach Kobe the ways of the Force because without him Shaq probably never gets signed by Miami because he has no titles and is just another 7 footer with no titles.

    • Dieter says:

      Seems like you take this debate a bit to serious 🙂 I think Shaq had a wonderful career, reaching the NBA Finals in his 3th year, together with Penny who was in his 2nd year -> Now that is outstanding, almost unbelievable, than losing in the Finals to Olajuwon and Drexler in 4 games, c’mon you can’t expect a 23 year old upcoming center to compete with a 32 year old primetime Olajuwon. The same goes for the next year, it’s impossible to think that a 3th year Penny Hardaway can defeat Jordan in his prime.

      Players in their prime always defeat rookies, that’s how it should be ! If the 76’ers win the title this year because Okafor scores 50 on every other center in the league, Noel block 30 shots a game, and Stauskas scores 82 points when he needs to, against Warriors, Spurs, Clippers, Cavaliers, … than that title is well deserved, but it ain’t gonna happen !

      • SD-Stang says:

        It’s easy for him to talk about things he didn’t do himself and include others that normally wouldn’t include themselves in such topics. He’s over the Hill and never faced MJ in the Finals doesn’t have the finals MJ has nor is he even the best big man. I guess he has to do something to stay relevant. How often does Michael go to twitter to compare himself against others, right.

  16. doycells says:

    lol, What you see on papers usually doesn’t work. The Lakers greats might or might not play well together since many of them are decades apart. While the Bulls are already Tested and Proven to win it all. Dream on Shaq….

  17. Michael Bishop says:

    I remember an interview that Bob Costas did with Phil Jackson during the Lakers/Nets finals about this very thing…I looked on youtube for that interview and couldn’t find a video for it. But Phil Jackson’s thoughts were that the Bulls would, quote “have a tough time with this team….real tough time” but then he made reference to the Bulls playing Orlando after MJ got back into Basketball shape and talked about how the Bulls swept the Magic. I’ve went back and looked at games of the Lakers v.s. Bulls during this last couple of years that Michael played with Chicago. There was one time when the Lakers blew them out by over 20 points…Kobe was only 20 years old at that time. I pasted a youtube video of that game here below. I think it would have been a great series…but I got to go with Chicago on this one in probably a 6 game series.

    • navarrotarek says:

      I think they are talking about an all-time teams. Here is what a 12 man roster team will look like. No Rose or Dwight Howard, only ring winners.
      SG- MJ
      PG- Paxon
      C- Luc Longley
      PF- Rodman
      SF- Pippen
      Bench- Kukoc, BJ Armstrong, Horace Grant, Ron Harper, Steve Kerr, Bill Cartwright, Hodges

      SG- Kobe
      PG- Magic
      C- Wilt
      PF- Kareem
      SF- Worthy
      Bench – Shaq, Jerry West, Bynum, Robert Horry, Cooper, Metta World Peace, Gasol

      I think it is kind of one sided. Lakers have won 16 titles, 2 three peat, multiple back to backs. Just the size of the LA alone is enough to beat on any of the Bulls 2 three peat teams.

      • Bob fisher says:

        No Baylor Thompson Wilkes Goodrich mccado Mikan Nixon the laker list goes on and on Bulls have pippen n mj enough said

      • KorverMania says:

        Bynum???? hahahah, might as well include Luke Walton… Bynum vs Greg Oden…. nice topic… who is more wasted…

  18. JB says:

    Shaq, Rodman owned you.

  19. justsayin says:

    Maybe if Kobe wasn’t a jealous baby Shaq would’ve wound up with another 3 rings and Finals MVPs. Dude was never a sidekick till his health started giving out. smh

    However I’d love to see one of Shaq’s finals teams against MJ’s. The Bulls had a great run, but they never faced a dominant center. It would’ve also been epic if the Bulls in 96 (1st of 2nd set of chips) had faced Olajuwon and the Rockets, who would’ve been on the hunt to complete a threepeat themselves, instead of the Sonics. Just to see how the Bulls would have reacted to facing a HoF center, which was never even their 3rd strongest position. I’d like to think Phil’s brain and MJ’s will would win out, but they might’ve gotten eaten up too badly inside.

    • Twoine says:

      So why didnt lakers make the finals mj last year with shaq kobe oh yeah they couldnt beat the jazz hmmmm

  20. Chris says:

    Shaq must be bored. He is comparing apples and oranges. He is comparing multiple decades, admittingly all legends, to a single decade (bar Rose, whom IMO shouldn’t even named, sorry), to one team, inc. the best player ever, the best ‘robin’ ever, best team ever, d-rod, best coach ever, best everything ever. #iseered

  21. Chucky808 says:

    These types of debate is just stupid! I think the Raptors all time list can beat the bulls all time list too! lol

    Mark Jackson
    Vince Carter
    T Mac
    The Dream

  22. justsayin says:

    never faced *in the finals*, I mean, of course

  23. Ice Kold says:

    Personally I’m a Bulls fan. Always have been since a kid largely (or should I say specifically) bc of Jordan. However, I have to agree with Shaq (to some degree) that the Lakers would beat the Bulls. But I don’t agree it would be by 50. The Bulls organization was only great during the Jordan years. So as a franchise the Lakers have the upper hand. The Celtics would be in the conversation as well but I wouldn’t include the 8 in a row for the simple fact that there were only 6 teams in the league. Scottie however was a LeBron-like player. He could do it all and he did it at a time where the league was much more physical. The teams back then are far better than the teams today. Not to mention he carried them to the playoffs when Jordan retired. BUT with Jordan on the team there’s a possibility the Bulls could walk away with it. The Lakers with Magic was a better team but Jordan was the x-factor. And really the teams back then were actually better than the Bulls but Jordan was just that great. So they Lakers have the better team but the Bulls have a great team as well along with the VERY BEST THAT EVER DID IT!!!

