LeBron James holds Twitter Q+A

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — On Tuesday night, after noting it had been a while since he’d talked directly to his fans, LeBron James popped up for an hour on Twitter to answer questions from fans. King James ended up talking about everything from the NBA to professional wrestling to cartoons…


  1. Sara says:

    My dad is fan of you and he keep on changing his favorite time ,before it was maiming heat and now Cavaliers because u move to Cavaliers. He was upset at least a week when Cavaliers lost the final and every day he use to tell Brown cannot take so much burden, it was unfortunate to loose 3 stars still they could have won. Poor dad he was mad at me as his car broke as if it was my mistake, it was 14 years old cap and when I told him it is expected. Please win this year championship to make sad happy. Thanks james best of luck

  2. Eric says:

    LBJ, win or lose, you’re as the greatest as MJ ! But seems a little less fortunate than MJ so far. May the coming years be generous for you by not injuring away your core teammates! Wish you to be as strong as you are always, both physically & mentally !

  3. David Powell says:

    King James is still the champ. Let’s go cavs, gotta get that ring for Cleveland. Lebron, you didn’t have help, all respect to misgovernment and Tristan. Different story, didn’t outcome if uncle drew and k-love is on the court. It was easy for golden state to circumvent Lebron’s efforts to 35 points a game. The king still lives…

  4. jordan forever says:

    king of what ?

  5. tago says:

    Thats whats up cuz good comments. Keep up the good work in this off season

  6. Frani Washington says:

    Lebron, you are great now…one of the very best ever. But, even the 2015 Championship wasn’t your best.
    You’ve got something coming that will rewrite the MJ laurels.
    Can’t wait! Number to watch…7

  7. You guys don’t have a clue. I’m from Cleveland and know the game of basketball. LeBron is just starting …he finally has the team and maybe the coach for his Cleveland legacy. If healthy, this team can win 2 championship together.
    All LBJ needs to help develop his players confident and ability further.

    They now have the bench to with stand injuries.

  8. Kyle Peterson says:

    I just wanna go to one of your camps but I can’t cause of the money , I’m one of your biggest fan and I always watch your game , I watch ever move you and i go to the gym and try it , I love you game man I look up to you as well..

  9. dababieman says:

    Good luck Lebron, last year was a mulligan, this next year with everyone healthy will be the true stress test. No doubt my bulls are going to get knocked off in the playoffs, but something tells me Cavs are going to the finals this year, and who will it be against? 40% Spurs, 30% Clippers, 30% Warriors… lets wait and see.

  10. Jaden says:

    Hey Lebron was it always your dream to become one of the worlds if not the best player in the world?

  11. some truth says:

    Talk about dancing around the questions. May as well not answer any questions at all. This guy is a joke. NBA poster boy looks stupid trying to be politically correct. Dumb. You will never be Michael Jordan. Not even Kobe Bryant. Please. All you ignorant LeBron Jock riders make me laugh. Watch some basketball, study it, learn the history of the game. LeBron doesn’t stack up. Physical specimen, yes. Talented, check. But a true winner he is not. Childish and lacks loyalty. This Cleveland crap is just damage control. What a joke.

    • Realbigaaron987 says:

      I love your comment. Ask all the great players about LOYALTY. Bird, Magic, Jordan, Hakeem, Duncan, Isiah, Ewing. Ewing did not win but stayed.

  12. Anonmous says:

    When is space jam2 coming out? Which other NBA players are involved? I say Kobe & Lebron the best players from 2000-2015.

  13. Marie Emmanuel says:

    I love you LeBron like my own son and I want the best for you always!

  14. Good thing the big bang theory comment was at the end, i stopped reading after that. Only thing i havent liked about lebron, ever.

  15. jun says:

    king of what…..FLOPS

  16. Tim says:

    It is unfair that people compare you to MJ. There has never been nor will there ever be another MJ, not even you. Kobe thinks he is like MJ but falls short as well. You would be best served not to internalize what people say about you and what you think your legacy should be. Just play. Attack the basket like you want to rip the rim off the backboard every time!

  17. JosephMagic says:

    As good as LeBron is, MJ is way better than him, though LeBron may come close in the future. And there is no way Kobe is better than MJ, or LeBron.

  18. EZ says:

    It is all very interesting. The media is an interesting beast. You Calv fans believe that the onus is on Lebron to bring a championship to Cleveland. Wrong, stop buying into the media sensationalism and your own selfishness. You can’t put anymore pressure on Lebron than he put’s on himself. Instead of asking Lebron what he can do for you, why not come to his defense and have his back every time the media try’s to throw him under the bus for his teams shortcomings. You wouldn’t buy a beat up Volkswagen when you have direct access to a Rolls Royce. You guys have to the best athlete in the sport today. Don’t allow the media to become self serving and manipulative. He can only go as far as his team allows. If they had the same work ethics as Lebron, then they would expect the same outcome as Lebron. He believes in winning, because that’s whats taken precedents over his life thus far. It’s only a game people. It’s not life threatening. If your going to measure the man, then look at what a good job he’s doing with his kids. Check out his business acumen. He can be questioned on a lot of things, but I can’t question him on his basketball IQ or his basketball Integrity. I wasn’t a fan of his originally, but I do respect growth. Which, is what I have viewed in his demeanor as of late. The sacrifice that all of these athletes give up to entertain you is beyond your comprehension. Permanently breaking bones, concussions, loss of sight. respiratory failures and the list goes on. All this to entertain us. And we squawk at their salaries. People complain about the job the President is doing, but, you don’t send him any solutions. Be a real thinker people. This is a Team game. No one individual is greater than the sum of the whole. You need every player to perform to his or her maximum in ordered to achieve a mutual outcome. I’m a fan of the game. And at this point in life, let’s enjoy the young mans skill and hope that he completes his career happy and healthy for his wife and family. Remember it’s just a game… I’m just saying! EZ God Bless…..

