Damian Lillard has some advice for Andrew Wiggins

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Young players who come into the NBA often find a mentor, an older player who has been around for a while, who understands how the NBA works and is able to show them the way. In this new ad from Foot Locker, Andrew Wiggins finds a mentor in Damian Lillard, who takes Wiggins to the playground and gives him something of an object lesson. It’s just too bad this Bobby Butter guy wasn’t able to find someone to show him the way…

VIDEO: Lillard/Wiggins


  1. MackDaddy says:

    Comedy skits like this I think are far more successful than more serious ‘look at me’ type ads. Clever and funny ad, highlighting real pitfalls to the unwary.

  2. Hmm says:

    Wasn’t believable enough for me. Dry acting jobs. Especially Wiggins lol

  3. Rock says:

    this is funny I never knew d lilard won roy anyway funny video footlocker