  24. Joe Momma says:

    Scottie forgot that Shaq was a Sidekick in Boston as well.

  25. exile103 says:

    Kareem = #1 all-time NBA scorer. Kobe = 3rd all-time leading scorer. Shaq = #6 all-time scorer. Magic = best pg of all time, and a matchup nightmare more typical small guards. Baylor = scoring AND rebounding machine. Other than Jordan, none of the Bulls are even close to those Lakers in scoring. Pippen is #51! How the hell would they score enough to win?

  26. quantum mechanics explained in 60 seconds says:

    Micheal Jordan Was A God,
    –(See Larry Bird’s Quote)
    a Team With MJ+Pippen, and Rodman and Toni and Kerr Would beat any team of Legendary Status. How? For all abilities that everyone else has…. No 50 players COMBINED match MJ’s tenacity, Pippen’s athletic ability mixed with team mentality, and last Rodman’s sheer personal vendetta to get that next rebound and nasty defense.

    • Darrion says:

      Don’t act like Kobe wouldn’t go at him.even towards Jordan he is no slouch

      • Yourdasd says:

        kobe isnt and never will be near from MJ. Best numers in less years MJ. Best in fg%, MJ was the batman 6-6 in finals but kobe was robin and shaq was the man. Take a look the numners in finals and see what i mean.

    • Storm says:

      Ummm u mean is a God?

  27. JB says:

    The Bulls faced Shaq’s Magic in the ECF. So, they did face a team with a dominant center. The result? 4-0.

  28. Mongolian says:

    Shaq always needed NBA referees to survive against best teams. Shaq! Remember how your Lakers team cheated against Sacramento Kings, Webber lead team destroyed you guys, but NBA cheated and never apologized for Sacramento Kings and their fans.

    • Brandon says:

      Your smokin something cause crack dont do that….webber was a punk and your upset because the refs stopped sending you all to the line because know one was believing flop master divac anymore.

  29. Denny says:

    Shaq is Shaqtin’ a fool.. hahaha

  30. Denny says:

    hey exile103 the all time scorers you mention played way more seasons than MJ! i mean.. Kareem played till he was,. what,.. 60? come on. if you want to compair them look at what they scored in the same number of seasons Jordan played. that would be a fair comparison.

    • Dieter says:

      That’s also not a fair comparison because Jordan has always been the first scoring option for Phil, Kareem was not.
      People tend to forget that every player on the Bulls team had his task, and for Jordan that was scoring… there’s not alot of teams that play that way. On any other team, Jordan would’ve scored less. Phil wanted to make Jordan the GOAT, but it’s good that there are still alot of people who manage to see that there were better players in history than Jordan.

  31. Denny says:

    by the way… Take a look at Jordan’s Speech at the Hall of Fame. he said, in the video’s of the chamionships ,you didn’t just see me. You saw Scottie Pippen… if the G.O.A.T says it… Pippen was way more than a sidekick

    • Brandon says:

      Jordan is not the GOAT!

      • Twoine says:

        Blasphemy youngin

      • On your planet he may not be says:

        But here on Erath?? Bozo, MJ is the GOAT, when it comes to basketball.

        Problem here is that folks are confusing a team with the GOAT (i.e. the 91-98 Bulls Teams), with GOAT Teams… whole different argument. On the best ever squad taken from all franchise players, at their peak? Lakers will win against Chicago everytime with the long list of HoFer’s they’d have to call on.

  32. Broy7 says:

    shaq got no chill LOL

  33. Superwoman says:

    Shaq (4), Kobe (5), Pippen (6), Jordan (6)
    Message to Shaq, you cant even beat Kobe in rings, why you even bother talk about the Bulls, get a life Shaq……..

  34. omersyed23 says:

    hahahaha!! shaq is no player…no shooting skills, cant shoot a free throw to save his life, cant dribble for anything.he was used so bad even he didnt know it….he used his body that’s it and then soon as every time he was doubled he dished it out so kobe or wade or lebron always got the credit, shaq was everyone toy they use him til they done and over him then let him go. shaq scored points because of his body he has no arch in his shot….at all..with scottie pippen he was running the ball,shooting threes and jumpers, driving in to get fouls, he actually helped Michael by his hard work. that’s a real basketball player. you dont call yourself a ball player because you a big body and you shove people out to just sit there and dunk….dont talk about titles if yu didnt do any of the dirty work like kobe did all he did was give you the ball to just dunk you had the easiest job. cuz why…?? you had the body over anyone there til dwight came. then you started using the whole health thing cuz you couldnt handle another bigger guy you couldnt score over.

    • Dsol7 says:

      How can you hate on shaq because of his body size ? Shaq was a beast in the paint and if you think getting position in the post and finishing is easy and add to the fact that the NBA still played defense back then , then you are delusional.

  35. Brandon says:

    Here we go another round of micheal is god. This is for all you Bulls fans who think Jordan is the man. First off he is a major a@$!&(). I know i have gaurded him at serveral pro-ams.

    Second if he was so great why did it take him and Scottie all the way until 91 to win their first. Because all the teams from the 80’s were past thier prime. The players who were young most ended up with the bulls.
    I.E. Rodman and Salley.
    It’s really easy for Bulls fans to forget that Micheal was a superstar player with a superstar team in a mediocre time in the league.
    Anyone, besides fans from chicago, who was a Bulls or Jordan fan was a band wagon jumper. Why because all other teams had no one on them. With the exception of Utah….UTAH! That alone should prove my point. You were victims of the greatest ad gimmicks ever with Nike.
    Don’t give me this oh Larry Bird and Barkley and Magic and Hakeem…etc. most were retired or retired with in 2 years of the bulls first with.