    • Jay says:

      This has to be the most intelligent post so far. What amazes me the most is that you have a bunch of young bucks trying to discuss Jordan and Kobe when they never saw a game, or were too young to even comprehend what was going on.

      I understand criticism comes with the territory of being on top, but the backlash Lebron receives is beyond me. The man can play the game of basketball. He is neither Jordan nor Kobe. But guess what? They too lacked some of what makes Lebron such a talent. The comparisons are useless as these guys are totally different types of players.

  19. @kingJames If you would transfer to any team what would it be?

  20. Lebron is not responsible for winning the first Championship in Cleveland, however, if Dan knows what I know he’ll put a few good players around him and it’s a lock.
    He did it last year and they would have won, if Kyrie and Kevin had not gotten hurt. That’s water over the dam…next will be slightly harder but it can be done.
    Teams have stacked the deck, but we still have Lebron. Hope his helpers are ready to go for it. Forget the Reporter and the Media….
    They are inconsequential!

  21. johnnytc1 says:

    I B takin my talents to twitter. Get over it people. Quit making this guy something he’s not! treating him like he’s some type of god. he is the most over rated flopper in nab history. he puts a whole new meeting to the word selfish. just ask his team mates. O born you’ll never b like mike. I say that and never liked anything from Chicago, well maybe UNO’s pizza. I try not to go there often because i don’t want my six pack to disappear. hey LBJ go home and watch the finals from the last two years,
    SAS and GSW those are teams and they just got better. can’t wait for the playoffs to start as I love watching LBJ ball get beat. No, you will never b like mike…

  22. RealMVP says:

    Even though I’m not a major fan of LBJ, he’s a real good guy off the court. Great answers King!

  23. Bulls2016hamps says:

    I have to tell u, I’m a bulls fan for life but after watching the finals I gained so much respect for lebron.

  24. Clarke says:

    Lebron would have won the finals if Kylie did not get hurt at the end of the second game

  25. Sara says:

    No doubt about it

  26. leon says:

    Can’t figure out why you’d get in this discussion if you hate the man so much your mouth’s saying one thing but your actions saying another you’re so obsessed with Lebron you’ve got to be on a forum that discusses him if anyone’s a joke dummy that’s definitely you mj was the best in his time Kobe had his two minutes of glory cause everybody seem to be forgetting MVP shaq in their three peat Lebron is now the best get used to it idiot

  27. johnnytc1 says:

    Clarke and Sara, go over and comment on the WNBA site. You clearly know nothing about the game. The best player in the errrrrrr world never uses a team. It’s all about him. He could have Larry, Magic, MJ and Kobe on his team and the only way that they could win would be if The King sat the bench. Biggest ball hog, self promoter, flopper ever in sports. what will be his next excuse and where will he b takin his talents next?

    • Sara says:

      Of course he is the best player in the world.
      Check the history of nba, any team has come for after loosing 3 top players and just miss the championship as plyers exhausted not having much bench support because injuries.
      Who brought the team so for only one and one, do I have to write the name, whole world knows. LBJ BROWN.

  28. K1N6 J4M35 says:

    Cavs should have won The Finals…GSW can’t beat them if they all were healthy…

    Don’t hate the great!

  29. johnnytc1 says:

    then what was the excuse last year with the heat? a good team always beats an individual effort. Just look at the facts. GSW wins in five if the greatest player in the world doesn’t close his eyes and make that corner three. facts don’t lie… either do stats 38% from the field never win championships… more facts.

  30. Dennis says:

    I was sure you would say Macho Man in that circle.

  31. noli villarin says:

    lebron is the great pleayer at present

  32. noli villarin says:

    lebron is agreat player at present

  33. Ms. Penny says:

    LeBron can you tell Tristan to sign the contract, so we can have the band back together again? I love the Mo addition and RJ. Also, JR needs to start again this year. The team was playing better when he was a starter. Also, I was sad about (us) Cavs losing in the final, but I think if we can stay healthy this year we can shut down the naysayers and prove them wrong.

  34. Hugh says:

    I’m not a LeBron fan at all,diehard Kobe fan until he hangs em up then probably Durant. However,I must give props to Lebron for at least taking time to do something he wasn’t getting paid for…most only speak to fans when it is involved in some pre-planned activity. So props to Lebron for taking a bit of time to answer questions.