Cuttino Mobley can still get buckets

ALL BALL NERVE CENTERCuttino Mobley played for ten years in the NBA, most memorably pairing with Steve Francis to form a dynamic backcourt for the Houston Rockets. And while Mobley retired in 2008, he popped up this week in Los Angeles at the Drew League, where, even with the gray hair, Mobley showed he can still play the game…


  1. gustavo says:

    So is Duncan!!

  2. Veljko says:

    man he looks 60 to me

  3. real uncle drew with no makeup.

  4. fsfe says:

    why he have so much greay hair

  5. smooves says:

    OMG he looks like he’s 55 years old!?!?!

  6. Red says:

    “the cat”

  7. Rick says:

    for real he looks older !!!! that is crazy nice buckets..

  8. Is that Michael Finley out there too ?