    72-10 the bulls won. So what? They had their hands full during the playoffs and finals.
    01 Lakers went 16-1 in the playoffs losing only the forst game in the finals. Swept the playoffs. Against much younger better built teams.
    Jordan doesnt hit the records books until #4 most points scored all time. The three ahead of him. All three Lakers!
    Oh accept most 3pt shots attempted. He is#1. No where near the top on three points made. Who’s a ball hog???
    Lakers beat the Bulls with no argument!!!
    Like it or not…..oh and to that moron down below that said Utah blew out the Lakers in WCF…. your right…against a kid fresh out of college and one right out of high school!!!! Who still managed to get to the WCF only a couple years in. Oh an by the way those two kids wound up with a combined 9 Finals rings. How many does Utah have? Know your basketball before you open your mouth!!!

    • FIL says:

      Ummmmmmmm…….Michael Jordan is the all time leader in 3 pointers attempted? What?!?!

      He is 173rd, or 14 spots behind Matt Bonner, so before you talk about “knowing basketball before opening your mouth” you should worry about not making stuff up.

      Also, 72-10 is no big deal? Really? You sight how they “had their hands full in playoffs and finals” They went 15-3 in the playoffs that year! Thats a winning % of .83333 or a 70 win pace in the regular season, which would be an NBA record if that same Bulls team didn’t post a 72 win record during that same season, you sight as no big deal.

      You also mention that it took the Bulls all the way until 91′ to win a championship, which was Jordans 7th year and Pippens 4th year. Yet you conveniently left out that it took Shaq and Kobe the same or longer. (8 years Shaq, 4 years Kobe)

      However, what was truly hilarious is you sight Dennis Rodman and John Salley as the young guys who helped get the Bulls over the hump. Lets ignore that neither of them were on the team for the first 3 peat. Lets also ignore that Rodman was 35 when he joined the Bulls. However, what I refuse to ignore is that you put John Freaking Salley as a player who helped MJ and Scottie get over hump. He scored 12 baskets in whole 1 year he was on the team, and then went to play in Greece the year after.

      So before you start telling people to know their basketball before opening their mouths, take a look in the mirror.

      Jordan is the GOAT…..everyone knows it……get over it.

    • Dsol7 says:

      Dude there’s being objective and flat out being a hater , Jordan is one of the greatest ever and all this is , is opinions. Oh and get your facts right Jordan is nowhere near # 1 on the most 3pt shots attempted.

  36. The Truth says:

    The best part about the hypothetical is Shaq wouldn’t even be on the team. It would be West, Bryant, Baylor, Johnson, & Jabbar.

  37. bad boys says:

    All ino is detroit taught Jordan how to win. ….and we took apart that hall of fame laker squad in 2004 im just saying n mj cry to much…..

    • Twoine says:

      Jordan cry to much then why that pistons squad not shake hands after mj pip beat them whos😭

  38. sanjay says:

    shaq is a loud mouth but he is wrong. there is no way anyone beating that ridiculous bulls team. they had tremendous chemistry and super stars who became master role players. the lakers under phil were also similar but unlike bulls they did not work hard enough after 3 peat. And shaq was the worst culprit being in bad shape just at the age of 31 ish!
    MJ kept everyone on the hook and in tip top shape. scottie, rodman were all in early 30’s during second peat!
    you can see it in steve kerr, he is a nice guy but cocky as hell on court. he turned up and won that ring-just like that!

    scottie a tremendous player himself. MJ should have won 2 more with him at least. 2 time he missed and the last one-short season.
    they would have had 9 out of 9! And I am quite convinced about that!

    And today MJ must be kicking himself for letting those years go!

  39. bogyman says:

    shaq won champioships because of wade and kobe… common shaq! , and oh celtics, cleveland, and phoenix? what happened? … hahaha.. 4 rings?..jordan has 6 out of 6…

  40. Ryan says:

    A Lakers all time team would consist of Magic Johnson, Kobe Bryant, Kareem Abdul Jabar, Shaq, James Worthy, Elgin Baylor, Jerry West, and several more HOFers. They would EAT an all time Bulls team.

  41. Eric says:

    I understand this conversation being about Shaq very pippen or Lakers versus Bulls but I would say that an all time Celtics team could beat either and yes Jordan may be one of the the GOATS but Bill Russell is the greatest of all time

  42. omersyed23 says:

    it probably be a good match up though

  43. Fbsoares says:

    People are talking about shaq and pippen etc but analyse the teams, really do. Mj is the goat but he is one man, how would they stop kareem and shaq inside the perimeter? they would not win by 50 for sure but they would win. It’s just unfair because the lakers have more legendary all-time players then the bulls basicly.

  44. sanjay says:

    barring kobe no body would come even close to smelling blood on the basketball floor like MJ-ala my man MJ’s blood on the dance floor! that is the reason you cannot defeat that bulls team no matter whom you team up with!

  45. Chris says:


  46. Chris says:

    If Shaquille played with MJ, he would be his sidekick as we’ll.

  47. Chris says:

    If Shaquille played with MJ, he will be his sidekick too. Even if Le bron plays with MJ, le bron will be his sidekick.

  48. Speaking Truth says:

    Idk everyone would think pippen has it easy with James Worthy. Magic vs D rose( magic)..Jordan vs Kobe (even if you decide to go with Jordan it wouldn’t be by a landslide because kobe is his clone) pippen vs worthy (I’m going with James Worthy) Kareem and shaq wins there battle with any 4 or 5 big in bulls history so lets not get crazy..that laker 5 will kill any bulls 5..real basketball fans know that is a fact. Pippen is great and is a top 50 player in the NBA but he isn’t on shaq level..Oh yeah did we forget that a rule in NBA history was changed because of a guy named Shaquille O’Neal..come on why is this even a discussion…Lakers wins that series in 5 games end of discussion

  49. Tyrone Brown says:

    Everybody who picked the bulls is missing the big point. All Time Lakers Team Vs All Time BullS Team….Bulls Have 6 Titles throughout the whole team history, Lakers Have 17….majic kobe kareem shaq wilt jerry west elgin baylor and many more vs jordan and pippen…lls #LakerNation

  50. johnnytc! says:

    whoaaaaaa just wait a minute…. LBJ could beat them all. It doesn’t matter who the other four were.

