Jamal Crawford dominating Seattle Pro-Am

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — One of the summer’s now-annual traditions is getting video of Clippers guard Jamal Crawford doing Jamal Crawford things up at the Seattle Pro-Am. Crawford has an ability to dribble and pass like few others, and while we get to see that occasionally during the NBA season, it’s in the summer when he’s in his hometown of Seattle where Crawford really gets a chance to put on a show…

VIDEO: Crawford Seattle

(via BIL)


  1. Ignatius says:

    Sooo lame!!

  2. D_Will says:

    The NBA needs to be slightly less professional and more like THIS!

  3. D_Will says:

    The NBA needs to be slightly less professional and more like THIS!!

  4. Jake says:

    J-crossover makes basketball look so effortless and graceful.

  5. Christopher White says:

    Nothing new he’s been making moves like that for the longest #crazyhandle

  6. Clipperfan says:

    if only he performed this way against the rockets in game 7

  7. brad says:

    He should go back to the Bulls.

  8. adonaizedek says:

    Their jerseys are sick. Too bad the Clipper new uniform cant be like this

  9. Ene Beyea says:

    He’s one of those raw talents that hasn’t found a willing mentor or a perfect home. Reinforces my view that as much as the heroes make the league, its the league that picks its heroes!

  10. Christopher White says:

    How about New York taking him back ?

  11. Robert says:

    Nice dribble , but don’t mean nothing if you can’t win a game, or series… Good dribble for a bench player they noticed…

  12. Rick says:

    he should be that aggressive in playoffs games , very talented player but need to prove more in the NBA

  13. Peter Park says:

    His dribbles are way too high. A good defender in NBA will pick his pocket every time. not impressed at all.

    • OKC says:

      Lol you must be trolling. As if Jcrossover wasn’t already a proven ball handler in the NBA.

  14. rcjur says:

    Jamel is a natural. Too bad the Clips bought in a 37 year old and resigned a bum backup guard who is going to take his shots away and do nothing better for the unit but kill chemistry.

  15. Oblak says:

    Go to Brgy Ginebra!