Victor Oladipo debuts the Magic Fit Shuffle

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Orlando Magic guard Victor Oladipo has always been upfront about his love for singing, but apparently dancing is his jam, as well. In this video from the Orlando Magic, Oladipo teams up with a collection of people, including former Magic forward Bo Outlaw, who apparently can get down as well, to debut the Magic Fit Shuffle…

VIDEO: Magic Fit Shuffle


  1. Calvin Beard says:

    U my favorite player of all time King James I just want see u play up close LeBron James an I want u sign my heat

  2. dababieman says:

    No one is talking about Lebron James…

    Oladipo is killing it in this dance lmao awesome.

  3. kerry says:

    lol dopeness n entertaining good job Oladipo .. btw GO CELTICS

  4. omari says:

    very creative by Oladipo and Outlaw; looks catchy. Orlando needs to go global with this and create a team and community video!