  51. sin says:

    it’s quite simple, Jordan is 6 for 6 and has never played a game 7 in the finals.

  52. Greg says:

    Sorry Shaq, but its about Lakers vs Bulls. Not Lakers vs Blazers. And don’t forget that Lakers had ex Bulls coach Phil Jackson and ex Bulls players Ron Harper and Horace Grant. Anyway In the 90’s finals Bulls defeated teams that defeated Lakers in the play offs.

    • Norm says:

      No it’s about Shaq vs Pippen and all time Lakers vs all time Bulls so read before u type something next time

  53. mamak says:

    the word “humble” is overated nowadays. Move on SHAQ and every analysts that dwells to their past greatness then compare the young one.

  54. marco says:

    We’re is the love for the game!

  55. justin richards says:

    You couldn’t even put the instagram posts in chronological order?
    Or post all them?? Like when Shaq reposted the MJ & Pip cigar picture but with MJ’s face pasted over Pips!
    Shaq ripped Scottie post for post!
    He could have ENDED Scottie if he would have brought up the $27 million dollar failure that was “AirPip”
    I mean come on Scottie WHY call your airline Air Pip?! Its SO close to Air Jordan! SUPER SIDEKICK MOVE

    Point goes to SHAQ

  56. Darrion says:

    The Lakers would win. Their bigs will destroy the Bulls bigs. Magic vs rose PLEASE. Kobe vs Jordan will be competive. Pippen will have it against Baylor but with magic handling the ball and giving it to shaq and Kareem with Kobe forget about it. The Bulls won’t be blown out by 50 and it will be competive as it should be. Any team with mj is competive but the front line will get destroyed and u have magic handling the ball and Kobe. It would be showtime for real.

  57. B Radd says:

    Steve Kerr, Robert Horry best finals clutch and bailout players ever!!!

  58. ez says:

    Bulls have better defenders (3 of the best all time). Bulls will go small with rodman at the 5 spot and out run the Lakers.

  59. TC says:

    Ummm Shaq, you would probably not even be on the All-Time Laker team. Magic. Kareem. Wilt. The Logo. Kobe. They might need a water boy…

    • TC says:

      Besides, we all know the Lakers would overpay Kobe leaving them to fill out the rest of their All-Time team with Kurt Rambis, old Karl Malone on the veteran’s minimum, Michael Cooper and Sedale Threat.
      All jokes aside, even though Michael is the GOAT, the Lakers really have an incredible talent pool to draw from. Bulls only chance is if MJ can lure Kobe into a personal battle to outdo him and destroy the team chemistry. Which he would. Lol

  60. KorverMania says:

    Lakers all day in this matchup… but Shaq seemed scared to mention his matchup against Rodman… anyway Rodman would not even give this a damn…

  61. jay says:

    Robert Horry is the best player ever he have the most rings. Not counting before 1960s where the rules of the game is still craps

  62. en. says:

    Shaq will get done by pippen right now 1 on 1 in a street ball game

  63. torian thomas says:

    Now@shaq you both legends and both were side kicks once u got your last in Miami you started jumping around looking for some rings and wen u did fail. So right is right wrong is wrong he got six rings you got four. He needd jordan like u needwd kobe and both ran the same offense

  64. Hater all day says:

    Shaqs a bitch who wishes he was on the all time Lakers five man team. Anyway bulls win cause they actually played together and have a system. They win a seven game series cause the Lakers would need a season to get how they’re going to play and who gets the ball. While they’re figuring that out Jordan’s already dunking on the fast break.

    • Norm says:

      Your a hater Shaq was the most dominant player in his era and Pippen was just a great player in his era and Shaq is a top 10 player of all time Pippen is just a top 50 player all time

  65. drooly says:

    the conversation came out of line. the argument was supposed to be the lakers all-time against the bulls all-time, not pip vs shaq. its shaqs fault by pointing out pip so the rest of the post resulted out of context,

    Anyway. shaq is a great player. but i admire glue guys better such as shane battier, trevor ariza, jason kidd, etc. Scottie Pippen has the ability to carry a team, case in point when jordan first retired. But he also can be a side kick. People underestimate being a sidekick but it is really hard to do. Sacrificing but still being very productive. For me, the ability to fit is also a talent not to mention the ability to make others better. Its a team game after all. so the ability to make others good is better than being good yourself.

    feel free to comment. But please dont be harsh. everybody should respect others’ opinion.

  66. Cameron says:

    All Time Golden State Warriors would smoke both of those teams-
    Starters: Curry, Thompson, Barnes/Iguodala, Green, Chamberlain.
    Bench: Hardaway, Richmond, Mullins, Jamison, Bogut, B. Davis, Marcelonis, J. Richardson, Lee, Ezeli.

    All Time Lakers are for real though. But it’s impossible to say who the best would be when you take into account the Celtics, Bucks, Super Sonics (when you envelop the Thunder), 76ers, Knicks, Rockets AND Spurs… Cavs, Hornets, Magic, Trailblazers and Hawks wouldn’t be too shabby either.

    • Cameron says:

      Oh and apologies, not including the Bulls on that list was absolutely an oversight.

    • TC says:

      You think the all-time Warriors would have 4/5 starters from this year’s team? Wilt/Webber/Barry/Richmond/Spree/Mullin/Hardaway would get more burn than all but Curry. Klay may end up being better, but he’s played 3? years?

      • Cameron says:

        No you’re absolutely right, I forgot about webber and Barry. I was just insinuating that Run TMC shouldn’t be separated in the lineup and no ones replacing Curry at PG so the starting void for SG/SF would have to be filled by others. But that would be a sick squad.

  67. LLL says:

    Shaq and Pippen they both are one of the best in their POSITION! Yes, Pippen might not as purpler as Shaq was but come on, Pippen is more of a defense player which normally you don’t get your name recognize as much as an scorer like Shaq. I truly believe Shaq’s All Star Lakers team can be competitive against All Star Bulls team, but beat them by 50 points? Shaq was totally asking for a fight in this slow time of NBA.

  68. Clarence Clair says:

    Yo @shaq read this you never won a championship until you got Scottie Pippen’s coach you were getting swept out of the playoffs against The Rockets I will never forget your college career suck you were a great player no doubt but stop talking nuts Scotty Pippen was the best all-around player next to Michael Jordan to ever play the game

  69. DavH says:

    As much as I like Shaq’s commentating on TV, I really think from time to time that he should nominate himself on his “Shaq n the fool” show for making weird comments like that.

    Given the history of the Lakers, it’s natural that they have so many greats. The problem is, the Bulls got the “GREATEST”!!! That man’s drive strike fear in his opponents, whereas the drive of Kobe(great nonetheless) strike fear in his teammates which breaks down the best of teams. Magic maybe a awesome playmaker, but Rose can breakdown defenses with his insane drives to the basket. Let’s not forget, as good as Shaq is, he wont even last past the 1st quarter which makes him irrelevant. The master of mind game, Rodman, will just start starring him weird and Shaq or the other big man will be so uncomfortable that they start ejecting themselves. Horace Grant??? Luc Longley can throw around his body with the best of them……or should I say Pau Gasol?

    • Norm says:

      You know nothing about basketball with these comments especially mentioning Derrick Rose in the same sentence as Magic Johnson go read a book or something

  70. johnnytc! says:

    have all you forgot about the all time greatest Cleveland team? LBJ can beat any of these teams with any four Cav players.

  71. Ramon says:

    I think an all time lakers team would have too much firepower for any all time bulls team, even if they had the best of all time, supposedly, the lakers would have too many great players to throw at the bulls, it would be hard for them to stop all five players on the court at once. I used to be a big bulls fan, and watched alot of there games, and to me pippen was more than just a complimentary, he was a sidekick, but he was the best sidekick ever, so i have to agree with shaq on that one.

  72. NBAfan says:

    Retired and accomplished superstars still have more competitive fire than today’s NBA players. This is good!

  73. ariel smith says:

    the answer is not that easy the all time bulls are not that good they have all time 6 rings and lakers have 17 rings the whole question is just becuase of michael.

  74. mike jordan says:

    shaq and kobe teams were one of the most dominant In years, you would even see either shaq and kobe in the finals, the last decade

  75. consuelo1005 says:

    I’m examining every franchise’s all-time team in depth on my website: Since it’s topical, the Bulls and Lakers are the initial two franchises that are profiled. I went with Pip, MJ, Chet, Love, and Artis in the starting lineup, and filled out a 12 man roster.

  76. Shaq is a clown says:

    I remember 2005 Eastern Conference Finals Miami Heat vs Detroit Piston.The Heat lead the series 3-2 then because D.wade got injured the Piston rally to beat the Heat in Game 7 to fight the San Antonio Spursin the Finals. That happen Shaq when Batman got injured and only robin is left to fight. Hope u remember it Shaq when u criticized Pipen in ur video.lols #urthebestsidekicktoDWADE&KOBE

    • Norm says:

      I remember Pippen quitting on his team in the 1994 semifinals against the Knicks when he wouldn’t come back in the game how bout that and I also remember the migraine game and when the Pistons used to beat him up and he just gave up cause he couldn’t take it

  77. TD21 says:

    this is a pointless argument, since it’s a franchise vs era matchup. it would’ve made more sense if shaq built a team based on the best lakers of his career vs the best bulls of mj/pippen’s career…

  78. Pff says:

    On a 5 vs 5 (no benches) I’m not even sure Shaq would play.

    Consider that:
    Shaq in his best season as a Lakers had 29 pts and 13 reb.
    Wilt had a 20 pts and 21 reb season and also a 27 pts and 18 reb.
    Kareem had a 27 pts and 17 reb.

    I think Shaq would end up in the bench, But for the sake of the argument, let’s keep him with the roster he picked, with just a minor change for the Bulls, replacing Horace Grant for Artis Gilmore (Horace best season as a Bull was 15 pts and 11 reb, while Artis would go 23 pts and 13 rebounds.

    Now let’s go to the matchups:

    Just prior to his arrival in the NBA, Artis was the best player in ABA (he even was the first pick in the dispersal draft), and is a HOF. Kareem is not only a HOF, but one of the greatest centers ever. Artis was a great defender, so was Kareem, they would have a awesome match-up, but Kareem would be the better player.

    Shaq would be eaten alive by Rodman. Yes, you read that right, And how do I know that? Because that happened. Just look for the playoff match when Rodman had 13 pts and 21 rebounds on a young prime Shaq at Orlando (1996 playoffs). Or when Rodman shut down Shaq for the entire second half AND OT in 96/97 regular season game (already a Lakers). Rodman put Shaq to shame with no double team.

    Elgin was one of the greatest ever, still he would fight one of the greatest perimeter defenders ever in Pippen. Baylor would win, but Pippen was the first Point Foward ever and a elite defender, he would put a good fight

    Kobe is a HOF, Jordan is the GOAT. Jordan wins.

    Rose was a MVP (and in this conversation I’m considering all of those guys as if they were at their primes), but so was Magic. They both tend to make some turnovers, but are both gifted scorers and not so great defenders. Magic wins easily.

    After all of this, I have to say:

    Bulls wins.

    They have 2 DPY at their lineup (Jordan and Rodman, against zero for Lakers), alongside with two other elite defenders (Pippen and Artis), while Lakers have 3 elite defenders (Kareem, Elgin and Kobe), and a good defender guarding a poor scorer who used to own him even in this situation (Shaq vs Rodman).

    Kobe doesn’t share the ball, that’s why he never had a star PG at his side. Even Magic might have some hard time distributing the ball with Kobe controlling the offense. If you let Kobe run the offense, the other guys cant develop their full potential, if you leave it to Magic, Kobe would be pissed off because he wouldn’t have the ball enough.

    Shaq and Kareem used to play at the exact same position (C), they would clog the lane, making hard for penetrations and leaving little space for Magic, Kobe and Elgin at the post.

    Rodman and Artis, on the other hand, would fit in perfectly (PF+C).

    Rose wouldn’t be the primary ball handler (Jordan and Pippen would do it), but I actually believe he would be happy about it, with 3 ball distributors, the Bulls offense would be incredible.

    Overall, the Bulls would be a better TEAM, even if the Lakers had the most talent.

    • Mark says:

      I’d definitely have Artis Gilmore over DRodman!! Both Artis & Horace Grant were better allround players than DRodman & not just counting there time at Chicago, but their entire careers!

  79. Mike says:

    There is absolutely no doubt that the Bulls would win. A better question is, would the Bulls sweep L.A ?

  80. bas says:

    best reply i read here


    answer that one, mr. O’neal

  81. sanjay says:

    jordans bulls team never lost in finals. so they cant be beat by any of the lakers combination. case closed!

  82. sanjay says:

    lakers have no answer to antics of rodman. he would piss off any big man with his ridiculous rebounding. bulls athleticism will win the day. like some body said they would go small and run amuck! A guy called steve kerr could knock down those shots with eyes closed! I love big shot bob but he was activated only in 4th quarter! And anybody who forgot that another ridiculous 3 point pioneer kukoc needs his checked. bulls had master role players like none other. So just bunch of superstars wont do! MJ would piss everybody off and run amuck! kobe is no where close to trash talking skills of MJ at his prime. MJ would address the whole opponents in their locker room! Enuff said!

  83. easyice says:

    Shaq you are just looking for an argument. There is nobody in the Laker history that can guard Pippen. You must be crazy matching Pippen against slow motion Elgin Baylor! Give me a break! You might can bring in Michael Cooper but that will only help a little bit. The worm D Rod will guard you Shaq and he will get 2 offensive fouls from you and have on the bench in the first quarter. We don’t need D Rose on this team we are going to start Mr. defense himself Jerry Sloan he will shut down Magic. The only chance you might have is if Kareem get enough touches and Kobe will make sure he don’t. I will spare you further humiliation and I wont mention Air. Shaq this is one dream you wont win sorry………

  84. Sander says:

    How many rings would both Shaq and Pippen have had if there was no Phil Jackson and Tex Winter…..

  85. Francisco says:

    Come on guys, we can talk about the best overall player, and this it, Pippen is light-years ahead Shaq. Shaq was just a strenght presence in the paint, can’t shoot free-throw. Pippen was the BEST Small-Forward of the league. Actually, people confuses the fact of the player to be next Michael Jordan with to be a medium good player, but in fact occurred one of the best coincidences of the league.

    • Norm says:

      U must be retarded to say something like that Shaq was the most dominant player Pippen was just a great player did Pippen ever win a MVP nope did he ever win a Finals MVP nope so case closed go read a book or something

  86. mike says:

    pretty sure the bulls couldn’t even beat the lakers second unit–

  87. EC says:

    Honestly, I don´t get the discussion between Shaq and Pippen. It´s about an ALL-TIME-TEAM. And how these teams would fare if they competed against each other. And this would also mean you´d require a FULL TEAM, including bench. Or at least a rotation of 8 to 9 players. In addition, the all-time-team should be comprised of players who spent the majority of their career playing for the club AND made their biggest contribution during that span.

    So here´s a little challenge: name players of the Chicago Bulls that spent more than three seasons during their prime on the team AND were elected into the Hall of Fame. Gilmore, Walker, Pippen, Jordan… that´s it. Now do the same exercise with the Lakers and Celtics. OK, you may add Bulls greats such as Rodman, Grant, Kukoc, Rose…. even though Rodman has spent the majority of his career at Detroit and reached his stat prime and 2 all-star selections there.

    Nevertheless, a team of Bulls greats would never be able to win a series against a Lakers greats team. Kareem, Wilt, Shaq, Baylor, Worthy as a front court with Kobe, Magic, West, etc. as a back court is simply too strong. Even for me as a Celtics and Spurs fan I don´t think another club´s greats team could match that.

    However, why can´t the all-time-greats simply accept that there are more great players than only 1???

    • Dr Wynn says:

      If I remember correctly, Moses Malone and The Ice Man George GerVin played for the bulls at some point to. So if you are just throwing players around, add them.

      • EC says:

        That´s why I wrote HoF AND more than 3 seasons for the team.

        Moses never played for the Bulls. Gervin only his last season. If you take all-time-greats no matter how long they played for the respective team you could easily add the Spurs…. they would pile up

        Duncan, Robinson, Malone, Rodman, Dominique Wilkins, Gervin, Robertson, Elliott, Ginobili, Bowen, Leonard…. and also Gilmore, Cummings, …. not to mention M. Finley, Doc Rivers, Glenn Robinson, D. Ellis, M. Cheeks, …. even T-Mac and McDyess played for the Spurs… pretty solid lineup I would say.

  88. robbot says:

    pip 6 rings, shaq 77iq

    • Norm says:

      U must be retarded to say something like that Shaq was the most dominant player Pippen was just a great player did Pippen ever win a MVP nope did he ever win a Finals MVP nope so case closed go read a book or something

    • Norm says:

      Cause of Jordan Pippen has 6 rings Shaq got Kobe his 3 rings

  89. K says:

    How do you guys think a greatest Miami Heat team would do against those team if you put Tim to rum point wade at 2 bron at3 bosh at 4 and Shaq or Alonzo at 5 would do

  90. lee says:

    just run a 2k16 sim 100 times

  91. durabaks says:

    Well, im not a Laker fan but to be fair they can even be matched up with the all time greats. I’m not saying that they will win but somehow they can put up a fight. Magic,Kobe,Elgin,Shaq,Kareem and they have other HOFers too, ’95-’95 Bulls can be considered the best team ever, but if we talk about All time greats, its better to have the Celtics be matched up with the Lakers.

  92. dondon says:

    phil to shaq… lazy!!!!!

  93. Rick Montgomery says:

    Tim timbo saying pippen is out his league wtf are u stupid that’s a six times champ no where the lakers could beat the bulls they had too many shooter I like Kobe now he has five rings shaq has four but goin against Michael an Scottie well u do the math

  94. Aaron16 says:

    but guys think about it atleast 30% of the success from these 2 teams came from 1 great coach. so if they versed which team would he coach?

  95. dave says:

    Shaq is a bit funnier, but Pippen is a bit righter.

    Also, Kobe would have no game if he didn’t have Michael to emulate so there’s that.

  96. Kevin Weatherby(kdub) says:

    Different era Different Teams Different Players!Lakers 17 Titles Bulls 6.These players need to know that the game goes on without them.Its always someone waiting in the wings to take things to another Level.I’m from the old school.Put These egos aside and lets enjoy the game.2015 The Golden State Warriors! Sorry Labron and the Cavs. Nobody ever talks about the finals they have lost

  97. Dean C. says:

    @Shaq no disrespect cuz I was a huge fan of yours when you were with Orlando especially when you were constantly breaking the back boards, however, the Lakers could never hold a candle to the Bulls while Jordan was there. You were a part of a good team yes but can’t compare to the Bulls. Scottie pippen shouldn’t say anything yes he too was part of a great team and may have 6 championships, HOWEVER, they carried you to those championships.

  98. Rafael R. says:

    I would say the Bulls well definitely win. Dennis Rodman himself can shut down Shaq.

  99. Rafael R. says:

    Dennis Rodman himself can shut down Shaq.

  100. Don says:

    Big talk coming from the third best center to play for the Lakers.

  101. Lucas S says:

    Shaq does realize that he was only Batman in Orlando and L.A. if you can actually call him Batman in L.A. because we all know Kobe won 2 without him but he only won 1 without Kobe.

  102. Robert says:

    Bulls were better then lakers… Shag should show more respect to pippin… They were both great players in their own era…

  103. BMAN says:

    I think its quite crazy that anyone would argue that the 86 Celtics or 87 Lakers would lose to the Bulls.. I dont even think its close–And for someone to say the 90’s were more competetive is CRAZY!!! The NBA added several NEW teams in the 90’s which watered it down quite a bit–Not to mention–the 80’s had Bird, Magic, and yes JORDAN–the Sixers teams with Malone, the Rockets and Pistons teams who were BRUTAL.. And I cant stand it when people say Jordan beat Magic–Magic was OLD and washed up–and there was no Kareem and many of the other players that were with Magic in his Prime were way past their prime, or washed up.. Its funny how people want to talk about that–and discount that, but when we bring up Jordan and Pippen in the 80’s (and Jordan was in his prime then) could not beat the Pistons–and the Celtics front line is greatest in History. No contest..

  104. BMAN says:

    Beating Portland in 6 games and Utah in 6–is not the same as facing the 86 Celtics or 87 Lakers–I think Detroit in 88 beats the Bulls of the 90’s.. The bench on both teams (Celtics and Lakers) is far superior to the Bulls– and Pippen could not stop Bird–and no one stops Magic–so that would factor out Jordan.. McHale–who guards him???? Worthy and Scott on Lakers with Kareem and a Prime Magic???? PleASEEEEEEEEEE.. No contest.. I could not stand Lakers or Celtics because I was a sixers fan with Dr. J and Malone–but those Celts and Lakers were ridiculous.. I have been watching basketball since 1970–and have not seen anything like those teams since..

  105. Adrian says:

    If I recall correctly, both the 2000 series vs Portland, and a couple of years later vs Chris Webber and the Sacramento Kings, the officials helped the Lakers in both instances. So, the Lakers got a lot of help from the officials that’s why the won at least 2 trips to the finals. Shaq was a great player, but, he likes to talk a lot of thrash, and is not very objective. Peace.

  106. jj says:

    Pippen talkin bout six rings. Well take those six the bulls got and compare to the 16 or 17 the lakers franchise got and then really ask yourself if the all time bulls even come close to the best or second best franchise in the league. Bulls need to stop. All time lakers vs all time celtics would be way better. But if you really want an idea of how that game would end just pop in 2k15 and shaq and scottie can settle it once & for all.

  107. Dave Green says:

    I don’t know about greatest vs greatest players and I don’t care. I’d pit that 96` Bulls team against any team to take the floor. They had so many ways to beat you and they knew how to close things out. They never lost their poise and when they needed someone to step up, they always did. So Shak can sit around talking smack all he wants, it’s irrelevant. Sounds like someone still a little bitter about his place in NBA history.

  108. Noel Rolon says:

    You two are arguing over who had the most championships both of you guys should be glad you that many championships. Lot of people in the game today will kill to accomplish what u guys did for the bulls and lakers

  109. Teofilus Edwin says:

    The thing is, nowadays basketball is harder and more competition than the good old days. Nowadays, we got more people play bball more than then, nowadays we got more talent than then. So the superstars today has more challenge and has lesser year to shine. so, it ain’t fair and just, to statistically compare the greatest player from then to now. anyway.. its just my thought. For me, i will just enjoy the game, from time to time. 🙂

  110. dwine says:

    Nahh.. just forget this nonsense topic.. this only needs one thing to really get the result!! and that is TIME MACHINE.. crreate one SHAQ then you get the result 😉

  111. I never cared for shaq, to me he had no real basketball talent outside of backing his defender down towards the rim with his big feet and bully strength and dunking, take that away and he had nothing, no free throws, no short jump shots, nothing but a big bully in the play ground.

  112. I never cared for Shaq, if he couldn’t back his defender down with his weight and big feet and dunk he had no skills outside of that he made his living being a bully in the paint, ask him to take a 15 footer or a hook shot forget about it wasn’t happening, ask him to hit game winning free throws in a crucial game, that wasn’t happening, and I think he is the worst commentary host on t.v. how can a man that size have such a low and soft voice he annoys me, and he is so very sensitive to criticism from the other host on the show he gets very defensive.

  113. sorry for replying to my own comments this social media is new to me.

  114. manakoebun says:

    I recall shaq getting swept by bulls in 96… whats the excuse? Injured horace grant? Both r probably top 5 in their respective positions.

  115. Hypothesis says:

    If it was a all era competition the Bulls would win. If it’s all time like Shaq said its no question the Lakers would. Just have to add I would take the all time Knicks over the all time lakers.

  116. Flexy says:

    Shaq is a superstar/entertainer these days and I must still give him huge kudos for doing just that. Look at how quickly all of us got suckered into this. Why? Because obviously we all miss the good ol dayz…The NBA is not what it used to be, and players these dayz are like numb money clips. You could thorw em on the floor and stomp on them but as long as the clip is full of that green they don’t care about the game or anything else for that matter. Shaq & Pip have the right to have this type of conversation regardless, because they earned it. quite frankly they are both right. There is NO team in the NBA today (maybe the Spurs) that could compare to the Bulls or the Lakers from back in the golden age of the NBA period. However the facts are the facts, and the fact is both Shaq & Scottie earned thier rings when the NBA was REAL…

  117. Luciano Pimentel says:

    This French dude, Voltaire, said once: “A long dispute means that both parties are wrong”.

  118. becknerwa says:

    Shaq was hardly ever called for BLATANT offensive fouls. I was totally grossed out by what he got away with against Mutombo in the finals against Philly.

  119. louie says:

    That is funny… Shaq bounced around so much being anyones btch! Pimpin and Jordan did it the old school way…….. they kept the team together and won the right way..

    hell if jordan did not play baseball they might have won 8!

    Shaq!, stop hurting for publicity and go back to kazzaaaam, no one cares about you except desperate laker fans

  120. redsoul41 says:

    By looking at both teams lineup, the Bulls will kill the Lakers in transition. Yeah, LA has the best big men in their lineup but if the tempo rises, they’ll get left behind on the defensive end. Rodman is a a very athletic forward that can still remain a defensive threat even in transitions but Shaq and Jabbar aren’t that good in transition. Sure, the Lakers are full of superstars from different eras but most of them hogged the ball way too much. Aside from Magic and Baylor, the others playing style relied more with the ball on their hands. The Bulls can coexist since most of them were actually team players. No matter how great your players are if there’s no chemistry formed, everything is all for naught just like the Bryant, Nash and Howard experiment.

  121. Jay says:

    you still dont get it Shaq,do ya? The question is, can you play with the same Chemistry like Mike and Scottie played?
    We’re talkin about the most successful duo and one of the most successful teams in NBA history.
    you were just fortunate, these guys caught up with age when you arrived, or you might not have won a title either.
    Although you and Kobe…naH….forget it..

  122. Archibald says:

    why argue with stats of each player? like MJ said, it’s all about team chemistry… do you think the bulls won championships just because of 1, 2, or 3 players?

  123. Moustik says:

    Not sure if Shaq would be on the starting 5 of an all time Lakers team… And Bull would really suffer in the center.

  124. Mike Da Knicks Fan says:

    Shaq might not even be on the “all time Lakers” team. He definitely wouldn’t be a starter. Kareem would get that role. I think the Lakers would win easily but Shaq shouldn’t be fighting that fight.

  125. Tim Timbo says:

    wild LA blew out CHI with so much guard play. Shaq was open and had his guy sealed every other time down the court for an easy dunk, KOBE shots it instead. When he finally started feeding the big fellow- game over, not to mention how bad chi got out rebounded…

  126. Storm says:

    Shaq is one insecure 7 footer ever to wear a NBA uniform. Shut the @#$@ up and go see a head doctor. Stop yelling to everyone about your exploits they are well documented let someone else yell. Damn how much recognition do you need?

    • JAQUEL says:

      lets be real im not a bulls or lakers fan but shaq was right an all time lakers team would kill an all time bulls team due to those big men and shaq would definitly be my starting center look at his size he will dominate the paint especially if hes in shape yeah he may have problems with the free throw and he may mess up a few jump shots but since when have that defined a center thats not what they were here for anyway (excluding the free throws) a center is supposed to be a great rebounder a great defender and also a great physical presence on both ends of the floor they are the front court shaq represents sheer strength and power to be honest i havent seen any one of you mention mykyal cooper i think him and scottie would go at it on the court but i pick the all time lakers all the way and yall crazy if yall would think wilt would start over shaq kareem would be a 4 for me my 3baylor/worthy 1&2 is magic and kobe wilt and mykyal cooper my bench 4&3 the logo will have magic back up and kobe black mamba speaks for himself he can run just about a whole game but please yall stop about my bro shaq he would for sure be starting hes atleast top 3 centers ever if not he is the best center ever alot of the legendary bigs that are in the hof were relevent before shaq or they were in their primes when he was still young shaq is a beast and always will be one alot of the dominate centers in the nba are like toothpicks compared to him if he was in his prime today he would maybe have 10 rings with these soft centers in the nba now everybody want to be a point guard we watch centers and power forwards take three pointers and jumpshots now whatever happened to the basic fundementals real centers are extinct

  127. BullBulls says:

    hey bulls fans, you think you’re team is the greatest? well, ask yourselves this…what’s your answer for defending Hakeem huh?